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The Coronavirus Course Essentials library consists of the following modules: CoronaVirus, Remote Working, Remote Working for Managers, Display Screen Equipment, Healthy Lifestyles, Conference Call Etiquette, Email Stress, and Mental Health Awareness. . Editable Content & Free Modules . We’ve worked with the best subject matter experts to create hundreds of editable workplace learning modules that adapt to any device. Many of these modules are also available for free.

The Importance of Being an Instructional Designer

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Typically, all eLearning courses consist of three components; the content, the visual elements, and the technology that powers the eLearning course to work seamlessly across devices. The eLearning industry has undergone several transformations in the last two decades. In addition to this, Instructional Designers also need to familiarize themselves with authoring tools that help create eLearning content with ease. In 2005, I shifted from Advertising to eLearning.

DevLearn…. a word from Jackie

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The discussion centred around the use of social media and how we aggregate the enormous amount of information available into a meaningful collection of data. Cognitive interest occurs when a learner is able to mentally construct a model that makes sense.Who reads learning objectives, are they really necessary at the outset of a module, especially in a formal bulleted list, in fact it is suggested that they can be off putting and users rarely read/they click straight through.