9 Top eLearning Trends of 2017 from 49 Experts


What does the future of eLearning hold? I think a good place is by asking 49 of the world’s leading eLearning experts the top 3 trends they predict for 2017. Here are the two most interesting takeaways from surveying 49 eLearning experts: Trend of Trends: 9 trends were picked by 10% or more of the experts. Download additional analysis and all the commentary in the free 2017 eLearning Learning Trends eBook. Dr. Partridge is an eLearning Evangelist for Adobe Systems.

eLearning Authoring Tool Must-Haves!

360 Training

All prepared to kick-start your elearning journey? With so many elearning authoring tools available, choosing the right tool can be a daunting task. Too often, however, elearning authors get stuck on their first custom activity and find themselves falling back to just doing presentations. When you are investing time, effort, and passion into your elearning course, you want to know that the output will reliably meet the need. Strategies elearning LCMS Shazia


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eLearning platforms follow top trends in L&D

Petra Mayer

In my last two articles on eLearning, I focused on understanding the needs for your LMS and the assessment of the project for your organization through a feasibility analysis , which I recommend as your first two steps of your online course platform evaluation. eLearning trends. Making the eLearning a fun event through gamification can substantially impact your learners’ engagement. Online Course Platform versus eLearning Platform.

Top 10 eLearning Statistics For 2021 and Beyond


Many consultants and operators are turning towards course-creation routes to create supplemental income. This can provide both another income stream and establish your brand as an expert in your industry.

Build a Learning and Development Strategy


In this article, Pulse Learning discusses five tips for building your 2017 Learning and Development strategy. How To Build Your 2017 Learning And Development Strategy. If you want empowered, enthusiastic employees, your Learning and Development strategy must be on point. All the shiny, gamified eLearning in the world won’t save you from a shaky Learning and Development foundation, so it’s best to build a strong one from the start.

It’s Showtime! How to Enhance Conference Learning With Online Video

Talented Learning

According to Digitell, 20-40% of those who live-stream an event will attend in-person the next year. Here are some methods that work: 1) Live-Stream All Sessions. 16,600 more professionals tuned-in via live stream , and another 25,000 attended on-demand. But thanks to live-streaming and on-demand video , session attendance actually totaled a whopping 15 million, worldwide. Of course, live-streaming access, alone, doesn’t guarantee learning.

David Patterson – Sponge UK elearning podcast

Sponge UK

David Patterson is a consultant at Learning Light and the co-author of their report on the UK elearning market. We asked David about the trends he’s seeing in the elearning industry and what members of the industry should be concentrating on to ensure growth continues. We cover Brexit, learning technology as well as future and current elearning trends. 01:07 – Are people asking about Brexit’s impact on the elearning industry?

The Six Hats Of A Community Manager


The activity stream turns into an overwhelming flood and people lose control of their information flow. THE HAT OF A CONSULTANT. Sahana Chattopadhyay is an L&D Consultant, OD Specialist, Blended Learning Architect, Social Learning Evangelist, and Blogger. Sahana’s work cuts across performance consulting, workplace learning strategies from formal to informal and social learning, knowledge management methodologies and adult learning principles.

What Factors Are Shaping the LMS Market? 2018 Learning Systems FAQ

Talented Learning

As an independent learning systems consultant , I’m often asked to share my opinion about what’s happening in the LMS market. This pricing strategy puts cloud learning platforms within reach for small and medium-sized businesses that want to train customers, business partners and other external audiences. It’s a good time to be an LMS selection consultant. Develop effective pricing and marketing strategies.

FAQ 83



Learning will simply become integrated into our life-stream. Sahana Chattopadhyay is an L&D Consultant, OD Specialist, Blended Learning Architect, Social Learning Evangelist, and Blogger. Sahana’s work cuts across performance consulting, workplace learning strategies from formal to informal and social learning, knowledge management methodologies and adult learning principles.



