Things You Must Consider Before Selecting an eLearning Company

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As the world goes digital, enterprises and educational institutions are increasingly taking the eLearning route to fulfil their learning and training objectives. The next step is to identify the right eLearning company that can help you achieve your goals.

Some new elearning companies ;)

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As I continue to track what’s happening, I get the opportunity to review a wide number of products and services. While tracking them all would be a full-time job, occasionally some offer new ideas. Here’s a collection of those that have piqued my interest of late: Sisters eLearning: these folks are taking a kinder, gentler approach to their products and marketing their services. Any relation between the companies portrayed and real entities is purely coincidental.

Looking for the best eLearning companies in Pune? You have found out one of the top ones in the market


If you run a company or institution and don’t have acquired a Learning Management System yet, you are being left behind new technologies and trends. Let’s take a look at what eLearning companies in Pune are pulling out to the world for business and educational purposes.

Technology-Enabled Learning: How to Use it for Employee Training  


For quite a few years now, companies also use the methods of e-learning in order to provide corporate training to their employees that is relevant and achieves tangible results.

How to measure effectiveness of an eLearning Program? Here is a checklist!

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It is a challenge for training managers to ensure quality of eLearning programs that are developed by internal teams or external eLearning vendors. Here is the list of essential engaging techniques – an effective eLearning course should feature each or most of these techniques.

Design Learning Experiences – Not Instructional Presentations

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Our previous blog post looked at the importance of integrating elements of game thinking in eLearning design and how gamified learning makes workplace learning engaging and effective. Today, if you run a Google-search for eLearning companies in India, you will get about 50,90,000 results.

How To Implement Spaced Learning Into Your Training Program


Track results with quizzes. Track Results With Quizzes. It’s essential to keep track of how well learners are absorbing information. With this approach, it’s important to carefully monitor the exercises and make sure that people are staying on the right track.

Improve Sales Results By Optimizing The Sales Process


To identify the weaknesses in your sales process, note and track when a lead has left the sales process and create a way to ask why they went in a different direction. Some key metrics that are important to track are: How long customers are in each stage.

Sales 69

4 Fresh Ways To Create An Effective Compliance Program


Many companies start out tracking compliance training in an Excel spreadsheet, or use other manual , inconsistent systems for tracking employee training. This might work when there are only a handful of employees, but companies can quickly outgrow this method.

eLearning platforms in India, the solution to reduce cost and resources on your training programs


Training and learning are processes that companies all over the world have to implement. Lately, eLearning platforms in India have become a great tool for organizations to achieve those goals and get a better Return On Investment (ROI). What is an eLearning Platform?

AI and Learning

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Having built and sold an elearning company, he’s now free to pursue what he believes and it’s currently in the power of technology to teach us. I naturally argued for a hybrid system, where we divvy up roles between computer and human based upon what we each do well, and he said that is what he is seeing in the companies he tracks (and funds, at least in some cases).

3 Areas To Combine Employee Training And Micro Learning


Micro-learning is a buzzword in the elearning industry, and for good reason. Example : A new sales associate needs a refresher on a specific product the company sells. The way people learn at work, and in general, has shifted and training formats have needed to adapt.

How To Avoid 5 Common e-Learning Outsourcing Obstacles

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That’s one of the most difficult questions organizations face when creating an eLearning course. You must determine whether it’s more cost-efficient and productive to do it yourself or to outsource the eLearning project to a talented team of eLearning professionals.

5 Training Strategies To Help Engage and Retain Millennial Employees


The statistics above combined with that fact that “ roughly 80 percent of Millennials said that an emphasis on personal growth is the most important quality of a company’s culture ” tells employers that they have a great opportunity to make an impact with their learning and development initiatives.

5 Steps to Effectively Implement Microlearning Into Employee Training


How do you want to track results? With company wide acceptance and continuous use, you will be able to collect a large amount of data about your learners. Of course, a business needs a tool that can track results and help managers assign customized content to the right learner.

