Learning 2.0: Customized Learning Solutions

Dan Keckan

When an employee is provided with personal direction, attention, and content catered to their specific needs, they learn more, are faster and achieve more significant results. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Corporate eLearning Corporate Learning Best Practices Custom eLearning Personalized Learning

Mobile Learning - Learning 2.0

Bottom-Line Performance

I think of Learning 2.0 in terms of two things: fast access to user-created content that helps me learn and creating my own content that helps others. Focusing on that first aspect of Learning 2.0, I spend most of my time “learning&# on my smart phone. My Measures: Not perhaps the most useful app for helping you design learning, but when it comes to building an Ikea book case that has the wrong size doors, it was a dream.

E-Learning 2.0 Research

Experiencing eLearning

These are my liveblogged notes from the eLearning Guild’s webinar on their e-Learning 2.0 1160 people completed the e-learning 2.0 Hard to learn: Probably not. What is e-learning 2.0? “The idea of learning through digital connections and peer collaboration enhanced by technologies driving Web 2.0. Asynchronous e-learning is high. Communities of practice and wikis are highest 2.0. Are Podcasts 2.0?

Learning 2.0 Strategy

Clark Quinn

Over the past two years, I've worked with start-ups and corporations around the world who are grappling a bit with the impact of Web 2.0 on learning. One of the more interesting aspects of this is that I've really changed and refined what I advise both audiences in terms of their learning 2.0 Seven Key Aspects of Learning 2.0 I initially attacked eLearning 2.0 and Learning 2.0 You need to be prepared to apply learning 2.0

Webinar: Flipped Learning 2.0 - A Learning Theory Updated for a Virtual World

eLearning Brothers

The pandemic-driven move towards virtual learning is challenging training departments across the globe. webinars eLearning instructional design Developer Resources lectora Webinars

eBook Release: Blended Learning 2.0—Adopting The Next Gen Blended Learning Model For The Digital Workplace

Dan Keckan

My eBook, Blended Learning 2.0: Adopting The Next Gen Blended Learning Model For The Digital Workplace, provides insights, tips, and strategies you can use to maximize the impact of your virtual training transformation. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Learning 2.0 - Make learning deliver

Adobe Captivate

elearning , Feedback , Learning Circuits , Clive Shepherd , Web 2.0 , Learning 2.0. This month's Big Question on the Learning Circuits Blog asks 'What new skills and knowledge are required for learning professionals?'. I suspect a lot of the X 2.0 discussions have within themselves elements of Web 2.0. Instantiating Learning for X, we also notice the same shades. Where things get skewed is the tendency to look at learning 2.0

e-Learning 2.0: Surveying Learner Participant TechnoProfile

Vignettes Learning

Social Networking: Surveying Learner Participant TechnoProfile I have been fine-tuning a survey tool to gauge the T echnoProfile of the target learning audience in social learning, networking, collaboration and Learning 2.0 The survey design is based on my discoveries from social learning sessions , ( ASTD handout ) client projects and my research "in helping learners apply their learning" or Micro-Learning Impacts in social networking context.

Learning 2.0 Is Like Punk Rock

eLearning Weekly

We were trying to hypothesize why so many (e)Learning 2.0 Several of us learning tech geeks see such great opportunities with learning 2.0, Instead of waiting for top-down direction, employees are installing learning 2.0 Peggy Gartin , a friend and colleague, came up with a great simile: Learning 2.0 This resonates with what I’ve seen related to learning 2.0.

eLearning Weekly » Free eBook: Learning 2.0 for Associations

eLearning Weekly

New offerings provide a gateway to Learning 2.0

Clive on Learning

Although the use of Web 2.0 technologies for learning is on the up (see Learning 2.0 - an update from the eLearning Guild ), it's also true to say that most employers don't know which way to start (see How are employers responding to Gen Y and Web 2.0? ). Saba's new offering is a leaning towards Web 2.0 The second new offering started with very much of a Web 2.0 Neulio 2.0 The Web 2.0

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Learning 2.0 - an update from the eLearning Guild

Clive on Learning

The eLearning Guild have recently released a new report on Learning 2.0 - Learning in a Web 2.0 For the purposes of the report, the authors define Learning 2.0 as 'the idea of learning through digital connections and peer collaboration enhanced by technologies driven by Web 2.0,' which seems reasonable. I've picked out a few highlights from my perspective: Learning 2.0 Learning 2.0 While Learning 2.0,

Jeff Cobb’s New State of Association eLearning Report

Web Courseworks

Jeff Cobb just released his most recent report on association eLearning called Learning 2.0. I have included Jeff in many of my blog posts because he is a genuine, down to earth guy who thinks deeply about the future of eLearning, especially for associations. In Learning 2.0 Trying to navigate and comprehend these changing strategies of training and learning within organizations has become a daunting task. In Learning 2.0 Learning 2.0

eLearning 2.0 -> Informal Learning -> learning 2.0 -> web 2.0

Big Dog, Little Dog

that 80% to 90% of learning occurs informally outside of the classroom. This should be shocking enough to force some sort of change in e-Learning design, but it hasn't. Schlenker goes on to tie elearning 2.0 to informal learning to learning 2.0 to web 2.0, So lets meet in the middle and put formal learning at 25% and informal learning at 75%. Now can the use of "learning 2.0" Web 2.0

e-Learning 2.0 Survey - Take it NOW!

