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5 uses of Paradiso LMS Offline Learning Platform


An Offline Learning Platform fulfills the objectives of availability, facility, and flexibility, making the LMS Platform a tool more and more. . Most of the features that the apprentices look for when taking the option of educating themselves through an eLearning platform, have to fulfill the objective of making the LMS platforms a tool more and more similar to the classical education model and that even exceed its scope. Portability is essential for any user of eLearning platforms.

Blended Training: A Host of Delivery Methods to Choose From

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Blending different training delivery methods gives your employees a chance to learn and work at the same time. Let’s look at five benefits of using an array of delivery methods. Supports gamification: . Which of these delivery methods have you used?

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Gamification in business is a guaranteed way to boost engagement


Gamification is the new kid on the block in training terms of advances in elearning. Away from the purely financial there are a number of benefits to gamification in business which are worth exploring. Gamification in business is trending.

What is Mobile Learning? (M-Learning)


As a result, mobile learning , or m-learning, has become an increasingly relevant component of all eLearning programs, and learning management systems in general. Here are three key reasons mobility is the new reality in eLearning. Offline is online.

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ASTD DC Metro 2013 Presentation Resources:Gamification of Learning

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Gamification of Learning from Karl Kapp. The Proteus Effect: Implications of transformed digital self-representation on online and offline behavior. Combining Zombies and Running…Gamification of Exercise. Sneak Peak: My Book on Gamification of Learning and Instruction.

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10 eLearning buzzwords you need to know!


In this post we’ve put together short descriptions of the top 10 buzzwords in eLearning at the moment: Tin Can, Social Learning, Gamification, mLearning, Tablet learning, Rapid eLearning, Microlearning, Personalization, Blended learning, and Lifelong learning. Gamification.

eLearning Content Development for Effective Training

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You have a Team Offline and a Team Online. Which of the two methods do you think is more feasible and effective? eLearning offers the right training and development opportunities to the staff without additional costs. Is eLearning training the Right Approach? Gamification.

The Mobile eLearning Express: A Brief History of Distance Courses

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Instructional Designer, eLearning Consultant, Feature & Technical Writer. Though the famous mail service only lasted from April 1860 to October 1861,” it was a reflection of early communication methods. Guest post by Marie S. Lewandowski. Marie is a Sr.

Elearning trends to follow in 2019

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Elearning Trends 2019. eLearning websites and platforms have to adapt to any device that is suitable for their student. Blended learning or ‘hybrid learning’ is an integration of digital technologies into traditional offline learning. Gamification And Game-Based Learning.

Foraying Into The Expanding ELearning Market of South Africa


South Africa’s (SA) eLearning market is on a growth trajectory, as is the country’s economy. Several private institutions and eLearning companies are also active across the nation. SA’s eLearning Boom – Why and What to Expect? Gamification.

Top eLearning Trends Of 2017 So Far


In this post we’re taking a look at the top eLearning trends of 2017, based on what our customers are asking for. So today we’re sharing the biggest eLearning trends of 2017 based on what we are asked for and would recommend to clients on a daily basis.

9 instructional design principles for building an eLearning course


But how might we translate those principles when developing content for a modern-day eLearning environment? This set of practical examples illustrates how Gagne’s nine instructional design principles can help you to design an outstanding eLearning course today.

How Can Interactive eLearning Modules Improve User Engagement?

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And interactive eLearning modules made this possible. eLearning refers to the use of online resources to deliver education and training curriculum outside the traditional classrooms. Personalized L earning: Interactive eLearning is personalized.

10 LMS features that you should in an eLearning platform


However, moving deeper into the concepts, we cannot rest on an eLearning platform capable of only teaching the stuff. Just Google the phrase “LMS software” and you will see thousands of links to different products, services, and articles claiming to offer an eLearning platform or an LMS tool. With a majority of users of your eLearning platform coming through mobile, a responsive LMS integration is a must for improving your rankings in the search engines. What is LMS software?

Elearning trends to adopt in 2019


Elearning industry is among technology early-adopters, and in this article, we have gathered top trends that will affect the elearning business in 2019. Blended Learning Blended learning or ‘hybrid learning’ is an integration of digital technologies into traditional offline learning.

Paradiso LMS one of the top Learning Management System on the List of Online Learning Platforms


Before making a decision and choosing a Learning Management System or LMS platform you must know the details of eLearning and what it can bring in terms of ROI (Return of Investment) to your company. Game-Based Learning : Gamification is definitely a must-have for any LMS.

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Is There a Recipe For eLearning Success?

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What does it take to become an eLearning award winner? The scope for using eLearning will never cease to impress or astound! Lifesaver goes beyond eLearning, crossing into gamification and simulation and the learning has a memorable impact.

