Adobe Captivate: Six Ways to Use Voiceover Scripts

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by Jennie Ruby    I often point out in my classes on  writing eLearning voiceover scripts  that a script is necessary so that when you record the audio you don't skip anything, don't stumble, and don't say "um." " However, using a voiceover script for eLearning is way more useful than just that. Let's say for example that your eLearning project will be developed in Adobe Captivate.

eLearning: What's the Best Microphone for Voiceover Audio?

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It doesn't matter if you use Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline or TechSmith Camtasia Studio as your eLearning tool of choice. each can produce awesome eLearning content that will be enhanced if you include voiceover audio. While I'm not saying that the resulting audio is world-class, when it comes to creating "just in time eLearning," it works great. I wanted to get some opinions on good microphones from other eLearning developers.


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eLearning Freelancer Invoicing Q&A

Experiencing eLearning

When you are a freelancer or independent consultant, you have to invoice your clients. These questions about elearning freelancer invoicing came from Deborah Rivera in response to my post about time estimates for elearning development. eLearning Freelancer Bootcamp.

Clarity Consultants Success Stories: Clarity Creates eLearning Modules for Fortune 50 Health Benefits Company

Clarity Consultants

CONVERTING TRAINING FROM OUTDATED FORMATS TO CORPORATE ELEARNING MODULES. A company that prides itself in having one of the industry’s best training programs, our client aimed to convert sales training courses to eLearning modules that would help its salesforce kick-off 2020 with a bang.

Direct vs Consultative Digital Content Development

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We see this building content for clients and for the clients we consult with and the clients we train. Having acknowledged that there are intrinsic and unique aspects of all eLearning projects we must also mention there are some broad components of content development that allow us to categorise the type of development required and adjust our approach to that development. Consultative Project.

Tips and Tricks for eLearning Project Management

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There are many moving parts to an eLearning project. You might be working with instructional designers, developers, and contract workers like voiceover artists or videographers. There are often subject matter experts to consult and stakeholders to satisfy.

A guide to the essential skills and experience for a modern elearning team


Learning managers often ask us what skills they need in their elearning production teams, to make them a success. 4 key elearning team roles and the skills to look for. Below, we’ve listed four key roles you’re likely to need to create and manage successful, modern elearning for large audiences. We’ve shared ideas on how to structure your elearning team here. Read on for the skill profile of each core elearning production role. elearning Project Manager.

The Training Manager’s Guide to Accessible Elearning

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This “Training Manager’s Guide to Accessible Elearning” provides practical steps for ensuring your online training fosters a welcoming experience for all of your learners, whether they are team members, clients, or the public. . Not to put too fine a point on it, but you need to ensure that the elearning (or online training, or web-based training) that your organization creates is accessible—that is, usable by people who have disabilities. What Is Elearning?

The Training Manager’s Guide to Accessible Elearning

The Learning Dispatch

This “Training Manager’s Guide to Accessible Elearning” provides practical steps for ensuring your online training fosters a welcoming experience for all of your learners, whether they are team members, clients, or the public. . Not to put too fine a point on it, but you need to ensure that the elearning (or online training, or web-based training) that your organization creates is accessible—that is, usable by people who have disabilities. What Is Elearning?

5 keys for Section 508 Compliance and Web Accessibility

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For some instructional designers the accessibility standards of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act can become a source of confusion, frustration, and anxiety during eLearning course design. However, designing and developing eLearning content that is accessible to individuals with hearing, vision, cognitive, or other disabilities doesn’t have to be a scary thing. 3) Provide a Transcript for Voiceover Audio. 5) Consult Government Agency 508 Checklists.

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eLearning & Grammar: Should eLearning Text Contain End of Sentence Punctuation?

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If you consult a grammar book, you will get the clear answer that a sentence should end with a period (or other closing punctuation mark). We can consult tradition, grammar, visual aesthetics and the intent of the communication.   Are you an eLearning developer who has been tasked with creating an effective voiceover script? If so, consider attending Jennie's  Writing Effective eLearning Voiceover Scripts class.