ABOUT MARGIE MEACHAM: Author and Learning Consultant Margie Meacham first became interested in helping people learn when she was a little girl struggling with first grade. All of these are strategies that are emerging from the combination of AI and brain science.

Brain 207

Six Obstacles To Building Communities In Organizations


Rachel Happe begins her latest post, 10 Trends for the Future of Communities , with a comprehensive description of the various intersecting and intermingling streams and characteristics that inform communities, and I am quoting her below: “ Communities sit at the intersection of a number of trends; social media, digital transformation, a generational shift to prioritize purposeful work, the future of work, change management, leadership and social learning.”

Top 25 websites for elearning tips

Sponge UK

Keep up with the latest trends or focus on specifics with these 25 elearning websites. Cut down on the browsing and focus on really beneficial resources with our list of 25 websites for elearning tips. Elearning Industry. eLearning Learning. Elearning Provocateur. Rapid eLearning | Adobe Captivate Blog. The elearning coach. The different themes are split into their own RSS feeds so you can follow the relevant stream for you.

Interview: Sheryl Plouffe – Use of Video in Learning and Development

Petra Mayer

I’m Petra Mayer of Petra and Associates consultant and today I am super thrilled to have with me Sheryl Plouffe. So let’s say you are a coach or consultant, which tend to be the type of people that I work with the most. Sheryl Plouffe – Video Strategist.

Which Learning Content Trends Matter Most to You?

Talented Learning

Others involve content strategies or practices. Extended Enterprise Content Strategy. Where does curation fit into your content strategy? EasyGenerator CEO Kasper Spiro says he sees content creation shifting from elearning specialists to subject matter experts. Are you actively pursuing this content strategy? 11) Extended Enterprise Content Strategy. Is a review of your content sourcing strategy overdue?

“Digital Mindset”: What Is It All About?


Unfortunately, I couldn’t participate as I’d have wanted to but was lurking and following the stream. Sahana Chattopadhyay is an L&D Consultant, OD Specialist, Blended Learning Architect, Social Learning Evangelist, and Blogger. Sahana’s work cuts across performance consulting, workplace learning strategies from formal to informal and social learning, knowledge management methodologies and adult learning principles.

MOOCs in Workplace Learning – Part 3: Launching a MOOC


Learning will simply become integrated into our life-stream. Sahana Chattopadhyay is an L&D Consultant, OD Specialist, Blended Learning Architect, Social Learning Evangelist, and Blogger. Sahana’s work cuts across performance consulting, workplace learning strategies from formal to informal and social learning, knowledge management methodologies and adult learning principles.

Multi-Channel Content Strategies: Are You Making the Most of Every Opportunity?


After all, thanks to advances in live streaming, webcasting, and other virtual event technologies, it’s now remarkably easy and affordable to implement multiple delivery modes. But, just because you can pursue this kind of content strategy doesn’t mean you should. The stories and advice these panelists shared confirms what I’ve seen and heard in my life as a consultant. Smart associations aren’t waiting for others to prove a multi-channel content strategy works.

The Learning & Development Podcast: Lessons From The Line Into L&D with Paul Jocelyn


During that time we went from home entertainment being the most profitable part of the business, which was DVDs and then sooner Blu-ray, to it being when I left the least profitable part because streaming and competitors are not the bottom out of that. The strategy was set here.

Podcast 22: Launching a Learning Portal – With DirectEmployers Association

Talented Learning

EPISODE 22 – TOPIC SUMMARY AND GUESTS: How can membership organizations strengthen their market position and drive additional revenue streams by offering professional education ? Develop a content strategy that honors the difference. JEN: That’s where our consultant Carla Downing came in. In addition, we offer traditional elearning courses that look like a PowerPoint deck with voiceovers and assessments and those types of things.