5 Employee Training Management Software that You Must Consider


Why should you even consider investing in a fancy employee training management software when you can easily stick to your traditional employee training methods (read – classroom training) without having to break a sweat! What sets this solution apart is the flexible gamification settings.

10 Ways Mobile Learning Influences Corporate Learning & Development

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Learning and Development initiatives of various corporations will move away from a structured and restricted method of training and development to a more learner-oriented approach for good. The proliferation of mobile devices has changed the way we interact, network, live and learn.

7 Must Haves for Learning Technology in 2017


Here’s our list of the top 7 features and functions for online learning in 2017: Gamification. Gamification has a huge impact on participation and completion rates. We all have different learning styles, but video has become the preferred method for people to learn, especially online. Offline Resources. elearning gamification online learning technology video

An LMS for manufacturing will bring power to your workforce


Through our eLearning platform , you can detect which aspects of the manufacturing process are failing or need to be updated, that way you have the possibility to focus on the training to improve these aspects with weaknesses.

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10 Reasons to Invest in Corporate Training Solutions

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eLearning and mLearning are now supplementing traditional teaching methods to leverage online resources, reach a worldwide audience and provide learners the opportunity to learn anywhere at their own pace. Learn more about How to Optimize Your eLearning ROI.

Top 3 Reasons You Need An Authoring Tool


Traditionally, trainers have created their training materials offline using applications like PowerPoint, Word and Excel. Offline (or manual) methods of authoring has proven to be problematic as it can be difficult to create powerful content and time consuming to manage. Coassemble offer a range of built-in drag and drop templates, including presentation templates, interactive templates, check-point templates, and gamification templates. Introduction to Authoring.

The Ultimate Glossary of eLearning Terms


From Agile to xAPI and everything in between, there are a lot of eLearning terms to get your head around. Terminology can feel like buzzwords and jargon to the amateur but many are essential knowledge for the eLearning professional. That’s why we’ve compiled this eLearning glossary.

A Day In The Life Of A Microlesson

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It encompasses education in the form of methods, such as long lectures and documents, classically not engaging the average learner. The use of gamification in microlearning results in boosted employee engagement and motivation. Good authoring tools provide unique features to users, differentiating their content from other methods of learning. EdApp, for instance, offers spaced repetition, a template library, offline mode, and gamification to name a few.

Switch to Blended Learning for Better Learning Outcomes

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Instructors are now adopting different teaching methods to fit the learning styles, interests, and expectations of the learners. There are 6 main methods of blended learning as discussed below-. Gamification.

#ASTDTK14 Slides and Resources

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Five Gaming Elements for Effective eLearning. Here is an example of gamification in action. The Gamification of Retail Safety and Loss Prevention Training. July 2012 T&D Article: Games, Gamification and the Quest for Interactive Learning.

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How to build an online course website from scratch and questions to answer before that


According to research , the global elearning market is going to grow at a CAGR of around 7.0% This creates a massive opportunity for business and tutors to create online courses and elearning platforms. In this guide, we will cover all the aspects of building an elearning website.

8 Best LMS Options to Enable Online Course Creation for your Employees

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One of the most well-known LMS software available in the market, SAP Litmos has several unique features to help with online course building, assessment creation and gamification , to name a few. Here’s more on the Best Elearning Courses for You: Custom Content or Off-the-shelf Courses.

Trends in Learning: What’s Latest!

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The figures clearly show that formal training is quickly being replaced by innovative online methods of knowledge and skill building. With development software such as Lectora mobile that update the offline learning content on the LMS too, the demand for mlearning is higher than ever.

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#DevLearn 2012: Kapp Presentation Resources

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Saw a bunch colleagues and friends, and had lots of fun in the Gamification Workshop. So the slides to the Gamification workshop can be found here. Understanding Games and Gamification for Serious Learning. Understanding Games and Gamification for Learning from Karl Kapp.

Our Top Blog Posts for 2017


After another creative year, eFront has switched colors but remained innovative and powerful, on par with an advancing eLearning industry. Upskilling Employees: Advantages and Methods Of Teaching Your Old Staff New Skills. Gamification Examples: How to bring fun into business eLearning.

My takeaways from OEB18: communities, AI and 3D-smarts and some very practical stuff

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An offline knowmad is simply too slow in a 3D society. We do have an online method called "adopt a concept" which is similar but people don't make a video and don't make connections. There is a gamification toolbox with 20 game ideas. artificial intelligence elearning oeb18

Top 15 Instructional Design Tools Ranked


Some of the key features include course downloading when offline, video conferencing, advanced gamification, analytic functionality, and the ability to sell courses. QuizGame as one of the instructional design tools that focus on gamification in training. eLearning Brothers.

How to choose an LMS for your Company


It primarily means combining traditional teacher-classroom techniques with the online methods that involve engaging, media-rich content. Gamification is a highly sought USP of some of the best LMS s. Mobile and Offline Learning.