Audio for eLearning: Wake Me Up When It's Over!

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by Rick Zanotti There's are few things worse for a learner than to have to attend a class or take an eLearning course and the narrator speaks in a monotonous, dull tone. How do you make your voiceover narration more compelling, engaging and interesting? About the author: Rick Zanotti is an instructional designer, multimedia author, voice-over talent, video producer and Management consultant with more than 35 years of experience in IT and Learning.

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3 ways to migrate face-to-face training online


As you’re reworking the content, you can have voiceover professionally recorded, create new visuals and ensure graphic design is consistent across all the assets. Read more about why interactions are important in eLearning. Effective eLearning

Media Translation and Business Success


If you are not quite sure which is the best service for you, you can consult your translation agency about the right tools that can match your needs. You can choose between VoiceOver or subtitling depending on your preferences and budget.

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63 Great eLearning Posts and Hottest Topics for November 2010

eLearning Learning Posts

And I feel honored that social signals came in granting my post on eLearning Strategy top spot. Top 35 Articles on eLearning Strategy - eLearning Technology , November 1, 2010I’ve been recently working on lots of eLearning strategy consulting engagements and one of my colleagues asked me to provide a set of resources around this topic. The Art Of Writing Great Voice Over Scripts - The eLearning Coach , November 10, 2010Want to improve how you write for the ear?

Text-to-Speech vs Human Narration for eLearning

Tony Karrer

Some challenging questions are being raised in this month’s Big Question - Voice Over in eLearning. This post is part of the series on Text-to-Speech (TTS) for eLearning written by Dr. Joel Harband and edited by me. The other posts are: Text-to-Speech Overview and NLP Quality , Digital Signal Processor and Text-to-Speech , Using Text-to-Speech in an eLearning Course , and Text-to-Speech eLearning Tools - Integrated Products. eLearning Technology.

Adobe Presenter Video Express: Creating Software Demos

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Next I created a script (you can't do anything without a step-by-step script, and possibly a voiceover script to go with it), and opened my target application, Word 2013, in maximized view. Video Express disappears, a count-down from 5 to 1 rolls, and consulting my script, I take a live video of some screen actions, narrating as I go. Adobe Presenter Video Express e-learning eLearning by Jennie Ruby.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: My Client is Addicted: Audio in eLearning

Learning Visions

Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff. Thursday, February 21, 2008 My Client is Addicted: Audio in eLearning Cathy Moore had a post a few months ago ( Addicted to Audio? that inspired me to change my approach to using audio in eLearning. The biggest thing I would like to see is that we add some voiceover on just about all of the slides. The eLearning Salary Gender Gap Phew!

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Instructional Design Demystified: What Is It, and How Do You Do It?


At Maestro, we love a good eLearning course, and often, that’s the final product of instruction design. Video-driven courses and voiceover courses fall in the middle. Consulting. Think about the last time you learned how to do something.

Writing & Grammar: What You Need to Know About Lists

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If you are using a specific style guide, consult it for this decision. Jennie teaches two writing classes:  Writing Effective eLearning Voiceover Scripts  and  eLearning: Writing Effective Scripts. by Jennie Ruby  Readers like lists, and as writers, we know that. But there are many ways to go wrong with lists. Here is a step-by-step approach to making sure your list is a help, not a hindrance, to your readers.

What Is Articulate 360? Plus the Pros and Cons


Here’s our review, plus three reasons to build your eLearning with Articulate. Use Storyline 360 to create custom, interactive eLearning for all devices. Related Blog Post Authoring eLearning with Articulate Storyline—How it Works, Pros, and Cons.

e-Learning budgets: Doing more with less


Your SME can double up as your audio-voiceover artist. This rough-cut can then be transcribed and edited to create the final script for the audio-voiceover. Choose the appropriate service modality with external consultants. A lot of e-Learning development is outsourced to external consultants. References: [link] , [link] , The eLearning Guild’s 65 Tips for Getting the Most out of your ELearning Budget.

