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Content Creation and Curation in eLearning – Make the Difference Work

CommLab India

When creating an online course, we eLearning vendors request our clients to provide us with all the necessary content for the course, and then also talk about creating new content. However, knowing the difference between content curation and content creation is not enough, and we need to define the roles that each of them play individually, as well as together, in eLearning. The benefits cannot be ignored: Learners have access to information that is applicable to their job.

Informal Learning – the other 80%

Jay Cross

The learner is responsible. How many learners believe the subject matter of classes and workshops is “the right stuff?” Vendors don’t make money from informal learning. At the beginning of this section, I said we were looking over the shoulder of a go-getter learner. Many learners are not self-directed; they are waiting for directions. are the meta-skills today’s learners need to master. Positive learners. Treat learners as customers.