5 Tips for Submitting a DevLearn 2010 Session Proposal

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Some times the late proposals are AWESOME, but because they were late there is no place left on program to put them. Tags: devlearn elearningguild elearning The DEADLINE for submitting a proposal for DevLearn10 is this Friday. Late submissions are a huge bummer.

DevLearn 2009 – Day 2 Recap

eLearning Weekly

Google worked with David Metcalf to create a leadership training program that was a mash-up with 7-8 Google tools: Gmail, YouTube, Google Docs, Google Talk, etc. Tags: eLearning Conferences Design Development DevLearn DevLearn2009 dl09 eLearningGuild gLearning sociallearning SocialNetworks technology Tools Training Day 2 of DevLearn kicked off with a keynote from Eric Zimmerman on Serious Game Design.

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DevLearn 2008 - Day 1 Recap

eLearning Weekly

Check out the O’Reilly book: Programming Collective Intelligence. Day 1 of DevLearn 2008 kicked off today with a great keynote from Tim O’Reilly ( @TimOReilly ), where he walked us through the Web 2.0 movement and how it has impacted learning and training. Here are some of the notes I took during his keynote: We should always try to follow the “alpha-geeks.&# These are the people who are constantly hacking and studying things in unconventional ways.

Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | June 28, 2019

Mike Taylor

How you might use some insights from Robert Cialdini´s psychology of persuasion in your L&D programs by Krystyna Gadd ( @KrystynaGadd ). Dip into the happenings from @elearningGuild Realities 360 Conference this week #Realities360.

Upcoming Learning Events: Will you be there? Artisan will!

Artisan eLearning

after having received awards from Training Magazine , the eLearningGuild , and Elearning! This hand-on certificate program will have you build a complete 15-minute course in Storyline. Artisan E-Learning ended 2017 with a BANG!

5 Tips for Using Social Media in eLearning

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Social media can increase employee and student participation; learners are more likely to stay engaged to complete the program if they are able to reach out to peers involved. eLearningGuild, @learningsolmag and @elearnindustry are a few great ones to start your list with.

Low Cost LMS - Help Needed

Tony Karrer

I have not had much luck with open source LMS programs, mainly because of technical limitations on our part. Do you have any recommendations on which programs to consider? I tried to find information from the eLearningGuild, but had a hard time finding anything. I received an inquiry about the need for a low cost LMS solution and I've not had time to help this person with answers. I'm hoping folks can chime in with suggestions and resources.

Simulations Games Social and Trends

Tony Karrer

Question 1 - As the notion of “learning as an event” begins to be replaced with true “just-in-time” learning, (in the form of learning communities and availability to portals of knowledge and information) do you think off-the-shelf eLearning programs in professional skill development will continue to be one component of a learning solution? Shouldn’t there be a Management 101 Game program that’s sold 10M copies in the US?

The Pulse of Mobile Learning

Allison Rossett

“Are you offering programs that rely on mobile for delivery of learning and support now?” While some raise questions about the quality of the pedagogy that drives Khan’s programs, I like the increased access to STEM education and that the effort is catalyst for conversations about quality in technology-based learning. In developing countries, prior technology-based learning programs targeted high school aged youth. A faint pulse today.

eLearning Cyclops: Deconstructing My #DemoFest Course - Part 1

eLearning Cyclops

How many "learners" will benefit from this program or project? I have also provided direct links to the learning programs social learning elements. Introduction to Office 2010 And direct links to some of the social learning elements in the learning program: Captain Upgrades Twitter account The Captains Social Bookmarks Captain Upgrades Screenr videos In the next post I will describe the design process and share a copy of the course design plan and example storyboards.

Looking Back at 2007

Tony Karrer

I've basically limited myself to eLearningGuild and ASTD conferences. We will start to see Wikis and tools like ZohoCreator being used by normal people like us to build simple web applications - similar in complexity to spreadsheet programming. In December 2006, I posted my challenges and predictions for 2007. I thought it would be worth looking back at what I said in this post to see how I did for the year.

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