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Free learning & development webinars for May 2022

Limestone Learning

In this webinar, led by The Bob Pike Group’s Amy Saville, Training Consultant, and Becky Pike Pluth, President and CEO, you’ll: Explore the capabilities of Miro and explain how it can enhance training. Join this webinar to learn how to step up your elearning and make it sound better.

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Accessible Design: AIDC22 Recap

Scissortail's Learning Nest

The Training, Learning, and Development Community (TLDC) TLDC Slack Group – Join the AIDC Channel Design Justice Network Learning Content Accessibility (LCA) Spotlight Lectora Accessibility User Group Rockstar Community (eLearning Brothers) XR in LXD. Reading Time: 7 minutes.

Free learning & development webinars for October 2021

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PT: Community Member Showcase Join TLDCast’s crowdcast as they feature Gwen Navarrete Klapperich, Chief Learning Consultant of Klapperich International Training Associates (KITA) LLC. You’ll explore WCAG/508/AODA guidelines and how they apply to elearning courses.

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10 PPT to SCORM Converters

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Features: File size reduction, PPT to SCORM, Animation, Audio Editor, synchronize audio tracks, customizable flash player, Insert flash movie, Record your own voiceover, and more. PPT to SCORM Converter #6 – ELK Education Consultants. Having access to the eLearning Brothers Asset Library, users are able to use multiple pre-built layouts, and quiz templates. eLearning authoring tool training tool

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Publishing Success with Digital First Publishing – Part 2

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Adapt : In 2014, three European companies (Learning Pool, Sponge UK, and Kineo) rolled out Adapt, a free open-source elearning HTML5 authoring tool that supports the development of responsive courses. Voiceover technology and other features allow built-in accessibility.

Free learning & development webinars for March 2022

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Specializing in elearning and corporate narration, she has voiced projects for clients including ACUE, Ascend Learning, Blinkist, CHG Healthcare, CloudPay, LG, the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Pearson, Western University of Health Sciences and more.

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Online Learning is More Than Learning, Online


While I am often skeptical of “management gurus”, “consultants” and other self-proclaimed know-it-alls – so many platitudes, so little actionable advice! In the elearning sector, what we see today is this: Training —> Powerpoint.

Podcast 22: Launching a Learning Portal – With DirectEmployers Association

Talented Learning

JEN: That’s where our consultant Carla Downing came in. In addition, we offer traditional elearning courses that look like a PowerPoint deck with voiceovers and assessments and those types of things. Submit the form below to schedule a free preliminary consultation at your convenience. WELCOME TO EPISODE 22 OF THE TALENTED LEARNING SHOW! To learn more about this podcast series or to see the full collection of episodes visit The Talented Learning Show main page.

Free learning & development webinars for May 2021

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PT: Best Practices for Writing Voiceover Scripts for Elearning Courses For adding narration to your elearning courses, you need to change your writing style a bit to make it sound more natural to the ears instead of the eyes.

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10 Best Online Teaching Tools of 2022


An online teaching software lets you create, manage and deliver elearning courses to the learners via the online platform. . In fact, the elearning industry has seen a growth of 900% since the beginning of this century alone. . Cons: Adding voiceover in inconvenient.

LearnX Asia Pacific 2009 - Day 1

E-Learning Provocateur

Bringing Generations Together through Collaboration and Informal Learning: Faith Legendre , Senior Global Consultant at Cisco WebEx , provided the audience with a synopsis of our 4 major generations today (Generation Vet, Boomers, Gen Y & Gen X), and an overview of their changing learning styles over time (push to pull, formal to informal, comprehensive to nibblets, and physical classes to online).