mLearning more than mobile elearning?

Clark Quinn

Someone tweeted about their mobile learning credo, and mentioned the typical ‘mlearning is elearning, extended’ view. Which I rejected, as I believe mlearning is much more (and so should elearning be). Mobile, paper, computers, voodoo, whatever technology works. And I can see the case for that; that mlearning in education is about using mobile to help people learn, not perform. mobile strategy

Top 5 Benefits of Mobile eLearning

eLearning Brothers

The past decade has seen an explosion in mobile technology. We’re rapidly seeing the technological landscape grow and evolve, and the trend is moving further and further into the realm of mobility. At this point, it’s a foregone conclusion that a good eLearning strategy should include mobile learning. Perhaps the greatest advantage of mobile learning is that the learners can conceivably carry their class materials almost anywhere they go.

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The Top 3 Mistakes People Make When Building Mobile eLearning


Too often when we talk about mobile eLearning, we talk about portrait vs landscape, or designing for “mobile first.”. But the key to effective mobile training isn’t how it looks. Focussing on the user interface before considering the user experience is one of the main driver of mobile eLearning mistakes. Here are 3 of the most common mistakes people make — and how you can avoid them in your own mobile training.

The Top 3 Mistakes People Make When Building Mobile eLearning


Too often when we talk about mobile eLearning, we talk about portrait vs landscape, or designing for “mobile first.”. But the key to effective mobile training isn’t how it looks. Focussing on the user interface before considering the user experience is one of the main driver of mobile eLearning mistakes. Here are 3 of the most common mistakes people make — and how you can avoid them in your own mobile training.

What is Mobile Learning? (M-Learning)


Such is the power of mobile internet. It wasn’t long, then, that L&D pros realized that offering a learning environment on mobile devices would replicate how their learners consume content outside of work, and increase engagement. As a result, mobile learning , or m-learning, has become an increasingly relevant component of all eLearning programs, and learning management systems in general. Benefits of Mobile Learning in the Workplace.

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Making the most of mobile eLearning solutions


Making the most of mobile eLearning solutions. The growing popularity of mobile devices has created additional opportunities for educators to explore new eLearning strategies. However, for content creators and course designers, there are a number of factors they should take into consideration when planning their materials for mobile use. You can't just put your desktop site on mobile. It's not a particularly good mobile experience.".

Celebrating 50 eLearning Best Practices

eLearning Brothers

This article marks my fiftieth publication on the eLearning Brothers blog. Come follow along this summary post where I highlight the top 50 eLearning best practices and insights I’ve covered over the past year. These writings have provided unforgettable opportunities to explore the amazing world of eLearning. The world of eLearning is about community – thanks for reading, commenting and engaging in conversation at the eLearning Brothers’ blog!

eLearning Land

Clark Quinn

This post is just a bit of elearning silliness, parodying our worst instincts… Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends. Microlearning, contextual performance support, mobile elearning, chunking, just-in-time, it’s all there. The post eLearning Land appeared first on Learnlets. design strategyWe’re so glad you could attend. Come inside, come inside! – Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Karn Evil 9, 1st Impression, Part 2.

Docebo Launches Major Mobile App Feature Update Borne From Customer Ideas Portal


Docebo’s award winning mobile app now supports course catalogs, in which learners can self-enroll, and deep linking. Despite a healthy learner appetite for mobile platforms that enable these experiences, more than a third of the learner population doesn’t have access to a mobile solution that truly connects with them. Course Catalogs Are Now Included Within The Mobile Experience. Mobile Deep Linking Now Available.

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4 Key Learning and Development Trends to Invest in for 2019

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Here are four trends you can’t ignore when evaluating your L&D strategy and learning management system in 2019. Mobile learning. In its experimental GoLearn initiative, Merrill Lynch deployed three compliance courses on computers and mobile devices. Mobile learning also can help employees with last-second training. Easy access to mobile learning can make the difference between a lead lost and a sale closed.

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eLBX Online Day 20 – The Benefits of Mobile Learning

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In this webinar, instructional designer Brandie Jenkins challenged us to look deeper at creative instructional design strategies for immersing learners in engaging and effective mobile learning experiences. To begin, Brandie polled attendees on what they thought of when they heard the phrase “mobile learning.” ” Here are some of the answers: Then Brandie outline the top 8 benefits of mobile learning.

What is Elearning?


Thank you to our Guest Blogger spearhead eLearning. Elearning is described as the delivery of training or education through digital or electronic methods. Learners can acquire qualifications or develop new skills using electronic devices such as a laptop, mobile device or tablet, accessing educational material often delivered through a learning management system (LMS) which is hosted online. The History of Elearning. The Benefits of Elearning.

