25 Tools to Create Training Videos That Engage Learners


How would you even go about it, without the proper education or expertise? Don’t have the time or the expertise to create your own animated videos? Hosting services allow you to upload and store your videos safely on their servers, and then embed them into your own page.

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Learning Pool places on the ‘Top Content Providers for Mobile Learning’ 2022 list

Learning Pool

Learning solution expertise.


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WalkMe vs Zeal: Which digital adoption platform is better for your business?


You almost always have to embed code in whatever app you are working on. Zeal was specifically designed for the non-developer and requires no coding knowledge or IT expertise.

Tool of the month: online brainstorm wall Padlet

Joitske Hulsebosch eLearning

You can also ask everyone to add specific information, such as their areas of expertise. You can often 'embed' = insert other content in your platform, like a video. If you can embed a video, you can also embed a Padlet.

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SMEs for Design

Clark Quinn

The way our brains work, our expertise gets compiled away. Information that helps guide learners’ performance while they compile away their expertise. practice need to embed the decisions and. In thinking through my design checklist, I was pondering how information comes from SMEs, and the role it plays in learning design. And it occurred to me visually, so of course I diagrammed it.

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Learning Pool lists on Top Content Provider for Blended Learning list 2022

Learning Pool

Blended learning can be applicable across a range of industries and topic areas and is a great way of helping to embed knowledge and behaviors over a longer period of time. Expertise in learning solutions.

Learning Pool listed on ‘Top Content Providers for Mobile Learning’ 2021 list

Learning Pool

Learning solution expertise. Learning Pool, providers of one of the most feature-rich learning suites on the market, and the leading eLearning solutions provider are thrilled to have made the 2021 list for ‘Top Content Providers for Mobile Learning ’ by eLearning Industry. .

How To Incorporate Explainer Videos As Part Of Your Sales Strategy

simpleshow video maker

You can embed it, share it, and expand upon it at your leisure. Most platforms will allow you to drop the embed code for a YouTube or Vimeo video into an area of general content. In principle, the internet is the perfect place for lengthy content.

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How do you convert traditional training content to microlearning?


From there, you can look to your existing content as a great starting point, extracting the subject matter expertise (SME) that went into these courses to build right-fit microlearning assets. You could then introduce a series of reinforcement exercises after the session to embed their new knowledge long-term. That’s because your existing content represents a well of expertise you can draw from to build engaging microlearning content that helps to drive measurable business results.

3 Training Scenarios Where Video-Based Learning Fits Best – With Examples

Tesseract Learning

You can even embed interactive elements like simulations, virtual reality, and gamification in video-based learning to deliver immersive and engaging training solutions to your employees. Summary: Video-based learning has proven to be an effective approach for providing corporate training.

Designing Mobile Learning Solutions


Before developing mLearning, assess whether the expertise and resources to design secure mobile solutions are available. The more redundant features, options and choices you embed into mLearning, the less “mobile” and enticing your solution becomes. With so much of our lives lived “on the go”, mobile learning has acquired a new paradigm. If designed correctly, mLearning can save time while providing just-in-time learning opportunities.

Augmented Reality in Learning

Upside Learning

There are varied ways this type of technology could be used for learning; one immediate application is being able to embed sophisticated training content into the objects and environment. Given our expertise in Flash, we’ll have something to show very soon. There’s been some buzz around Augmented Reality applications that are starting to show up on the web. BMW, GE and Toyota already have this technology at work on their websites.

10 Skillshare Alternatives

Ed App

You can also include different types of images, videos, supplementary documents, imports, and embeds to enrich the learning experience. Features: Course creation and enrollment, drag and drop editor, media hosting, imports, embeds, quizzes, surveys, mobile app, data and analytics.

Increasing Scope Of Embedding Videos For Efficient Mobile Learning


While classroom environment is a powerful platform to impart good expertise, it also has few drawbacks that include reduced employee retention and lesser reachability. Embed images and videos. Embed animated videos. Today, most of the video-based mobile learning has emerged as a popular medium for workplace training.

