10 Certification Management Software

Ed App

Through its built-in tool, you can customize competency-based certificates for learners who have completed elearning activities, such as webinars/conferences and learning pathways. . Personalized learner portal. eLearning employee training training tool

Related Terms

Tony Karrer

The recent addition of related terms (relationship factors) in eLearning Learning that show what how related terms are to a given result set provides some interesting insights. Here are some terms that are getting more attention the first couple weeks this month (December 2008) include Social Media , eLearning Activity , Mobile Learning , Yugma , Slideshare , SharePoint , Twitter , 100 Conversations , Mzinga , and GeoLearning.

Wrapping Up 2016


This offers a more personalized touch, better onboarding and an overall increased success rate for your eLearning activities. Regarding eFrontPro, the support highlight of the year was the brand new knowledge portal that can be easily integrated into the platform as well. Wishes for a merry, funny, happy, crazy new year to everyone! For the second year in a row, we are sharing an update of how things are progressing around here.