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Training Delivery Strategies—How to Incorporate Feedback

Infopro Learning

Distance learning, eLearning, self-learning, and face-to-face training are just a few methods of delivering training. Instructor-led Training (ILT). Contrary to ILT, virtual classrooms provide training from anywhere. The post Training Delivery Strategies—How to Incorporate Feedback first appeared on Infopro Learning.

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6 Reasons Why Your Current ILT Strategy Leaves Learners Underwhelmed

eLearning Industry

In this post, I highlight 6 reasons why your current ILT training strategy leaves learners underwhelmed…and how an LMS can address them immediately. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Are yawns the only parting gift you’re giving your trainees?

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6 Points to Remember During Custom eLearning Development

Hurix Digital

When designed exclusively to address the specific needs of organizational learners, custom eLearning development can have a lasting impact. The first and foremost thing to keep in mind during custom eLearning development is to understand the learners and their specific needs. Choose an Appropriate Learning Strategy.

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6 Instructional Design Strategies for a Seamless ILT to eLearning Migration

CommLab India

Are your doubts on the effectiveness of online training stopping you from ILT to eLearning migration? Rely on engaging instructional strategies like gamification and storytelling for successful ILT to eLearning migration.

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Developing a Results Driven Curriculum

A well-designed learning curriculum develops and nurtures skills needed to achieve organizational and business goals with the most effective and engaging set of experiences. This ebook outlines 5 critical steps to develop learning solutions that will help you achieve the most ambitious objectives.

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eLearning at the Forefront of Your L&D Strategy

Dashe & Thomson

Before COVID-19 hit the world by storm, many L&D professionals struggled to get their organizations to include robust eLearning tactics as part of the training process. We have already covered the process of shifting from ILT (instructor led training) to VILT (virtual instructor led training).

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Migrating from ILT to eLearning? 6 Instructional Design Strategies to WOW Your Learners! [SlideShare]

CommLab India

Migrating from classroom training to eLearning can be challenging, but the right instructional strategy can help you transform the classroom session to engaging online training. Check this SlideShare for interesting instructional design strategies to use in ILT to eLearning conversion.