10 Effective LMS RFP Guidelines

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It was a two page document with just a mention of different forms of learning (Elearning, Classroom Training) that they wanted to conduct through the system. Here are 10 guidelines to draft an effective LMS RFP. This can help the vendor develop an appropriate implementation strategy.

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Guideline For Finding Your Organization’s Ideal LMS


Have your cake and eat it too, a guideline for finding your organization's ideal LMS. Ask your instructors and facilitators their honest feedback about your current training strategy. The post Guideline For Finding Your Organization’s Ideal LMS appeared first on Gyrus.

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3 Strategies to Enhance your eLearning Campaign

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Ensuring that all of your employees are up to date with the newest regulations and guidelines nowadays, however, is as simple as setting them up with the right eLearning course. The post 3 Strategies to Enhance your eLearning Campaign appeared first on SCORM Explained. e-Learning elearning elearning strategiesHaving the right team is impossible unless they also have the right training.

Micro-Learning as a Workplace Learning Strategy


However, these are in no way definitive or the only characteristics but a set of guidelines…. It is critical not only understand the drivers behind this sudden surge but also how it can be implemented in workplace learning strategy.

Franchise Custom Elearning Development


One place we most often see the missed opportunity to leverage elearning is in the world of franchising. Franchises, with their diverse populations and geographically spread locations, can greatly benefit from custom elearning solutions.

Strategies for Optimal SME Engagement

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Below are these barriers and some of the strategies that we came up with. Specify the “rules” up front for handling these conflicts – have everyone agree to an intervention strategy to deal with differences of opinion among SMEs. Establish criteria for your SMEs – come up with a clear “job description” for all of your SMEs so that there are clear guidelines on what will be expected of them. By Dean Hawkinson.

eLearning Glossary Part 2: More Commonly Used Terms

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Previously we dug into the alphabet soup of eLearning terms and acronyms. ADDIE- The ADDIE model is a process used by instructional designers and training developers offering guidelines for creating effective training. Essentially this is the strategy phase.

Working with Cognitive Load

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When I first started working as an eLearninginstructional designer I became interested in the learning process and how people learn. I came across a book called Efficiency in Learning: Evidence-Based Guidelines to Manage Cognitive Loadby Ruth […].

7 Tips To Incorporate Informal Learning Into Your Corporate eLearning Strategy


But that doesn’t mean you should exclude it from your structured corporate eLearning program. In this article, we’ll share 7 tips to use informal learning into your training strategy. How To Incorporate Informal Learning Into Your Corporate Training Strategy.

Increase Course Performance with These 7 Tips for Bite-Sized eLearning


How You Can Deliver Highly Effective Courses Through Bite-Sized eLearning. But how can eLearning professionals provide them with the bite-sized bits of eLearning they need to achieve their goals, especially when working on a tight eLearning budget?

How do you build eLearning?

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When it comes to building eLearning, how do you do it? Come to think of it, is eLearning the right solution at all? Should this be eLearning? The visual design concept is drafted, based on the clients branding guidelines or style guide, and offered for consideration and sign off.

Instructional Design Strategy for an Online training Course – What and Why?

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InstructionalDesign.org defines instructional models as guidelines or frameworks to organize and structure the process of creating instructional activities. eLearning Design Instructional designDesigning a course in the online format is different from learning delivered in a classroom.

Situated Cognition In eLearning: What eLearning Professionals Should Know


Context is key to creating successful eLearning experiences. In this article, I’ll shed light on the situated cognition theory, from its core principles to tips that will help you use it in your next eLearning course. 5 Tips To Use Situated Cognition In eLearning.

The Effective Blended Learning Strategy


Not only do you benefit from the implementation of a synchronous learning strategy, but also you have the chance to benefit from “go at your own pace” techniques that are part of an asynchronous learning strategy. Define the Blended Learning Course Objectives Blended learning strategy begins like any other learning program design: defining blended learning course objectives. Plan Group Activities Group collaboration is the main focus of the blended learning strategy.

7 Knowledge Retention Techniques For eLearning

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New post 7 Knowledge Retention Techniques For eLearning on Obsidian Learning. In this article, I’ll share 7 techniques to enhance knowledge retention techniques you can take into account in your next eLearning course design. Applying Knowledge Retention Techniques In eLearning.

5 Articles on Using Video in ELearning


Have you ever taken an elearning course that didn’t include at least some form of video? I suppose it’s safe to say that this wasn’t my favorite elearning experience. 5 Articles About ELearning & Videos. This article outlines some general guidelines.

Accessibility and Articulate Storyline 2

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Recently, Update 5 for Articulate Storyline 2 was released and as part of this, improvements were made that allow Storyline 2 to meet more of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

The Flexible eLearning Framework


When Dr Badrul Khan developed the Flexible eLearning Framework, he wanted to answer a cardinal question: “What does it take to provide the best and most meaningful flexible learning environments for learners worldwide?” What is a Flexible eLearning Framework?