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

The eLearning Guild is currently working on the most comprehensive report on e-Learning 2.0. You may be annoyed by the term and bla, bla, bla, but nobody can deny that significant changes in web technologies are having a profound impact on e-Learning. Maybe your company has internal blogging capabilities and a corporate wiki, but you haven't figured out how to integrate them into your e-Learning strategy. Is e-Learning 2.0 TAKE THE e-Learning 2.0

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eLearning, Informal Learning 2.0, Wikipedia, Wisdom, KM, & Strategy

Big Dog, Little Dog

Update from ASTD TechKnowledge - Rapid eLearning News. Surprisingly, everyone wanted to bad-mouth E-Learning, but no one bothered to stop and ask Jennifer to tell us more about why it was working so well for her." Informal Learning 2.0 Effective management methodology: be sure management drives the process and only do what works! Fieldbook - Jay Cross. Join the Fieldbook project. People do not read un-books; they participate with them.

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"Change 2.0: How Does e-Learning 2.0 Affect Organizational Culture?" (eLearning Guild article)

Mark Oehlert

So there is this BRILLIANT piece in the Learning Solutions e-magazine from the eLearning Guild.that's actually the article by Jane Hart, " Understanding Today???s Change 2.0: How Does e-Learning 2.0 s Learner.". Then there is this much less brilliant article written by some hack with an unpronounceable German-sounding last name -. Affect Organizational Culture? It's OK but this Oehlert guy who wrote it, kinda sketchy

The eLearning Guild Announces DemoFest 2010 Winners! by Bill Brandon

Learning Solutions Magazine

Design Strategies Instructional Design Learning 2.0DemoFest is an annual contest at DevLearn during which dozens of conference participants show off their latest and greatest development efforts, and other conference attendees vote for the ones that they judge the best.

eLearning Global Giveback Finalists Named by Bill Brandon

Learning Solutions Magazine

The eLearning Guild and LINGOs, co-sponsors of the second annual eLearning Global Giveback competition, have announced the ten finalists in two competition categories: Individual or Team of Developers, and Corporate Developer. Asynchronous Blended Instructional Design Learning 2.0

eLearning's Benefits Are Obvious: Why Don't They Like It? by Ronald Yu

Learning Solutions Magazine

As use of the Internet and the Web for learning expands, there will be more opportunities for cultural differences to affect. how, and whether, learning takes place at all. This article looks at the barriers to use of eLearning and what we can do. Design Strategies Instructional Design Learning 2.0 Learning Styles Translation/Localization

eLearning Design for Short Attention Span and Overloaded Learners

Vignettes Learning

Synthesis: With the barrage of distractions thrown at these already-overloaded learners, we are faced with the challenge to help them focus on what is necessary, must-learn, what is of immediate relevance and content that is rapidly applicable to their jobs and tasks at hand. My goal here is to provide helpful tips to engage our learners’ attention and achieve our learning objectives. Useful content immediately Programs should be focused on must-learn and immediately-useful content.

How to Link Social Learning to Work and Performance

Vignettes Learning

How to Link Social Learning to Work and Performance View more presentations from 3MinuteWorlds. Ray Jimenez, PhD Join us at 3MinuteWorlds Micro-Learning Community [link] [link] [link] "Helping Learners Learn Their Way" Ray Jimenez, PhD Author "3-Minute e-Learning" www.vignettestraining.com. web 2.0 social networking rapid e-learning eLearning learning 2.0 learning 2.0

Boomers Adopt Consumer Technology 20x Faster!

Upside Learning

Keeping generational differences in mind while designing learning is something we practice consciously. Tags: Learning Design Design eLearning Learning 2.0 While we strongly believe in these cognitive and perceptive differences, occasionally we have data that throws a lot of our assumptions out of gear. Accenture has published exactly this sort of data about the adoption of consumer technology by Boomers and Gen X and Y.

Just One Question: Brenda Enders on Gamification by Bill Brandon

Learning Solutions Magazine

“Gamification” is a relatively new buzzword in application design, including eLearning. Design Strategies Development Strategies Future Trends Learning 2.0 Many designers and. developers aren’t quite sure what it means, or how to apply the concept in their work. Brenda Enders gives. you great insights in this interview. Serious Games

The E-Learning Curve Blog is Two Years Old

The E-Learning Curve

Upon reflection, I don’t think that I really had any idea about what I was letting myself in for by running a high-quality blog about e-learning. The E-Learning Curve Blog is Two Years Old is a post from: E-Learning Curve Blog. Tags: e-learning e-learning blog e-learning curve blog elearning blogs learning 2.0

Stickylearning - now a part of eLearning Learning!