Software for Associations | 15 Platforms to Consider

Web Courseworks

Blue Sky eLearn : Overview of this Association Software. Blue Sky eLearn is a learning management solution focused primarily on webinars and virtual events. Through Blue Sky eLearn, your members can purchase courses, register for events, and complete evaluations. Branded courses and optional white labeling for your entire Blue Sky eLearn LMS encourage members to access courses through your familiar association website. Why Blue Sky eLearn Stands Out.

ASAE TECH Preview- December 15 and 16th

Web Courseworks

Leadership & Strategy. In this session consultants will discuss the characteristics of the most addictive campaigns and websites. Rich Smolan, the December 15th Keynote speaker “explores how the real-time visualization of data streaming in from satellites, billions of sensors, GPS-enabled cameras, and smartphones is impacting society.” Managing eLearning asae conference CourseStage Technology

How to Plan a New Online Course, Part 2: Goals and Assessments


In part one of our guide , we showed you how to define the learning objectives for a new eLearning course or training, and how to develop a strong course outline that ensures your objectives will be met. Evaluating Assessment Strategies. This stage of course development must also include appropriate communication strategies so learners are aware (before they enroll) of how their success will be measured.

18 Top Learning Systems Trends to Watch in 2018

Talented Learning

Yet, numerous companies are joining forces with others as they pursue growth through acquisition strategies. GP Strategies acquired Emantras. This kind of holistic business learning strategy has potential not only to pay for itself, but also to transform L&D from a cost center to a profit center. You can add consulting as a premium upsell or provide a digital badge or certification as an enticement to purchase more than one course.

How To Train Remote Employees In A Virtual Learning Environment

Obsidian Learning

Through the prism of the 10 Principles of Customer Strategy, this article examines the question of how to train remote employees in a virtual learning environment. In 2016 a team of researchers and advisors from the customer strategy practice at Strategy&, PwC’s strategy consulting group , conducted a global survey of 161 executives which resulted in the creation of the 10 Principles of Customer Strategy (read about the study here ).


Spark Your Interest

Engage + Analyze: During this early stage through a consultative process, we identify and develop a learning objective(s) for the project. Pricing strategies. Also, if you are selling the online course you will want to have developed a pricing strategy. As well, if you don’t have a steady stream of online learning well into the future then this resource may become unproductive or redundant. And don’t forget to claim your free consultation!

Digital Video: 10 Ways to Experience Modern Learning Live and On-Demand

Talented Learning

But now video-centered training is going mainstream, thanks to the rise of modern cloud-based learning platforms , high-speed wireless networks, connected mobile devices, social media channels and live video streaming standards like WebRTC. Here are some of the most popular ways organizations are improving learning experiences with live video streaming and on-demand content: 1) Virtual Online Meeting Tools.

Manifesting in practice extended

Clark Quinn

In my last post, I wrote about the first step you should take to move to Serious eLearning , which was making deeper practice. You should be developing some extra content at development time for streaming out over time, but breaking up your course so that the hour of seat time is 30 or 40 mins up front, and then 20 or 30 mins of followup spread out over days and with repeated practice will make learning stick way more than not. design strategy

The Rise of Training Podcasts in a Blended Learning Program


Podcasts – digital audio series that users can download or stream – are great at distilling complex topics into digestible pieces, because their informal nature relaxes listeners. For instance, leaders can discuss strategies they’ve used to develop skills by giving examples of areas where those skills play a key role. Once the podcast is over, an eLearning course can prompt learns to reflect on the discussions they’ve heard and continue to grow their personal leadership toolkit.

2020 LMS Trends: An Analyst’s Extended Enterprise Learning Predictions

Talented Learning

For example, BenchPrep , Blue Sky eLearn , Community Brands , EthosCE , WBT Systems and Web Courseworks have made significant inroads in this segment. Submit the form below to schedule a free preliminary consultation at your convenience. New year. New decade.