Enhance Your Mobile Learning Delivery with 7 Eye-openers.


With emerging technologies, mobile learning development is also becoming streamlined and budget-friendly. Keeping at par with the growing popularity of smartphones and mobile devices, users too are inclined to use these devices to do more, and this trend is likely to increase. They are also keen on accessing social networking sites and streaming or downloading video or audio content via smartphones and mobiles. How long does it take to go mobile?

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Best Strategies for Implementing Mobile Learning

Designing Digitally

The best way to implement learning through mobile is to leverage its numerous benefits. For that, we need to understand the power of mobile. Let’s go through the key benefits of using a mobile device over traditional computers. Title: A Communication Hub That’s Personal Description: Apart from being an eLearning platform , mobile devices are a communication hub. Unlike desktop computers, mobile devices are truly personal.

6 Elements Every Mobile Learning Game Should Have

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There are essential elements that every mobile learning game should have. Here are the six elements every mobile learning game should have: 1. If you use eLearning Brothers games you’ll notice the first slide is always the logo and the second slide is the instructions slide. Since this is a learning game eLearning Brothers always programs in games with a play again button. Mobile Learning Game Conclusion. Game on and happy mobile learning!

Mlearn conference preview: #MLearncon scores 2.375 on the ‘Spiro index’!

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An early post on MLearncon in San Diego, the eLearning Guild conference on Mobile learning. This will be my fourth major eLearning conference of 2014 (Learning Technology London, Learning Solutions Orlando, ASTD ICE Washington, and now Mlearncon in San Diego). Add the 14 basics/getting started to that and a part of the strategy/framework sessions and it means that about 50% of the session aim at organizations that are starting up with mobile learning.

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Your 2020 L&D Checklist: Top eLearning Considerations for the New Year

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The past decade has seen an immense amount of change when it comes to eLearning. Now is the ideal time to review the state of eLearning and trends that will define how you approach L&D in 2020. (Or Current State of eLearning. In the last few year s the L earning and D evelopment (L&D) field adopted eLearning in a big way. These are a few statistics that highlight the current state of eLearning: .

Why and How Your Organization Should Incorporate Mobile Learning

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However, in order to better meet the evolving needs of the modern learner, a mobile LMS can significantly improve your training programs by making them even more convenient, digestible, and effective. Below are key mobile LMS benefits and how you can implement a mobile learning strategy for your team. Major Mobile LMS Benefits. A mobile learning management system is an LMS that is optimized to work well on a mobile device such as a cell phone or tablet.

Mobile Learning: The World is Your Office [INFOGRAPHIC]


Find out the top 3 mobile learning trends for 2019 in this infographic. Did you know that more than a third of the learner population doesn’t have access to a mobile learning solution that works? This means organizations are missing out on the opportunity to achieve better engagement and knowledge retention through mobile-optimized learning experiences. If you’re thinking about taking advantage of mobile learning, check out our infographic.

Defining Microlearning?

Clark Quinn

This could work with very small learnings (I use an example of media roles in my mobile design workshops). We can because (via mobile or instrumented systems) we know where they are and what they’re doing, and we can build content to do this. And even for non-mobile, minimalism makes sense (as I tout under the banner of the Least Assistance Principle ). design mobile strategy Last week on the #chat2lrn twitter chat, the topic was microlearning.

Ring in the New Year by Making your eLearning Mobile


It’s a topic that is widely discussed and is only going to come more into focus in 2016 as the rise of mobile browsing continues. LMS technology continues to improve, and converting eLearning to mLearning requires a comprehensive strategy to engage your users. What is your mLearning strategy ? If your eLearning is being used on a mobile device, it’s unlikely that you’ll have your user’s full attention for a prolonged period of time.

Mobile features expanding eLearning's reach


Mobile features expanding eLearning's reach. However, even the PC-based version of eLearning now seems outdated, with the PC being rethought as just one device among many instead of the focal point of an employee's day. A mobile course is a chance to really connect with a learner.". The nature of mobile learning. These devices are always with employees today, so a course that fits into the mobile app ecosystem is a chance to really connect with a learner.

More flexible eLearning expanding technology's reach


More flexible eLearning expanding technology's reach. One of the most exciting areas of eLearning development is the creation of mobile capabilities and other types of increased flexibility. There are savings and ROI benefits to be had from mobile strategies.". Companies today are in search of improved training performance, something that mobile-enabled eLearning solutions promise. Mobile Readiness.

Designing eLearning for iPads – Webinar Recording and Q&A

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Early this month we ran two webinars on “Designing eLearning for Pads (tablet)” A big thank you to all of you who were able to join us! Finally, here’s everything you wanted to know about eLearning on iPads… and asked! A: mLearning or Mobile Learning is designed specifically for mobile devices, mostly for learners who are constantly on the move or do not have regular access to traditional learning methodologies. mLearning/eLearning Technology.