Sticky Learning

My library of books grew, as did my appreciation of the learning that could occur via blogs and other online sources. Recently Tony Karrer (of the eLearning Technology blog) invited me to join his eLearning Learning community. For those who haven't visited this site previously, the eLearning Learning site is a collection of blog posts and articles around eLearning. Web 2.0 Tags: Learning Learning 2.0

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eLearning Research

Tony Karrer

We have: Will Thalheimer, Work Learning Research Kevin Oakes, I4CP Claire Schooley, Forrester Chris Howard, Bersin Kevin Martin, Aberdeen Biggest trend is Learning 2.0 Allow people to work faster, better through informal learning. eLearning 2.0 Bersin is publishing report on learning 2.0. Learning and performance management converging finally. Linking development plans, career paths, learning opportunities. Leap to 2.0

“Brain Freeze: Does your eLearning System Cause Learning Paralysis?”

Vignettes Learning

However, the influx of information to an individual’s brain may prove to be debilitating to one’s decision making process or may result to learning paralysis for learners. Considering the limitations of the brain’s working memory to handle a certain quantity of information, elearning developers should seriously reflect on their implementation strategies. In the training and learning practice we have become accustomed to the concept of not overloading our learners. learning 2.0

The Art of Anticipation in Story-Based Learning Design

Vignettes Learning

Story-Based eLearning design is effective because it creates an environment where learners are compelled to anticipate. The Story-based eLearning design stirs the learner's anticipation. One of the objectives of the experiment was to find out how our brains learn to be social. Our job is to bring out these storylines in real life and put it in the context of eLearning. Vignettes Learning Learn more about story and experience-based eLearning.

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eLearning Reusables - Need Beta Participants

Vignettes Learning

Fisherman Quiz - eLearning Reusable / Work in Progress June 13, 2009 Everything, well at least 95%, in the Flash is reusable in XML, images, audio, swf, etc. Please send email to join the Beta Group -- Ray Jimenez, PhD [link] [link] "Helping Learners Learn Their Way" "Helping Learners Apply Learning" Ray Jimenez, PhD Author "3-Minute e-Learning" www.vignettestraining.com. eLearning Tags: articulate reusable captiavte e-Learning 2.0

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Review: Michael Allen's Successful e-Learning Interface by Bill Brandon

Learning Solutions Magazine

While User Interface (UI) guidelines help designers solve usability issues on Web sites, eLearning must satisfy a different set of needs in order to provide an effective experience for learners. The latest volume in Michael Allen’s e-Learning Library will guide you and your team safely through resolution of these conflicts. Design Strategies Instructional Design Interface Design Learning 2.0

4 Blended Learning Examples To Help You Decide If Blended 2.0 Is The Best Way To Train Your Workforce

Dan Keckan

In this article, I show 4 examples of how to leverage the blended learning 2.0 This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Blended Learning Blended Learning Benefits Blended Learning Best Practices Blended Learning Solutions Corporate Training eLearning eBooksThe COVID-19 pandemic has redefined how we work, and we now see the “new normal” of remote operations.

Top 35 Articles on eLearning Strategy

Tony Karrer

I’ve been recently working on lots of eLearning strategy consulting engagements and one of my colleagues asked me to provide a set of resources around this topic. I went back and looked at what I had written before on eLearning Strategy and saw that I had said at the time: I've spent several hours this morning trying to find good resources on eLearning Strategy development and particularly looking for examples to use in this post. Strategy eLearning 3.0

Gossip, Collaboration, and Performance in Distributed Teams

Skilful Minds

Customer Experience Experience Design social networking Enterprise 2.0 elearning 2.0 Tags: Change Management Collaboration Learning Experience Social Business Design Social CRM Social Media Social Networks e-Learning 2.0 What do you think the typical manager might say if you told them their employees don't gossip and engage one another in non-work related tasks enough?

Top 100 eLearning Items

Tony Karrer

Using eLearning Learning , I thought it would be interesting to go look what it thinks are some of the top items of all time. Learning 2.0 - The Things How we read online. - Tools Collaborative Learning Using Web 2.0 Tools - A Summary PR 2.0: Mathemagenic " PhD conclusions in a thousand words: blogging practices of knowledge workers Web 2.0 Applications in Learning Rethinking Learning Styles Understanding E-Learning 2.0

eBay - eLearning 2.0 and Formal Learning

Clark Quinn

The topic of the symposium was eLearning 2.0 (or or is it Learning 2.0). This presentation is where the Examples of eLearning 2.0 - which showed clearly these things are being applied to formal and informal learning opportunities. One of the other presentations of the day was This Isn’t your Mama’s Training: Implementing Learning 2.0 They don't really discuss these as eLearning 2.0, alongside formal learning

Are you an Agnostic or Principled Learning Professional?

Vignettes Learning

Synthesis: As learning professionals, have we analyzed how our approaches affect our learners and their specific learning and performanc e environments? Are you an AGNOSTIC or PRINCIPLED Learning Professional? Perhaps, the Agnostic is the unbounded innovator in us and the Princip led is the traditionalist in us. __ As learning professionals, have we analyzed h ow our approaches affect our learners and their specific learning and performance environments? Web 2.0

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