50 Best eLearning Posts Of 2012

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We have compiled the 50 best eLearning posts of 2012 from our blog. 6 Steps To A Better Mobile Learning Strategy. Some Thoughts On Tablet Learning (aka Elearning On iPads). Converting ELearning To Tablet Learning: Cost-effective Solutions. 10 Effective LMS RFP Guidelines.

From eLearning to mLearning: The Top 5 Challenges beyond Technology

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Let’s get one thing out of the way, the future of eLearning isn’t about adding more ‘ animations ‘ to our existing eLearning (in the name of making courses more engaging), neither is it about an eLearning 2.0 eLearning Mobile Learning featured mLearning

6 Tips to Create Engaging eLearning Courses


Engaged learners are what we are actually looking for in eLearning. In this article, I’ll share 6 tips to create engaging eLearning courses that will allow you to increase your audience’s engagement levels by using a variety of eLearning resources, techniques, and strategies.

ILT, Elearning, or MOOC? When to Use Common Training Formats

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The point is that when many people, even in L&D departments, think about effective corporate training, they have one specific format in mind, and that format is usually either instructor-led training (ILT) or elearning. Elearning. Use elearning or a MOOC instead.

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From A to Z: The Essential Guide To Mobile Training Strategy Success


Today we find ourselves at a similar tipping point in mobile training strategy. Actually, developing a successful mobile training strategy can be (almost) as simple as saying your A to Z’s. But it’s a pursuit that your mobile training strategy must embrace.

Creating a Visual Style Guide for eLearning

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Benefits of Visual Style Guides: A visual design guideline can effectively assist IDs convey a sense of professionalism and clarity to the learner. eLearning Design visual design

3 Ways to Create Effective ELearning


If you are just starting off in the elearning industry, creating your first course is a way of passage. If you are creating elearning for a client on a consulting basis, you will also learn a great deal of patience! elearning instructional design

The Incredible Power of Design Thinking in Learning Design


The Basics of Design Thinking in eLearning : What is the basic idea behind design thinking in e-learning? Read this article to find out what Christopher Pappas (Founder, eLearning Industry) has to say.

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Gender Representation in eLearning by Judy Katz

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The issue of how to represent gender in eLearning in a way that is authentic and helpful is not an easy one. guidelines, and ideas to spark productive conversations within our industry and your department. Emerging Topics Instructional Design Management Training Strategiesanswers are. not simple, and even considering the questions can be uncomfortable for many. In this article, you will find some. excellent.

eLearning for Travel Agents


In this section we discuss the eLearning solutions for this lucrative business. What better way to do that, other than to deploy a learning management system with updated eLearning programs? eLearning programs have proven to make the jobs of the travel agents easier.

Scaling with eLearning: How & Where to Grow


You’ve already invested in eLearning, and you’re reaping the rewards. Or maybe you’re interested in why you should be investing in eLearning. But how can you scale your eLearning investment effectively? eLearning is Growing; Scale With It. Guest post elearning guest post

Keep It Casual: Crafting Better Informal eLearning Experiences


Whether you’re short on time, learner motivation, or just need to improve your learning culture, informal eLearning experiences offer a fresh, less rigorous way of thinking about learning. More Than eLearning With Its Shoes Off. Why Choose Informal eLearning Experiences?

Ways to Keep Learners from Forgetting Your eLearning

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Here are few guidelines that can help you create elearning courses that are “hard to forget.” The isolation strategy. Following isolation strategy in your elearning course can be a good idea to keep learners from forgetting your online training. Bring elements of surprise and unexpected outcomes in your elearning to apply the Von Restorff Effect.

Game Architecture: Delivering Meaningful Learning Experiences by Mayra Aixa Villar

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By focusing on delivering the necessary experience, designers can produce meaningful, engaging eLearning as games. Design Strategies Development Strategies Games & Learning Training Strategies

Being a Good Coach through eLearning Feedback

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He told me about some of the advice he found on the web about coaching, and I realized that much of what he learned can be applied to coaching in eLearning as well. Most eLearning lessons contain knowledge checks of some sort, such as scenarios followed by a multiple choice question, hotspot questions that prompt learners to recognize something in an image , and simulations in which learners work through a procedure. How do you coach learners in eLearning feedback?

Six Obstacles To Building Communities In Organizations


I have written before about the fallibility of trying to have social learning as a bolt-on strategy , on the role of social technology as an avenue for building communities in organizations , and the importance of building communities to facilitate emergent learning.

How to use eLearning for Employee Onboarding


eLearning, especially in the form of modern web based learning management systems (LMS) , has been the obvious answer to those needs. eLearning based onboarding. The post How to use eLearning for Employee Onboarding appeared first on eFront Blog. eLearning employee training

7 Tips To Create A Self-Paced eLearning Course


Self-paced eLearning courses put trainees in charge of their eLearning experience. How To Create A Self-Paced eLearning Course. Today, accessing self-paced eLearning courses is as easy as clicking a download button or logging into a Learning Management System.

9 Tips To Boost eLearning Course Participation


Most trainers complain that the eLearning course participants communicate with the trainer, but not with their peers! In this article, we’ll share a few suggestions on how to promote eLearning course participation as a trainer. eLearning is not about remote learning.