Learning design talent at Sponge UK attracts top award

Sponge UK

NEWS: Kate Nicholls, Head of Learning Innovation at leading elearning company, Sponge UK has been named Learning Technologies Designer of the Year. Sponge UK is one of Europe’s leading learning technologies companies, employing 70 people at its headquarters in Plymouth.

An eLearning revolution: From professional development to knowledge sharing

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Internet has changed everything and it is changing eLearning fundamentally. This trend is revolutionizing the eLearning industry. The creation of eLearning was the domain of instructional designers. Easygenerator is one of the oldest eLearning companies, it dates back to 1996.

Plea on women in STEM at digital conference

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NEWS: A Plymouth business woman, who created one of the UK’s most successful elearning companies, is urging employers to be open-minded about the skills need to be successful in technology. The business has grown eight fold in the past five years and now has a turnover tracking £4m pa.

It's Time To LEAP Ahead


For those of you who are unfamiliar with BlueVolt, this is a quick rundown: A cloud-based learning management system with an easy-to-use online platform for companies to train their employees. How do we keep track of the many skills that we learn over our lifetime?

Sports Direct extends multi-device induction training for new staff

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Leading sports retailer, Sports Direct is extending its online induction for new staff with two new elearning modules. The company was among the first in the UK to invest in a fully responsive digital onboarding programme to provide new employees with flexible and user-friendly training.

Moodle GoToWebinar Integration, the innovative solution that will tighten up the relations within your company


GoToWebinar is an eLearning tool that brings students/employees closer to their coach or teacher. Innovation is the strategy that drives companies and effective and agile communication channels among their customers, employees and users are the keys to success.


What Social Selling Can Do for Your eLearning Business

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You may ask, what does social selling have to do with eLearning? You may be unaware of this, but your prospective clients may already be tracking your activities online, gauging more of the soft information that would be hard to obtain in real life. eLearning Featured

8 Authentic Tips for New eLearning Professionals


When I started working at Cinécraft, I was totally new to eLearning. I had no experience writing courses or using eLearning-specific development tools. Here are eight recommendations, based on my experience as a new eLearning professional at a national eLearning vendor.

Evaluate The Right Partner To Outsource Your eLearning Content Development: Ultimate Cheat Sheet

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Outsourcing of eLearning content development has been there for a few decades. However, there are several challenges that are inherent to outsourcing eLearning content development. Here is how to evaluate the right partner to outsource your eLearning content development.

Origins of “eLearning”

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The term eLearning also enjoyed simultaneous discovery. E-loan announced e-track. No wonder eLearning sprouted up in many places. I have been credited with the first use of eLearning on the web. That pre-dates my earliest eLearning articles.

Origins of “eLearning”

Jay Cross

Home Speaker Contact internet time alliance Learnstream Resources Internet Time Blog from Jay Cross and Internet Time Group Origins of “eLearning&# by Jay Cross on November 30, 2008 On April Fool’s Day of this year, I wrote the following page in the Learnscaping un-book.

Origins of “eLearning”

Jay Cross

Home Speaker Contact internet time alliance Learnstream Resources Internet Time Blog from Jay Cross and Internet Time Group Origins of “eLearning&# by Jay Cross on November 30, 2008 On April Fool’s Day of this year, I wrote the following page in the Learnscaping un-book.

Converting Classroom Training to Elearning

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Interview with Microassist’s senior learning architect and instructional designer Brandon Winston on what it takes to convert instructor-led training to elearning. Topics covered include: What is elearning? What are the benefits of converting classroom training to elearning? Advantages of elearning over classroom training. How to make sure you create effective elearning when converting from classroom training. How long does it take to create elearning?

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: The Value of Instructional Designers

Learning Visions

Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff. My experience is mainly in development of self-paced eLearning for the corporate market.) I agree with Rupa and Poonam on the elearning industry in India but there are variations too.

Why Corporate Training is Broken And How to Fix It

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Training departments are no more at fault than bankrupt companies like Blockbuster Video, Borders, Silicon Graphics, Nortel Networks, Circuit City, Bethlehem Steel, Smith Corona, Polaroid, Wang Labs, or Underwood Typewriters. After the war, big corporations replaced small companies.