Learning Pool revealed as ‘Top 50 Megabuyte Privately Owned Tech Company’ 2020

Learning Pool

The announcement, which saw Learning Pool improve upon last year’s ranking, was made at the annual Megabuyte50 champagne reception in Westminster, London in January, an occasion sponsored by Rothchild & Co and OC&C Strategy Consultants.

Talented Learning’s Greatest Hits: 2017 Edition

Talented Learning

We’re not exactly poetic, but we do create a stream of carefully crafted written content. Since then, we’ve seen an explosion in the number of modern LMS vendors, and in enthusiasm for strategies and technologies that help organizations educate customers, channel partners and other external audiences. As an LMS analyst and consultant, I hear that question all the time. Submit the form below to schedule a free preliminary consultation at your convenience.

The Learner’s Journey: A Process For Helping People Learn To Change

Dashe & Thomson

Anything from a merger, new software implementation, or shifting strategies can trigger the need for organizations to change how they operate. Developing a vision and strategy. An example is Blockbuster delaying the move to online streaming. Mentorship during change can come from the guiding coalition (Kotter – stage 2), consultants, and people who have successfully been through change before. Learning Storytelling elearning Organizational Change Management

Change 122

The New Corporate Learning Ecosystem: Coexistence at Work

Talented Learning

This is most brilliant and sustainable strategy yet! These sponsors require learning solutions that drive revenue streams and improve or accelerate revenue-related processes. Multiple LMS add-on tools can aggregate appropriate data to facilitate forecasting, automate scheduling, track and measure KPIs, and improve learning strategy and business processes. Submit the form below to schedule a free preliminary consultation at your convenience.

Associations Need to Lead Change with Education Programs

WBT Systems

We have a tremendous opportunity to both diversify and expand our revenue streams while also providing a critical service to the next generation of workers (and members).”. The whitepaper notes that associations must be willing to review their strategy to put as much emphasis on education as they do on membership, in order to truly establish themselves as an alternative. Read The 5 E’s of Non-Dues Revenue from eLearning for some tips.

Want to Sell More Content? Put More Lines in the Water

Talented Learning

How does this “many-lines-in-the-water” strategy work? With learning content, this can be a premium offer that lets buyers ask related questions online, via email or schedule formal consulting sessions to help apply concepts presented in the content. To overcome this challenge and create a stream of premium revenue, content creators can offer custom branded content to organizations, where only their users have access. “How can we sell more content?”

LMS Demo Do’s and Don’ts

Talented Learning

. In the last two weeks as an LMS selection consultant, I have been on the receiving end of 24 hours of live LMS demos from eight different vendors. The buyer anticipates increase in channel partner sales, new stream of revenue from sale of content and decrease in time to market for new products to “pay” for the new LMS. Achieving true competitive separation is only possible with old-fashioned, highly-responsive, consultative, solution selling and demoing. Free Consult?

8 Top Learning and Development Podcasts


User experience, evidence-based practice, responsive elearning and advances in tech are the type of areas you might find the hosts diving into if you tune in. Kineo’s Stream of Thought. Every month Kineo Solutions Consultant Paul Westlake gets some of his colleagues together to discuss a hot topic in the L&D industry. The eLearning Coach.

Continuing Education Providers: What’s Your Recipe for LMS Success?

Talented Learning

This strategy is too complex and costly to try with homegrown functionality, but it is within reach if you choose an LMS designed to deliver content globally. Support for live streaming video events and instructional sessions is also on the rise. If you’re selecting a new LMS this year (or are only thinking about it), replay this on-demand webinar , and start putting your selection strategy to work!

Custom Learning Experiences: Next Commercial Training Trend?

Talented Learning

If you choose a weak learning platform, you’re jeopardizing revenue streams and long-term business viability. Noteworthy examples include ExtensionEngine , GP Strategies , Kineo , MakingBetter , Maestro and RapidLD. Often these training companies depend on a single content line in terms of their branding, marketing, content strategy and technology. How to create a multi-year strategy. I may in fact be obsessed with learning technology.