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Making Mobile Mayhem

Clark Quinn

On a less formal basis, I want to suggest that another area where we need a little more light and a little less heat (and smoke) is mobile. We’re doing a lot wrong when it comes to mobile. As Jason Haag has aptly put it, elearning courses on a phone (or tablet) is mobile elearning, not mobile learning (aka mlearning). The elearning tools we use are increasingly having mobile output, but it’s too easy to then just output courses.

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Closing the Learning-Acquisition Gap with Informal Learning


I believe that to help close this gap that over the next few years we’ll need more timely, trackable, and mobile elearning solutions that incorporate peer feedback and guidance. Corporate Training Learning Strategy closing learning gaps informal learning learning challengesEven if you’ve never consciously thought about it, rewards have a massive impact on our behaviour every day.

10 Mobile Learning Trends For 2018

Adobe Captivate

The demand for mobile learning from the learners is on a steady increase, and it is clearly transitioning from an “option” to a “must have”. In this article, I outline 10 mobile learning trends for 2018 that organizations should invest on. The Top Mobile Learning Trends For 2018. mLearning or mobile learning is self-paced, learning on the go. 70% of learners felt more motivated when training on a mobile device, as opposed to a computer.

8 Corporate Learning Trends in 2017

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In recent times, the eLearning industry has undergone rapid improvements owing to the changes in the organizations to match to the needs and expectations of the learners. While we speak of how there has been a paradigm shift in learning, let’s look at the changes 2017 has brought in the world of corporate eLearning. Here are a few ongoing trends in corporate learning that have caught the attention of eLearning industry experts this year: 1. Mobile Learning.

A Deeper Look at the Emerging Trends of mLearning


Mobile Learning. Lectora Mobile. Mobile eLearning Platform for All mLearning. -->. Lectora Mobile. Lectora Mobile. Lectora Mobile. eLearning Tips and Videos. -->. Monthly eLearning News. -->. Mobile Learning. -->. Getting Started with eLearning. -->. Last month we took a look at the emerging trends of mLearning based on the recently released eLearning Guild Research Report titled, Mobile Learning: The Time is Now.

How Games Drive Sales Enablement (Webinar)

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Today’s sales trainers are pairing games with mobile reinforcement and microlearning to help sales reps be successful. Most sales enablement programs use blended learning to combine games, mobile, eLearning, video, roleplay and in-person coaching. Most game-based learning will fit into one of the following categories: Mobile Games. Mobile games are often used as part of live events for application practice as well as for microlearning and reinforcement.

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Mobile Learning is On the Rise – Is Your Organization Ready?


Mobile learning – and the rise of mobile dominance, in general – is a topic that most learning and development (L&D) professionals have heard of. In fact, mobile learning is now so critical to online corporate training success that it has become an eLearning best practice. However, the majority of organizations do not support mobile learning. Mobile Adoption: No Signs of Slowing Down. Mobile is Becoming a Global L&D Priority.

Free L&D webinars for August 2019

Limestone Learning

With Deeper Learning at Work experts Patti Shank and Karen Hyder, you'll learn what research tells us are critical strategies for deeper learning in the virtual classroom. Join Zach Pendleton, VP of Engagement Strategy, Instructure, to learn how to avoid band-aid solutions, better listen to employee feedback, and leverage best practices for measuring engagement and sentiment to achieve better engaged employees and managers and positive business outcomes.

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Learning in your Pocket!!

Zephyr Learning

This title has been on my mind for some time now as I feel it is going to become a very important strategy for the elearning world. Whilst I cannot claim to coin the phrase (Learning in your Pocket), I can however give you my interpretation of what it could mean for the future of elearning. For years the elearning world has been afflicted with poor delivery of learning, and elearning has often been perceived as boring, meaningless, and lifeless. Introduction.

Are bigger tablets the key to more mLearning?


There are many factors that go into a great mobile eLearning experience, and without each of them being in place, the full package won't come together perfectly. These items include the design of the software, the devices being employed and the strategies chosen by the leaders instituting the plans. New devices power improved eLearning. According to Whitaker, conditions for tablet-based eLearning have never been better.

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How to Improve Product Knowledge Training


Make it Mobile A significant number of frontline staff work away from desks and computers. Making your training available on mobile devices (like a store iPad, or even staff’s smartphones) lets your frontline can take courses in lulls between customer interactions — or look up information when they need it. RELATED: The Top 3 Mistakes People Make When Building Mobile eLearning. Expectations for frontline staff are shifting.