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At its peak my Elluminate webinar last night attracted a knowledgeable and discerning audience of about 150 people from around the world, which I found very rewarding. positive deviance Elluminate change agency Steve Hargadon

Free and Open Source Web Conferencing (Online Meetings, Webinars.


As a result, the following post is Free and Open Source Web Conferencing (Online Meetings, Webinars) Tools for e-Learning. Hi Be sure to check [link] a new webinar tool that uses latest html5 features and can also be integrated in any website for customer relationship.

Synchronous Software Scavenger Hunts

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If I’m doing software application training, doing it as a webinar isn’t really my first choice. Application training via a synchronous tool like WebEx, Adobe Connect, or Elluminate too often ends up with passive learners. This meant I could show the scavenger hunt questions in a side panel at the same time as learners were viewing the content in the main window of the webinar. Tips for Effective Webinars.

Twitter and Webinars

Tony Karrer

The last few online webinars I've attended there's been an interesting issue. So, both the webinar tool (Elluminate, WebEx, Adobe Connect, etc.) Presentation Mastery: Twitter as a Presentation Resource There are lots of good suggestions in these, but they don't really address the issue of how to present when the audience may be splitting their chat between the webinar tool and twitter. For right now, I've been asking people to chat using the webinar tool.

Five tools for global educators

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Here are my top five tools: Webinar: There are a number of ways to teach and present live from beyond the classroom. Webinars could also be conducted on Skype which is currently free, but quality may be more variable using this tool.

Webinar Software - Adoption Advice

Clark Quinn

Good question about adoption of webinar software / services - this time from someone who went to my workshop in Cincinnati - Revolution in Workplace Learning - who by the way - called it "awesome." Our webinars have been successful by our standards and for the most part, we've been early adopters of the technology. If you've done webinars, you know that they are different to design and deliver successfully than other kinds of presentations and training.

Running a MOOC

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I have also presented recently at one of Steve Hargardon's live Elluminate global webinars, and have to say that the experience was very similar to the MOOC. I know that there is more to a MOOC than participating in live webinars.

Top 70 eLearning Posts for June and Hot Topics including iPad and Mobile Learning

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MinuteBio , June 12, 2010 Yesterday I attended a SCORM webinar provided by Advance Distributed Learning (ADL). At the conclusion of the webinar they gave a tour of some of the available resources on their site. Here are 6 Social Learning Platforms you can enable ‘On-Demand’ - Free as in Freedom , June 27, 2010 A few weeks back you may have read my recap of Jane Hart’s webinar on choosing the right social learning platform. Where: Here in Elluminate.

Four Reasons you need structure for informal learning


Normally, our webinars are formal, tightly scripted and tightly controlled events that are planned out to the smallest detail; and I take great pride in the overwhelmingly positive feedback we always get. What this webinar taught me is that it’s actually somewhere in between the two.

Collaboration Tools

Tony Karrer

As I mentioned in Real-Time Collaborative Editing , I had a fantastic experience participating in group editing of a Mind Map of collaborative tools during a session at Learn Trends. You can see the result below. But it was interesting to see the results exported which I've embedded below.

In praise of webcasting

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Arriving late to an auditorium already full to the brim, I was forced yesterday to watch Itiel Dror's presentation to the ALT-C 2008 conference in Leeds from a second room where a video feed was being streamed in using Elluminate. Hearing a speaker, which is the most you can expect from a typical webinar, is a good but very much second-best option.

Key Steps to Preparing Great Synchronous Interactions

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These are my live blogged notes from Karen Hyder’s webinar, Key Steps to Preparing Great Synchronous Interactions from the Training Magazine Network. Animations when possible (in Elluminate, must do a slide for each change). Image Credit : elluminate by shareski.

How to design action-packed elearning

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You might get ideas from this recording of a webinar that I gave today for the Baton Rouge ASTD. The webinar shows how to: Choose a goal that leads to a measurable business improvement. I’ll publicize future webinars in this blog and through my Twitter account.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: e-Learning Guild Synchronous Learning Systems

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Surveys -- Steve had four different survey questions to kick things off in an interactive way: What will you be doing during this webinar? Elluminate 4.2% Ya know were deep into the mLearning report your feedback would be greatly appreciated for the webinar we do for that one.

First Impressions of TelePresence

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We decided to mute, similar to what we would do with a big group in a web conferencing tool like WebEx or Elluminate. Just like in a webinar, it’s easier to multitask or split your attention if you’re not talking and actively involved. I recently participated in my first TelePresence meeting. If you haven’t seen this technology, imagine videoconferencing, but life-size and set up so it feels more like you’re physically in the same room.

Top 70 eLearning Articles - Hot Topics: iPad Adobe Captivate - July 2010

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Well Played, Blackboard - elearnspace , July 8, 2010 While Blackboard is unable to write a press release that includes clear statements like “we have purchased these companies&# , I have to give the company credit for the acquisition of Elluminate (and Wimba). Best of eLearning Learning.