How to Use SCORM Correctly with Appsembler Tahoe


This new feature means you can now embed SCORM content into your courses! SCORM authoring tools like Articulate have evolved, enabling people to create engaging, fun, and interactive experiences with minimal content creation expertise being necessary.


Kandy and Braidio Announce Expanded Partnership to Accelerate the Delivery of Digital Transformation as a Service Solutions


They bring significant expertise in industry-specific applications that leverage our Communication Platform as a Service capabilities. With Kandy, companies of all sizes and types can quickly embed real-time communications capabilities into their existing applications and business processes.

Former Afterpay Chief Marketing Officer joins Janison board


Vicki’s pedigree and career in spearheading brand leadership and scaling growth suits the ambition of Janison today as it extends its footprint internationally and further embeds its expertise domestically through adjacency products and services.

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Top 10 Degreed Alternatives and Competitors


Degreed is an upskilling and development platform through which organizations and individuals can build skills, discover content and certify expertise. Cornerstone learning enables organizations that make learning engaging and fun which in turn helps to improve retention and embed knowledge.

How to Transfer Your Regular Training to Mobile Learning

Origin Learning

On the other hand, this techno-competition driven business world is driving the demand for talent and leading organizations are acting by stacking skilled labour and expertise to stay ahead. Direct the course on user-based actions, embed competitive quizzes and simple games; all it takes for mobile learning to be interactive is to unleash your creative side.

Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | July 23 2021

Mike Taylor

Awesome Spreadsheet is “the best way to embed spreadsheet data in websites”. PitchPages allows you to instantly build a beautiful and mobile-friendly investor pitch deck without any code or design expertise.

2016 LearningCafe Award for Outstanding Contribution to Australian L&D – Bob Spence

Learning Cafe

By keeping the learner in focus, Bob has helped e-Learning embed in a way that helps employees learn and seek assistance to perform their jobs better. “Over a number of years, Bob has willingly shared his expertise across the L & D Community and continues to maintain a lifelong interest in driving value from L & D investment. Nicola Atkinson -Global Co-Head of Expertise, Ashurst.


The e-learning tools every L&D professional needs


Video is also handy for incorporating SME expertise into a learning module. There are three types of tools you’ll need in this category: Content Management System (CMS) to host, store, publish, integrate or embed learning content.

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Top 5 Factors to Consider While Choosing the eBook Conversion Service Provider

Hurix Digital

This is simply because creating, designing and formatting an eBook to make it publication-ready is a very technical and time-consuming process that requires professional expertise. .

Sales Training Best Practices: Prepare Your Sales Team for Success


For example, you can use sites like Quodeck, you could embed relevant research and news articles about target industries as required courses or attachments into training courses to ensure reps review them to complete their training. Focusing on one area of expertise.

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Building a culture of DEIB with L&D

CLO Magazine

Trust that the expertise each team member brings will be honored and valued? ? The role of learning and development has changed substantially, as they now lend themselves to culture, return to work, change management, compliance, learning delivery and operations, and instructional design.

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23 MAY 2019 – Join up the journey: Where engagement meets enablement WEBINAR

Brightwave Group

Her consultancy expertise is broad and encompasses stakeholder engagement, business development, workshop design, thought leadership and communications. Her expertise spans display advertising, digital comms solutions/campaigns, social media channels and brand development. Joining up the journey between communications and L&D to embed new behaviours. 23 MAY / 2019. Times. 11.00 AM – 12:00 PM. Venue. Online, courtesy of the Learning and Skills Group.



Just like anything created by people, who these people are and what ideology, assumptions, cultural beliefs and unconscious bias they have, the algorithms they create will inadvertently pick up and embed these biases into the systems. STELLA LEE - CRYSTAL BALLING WITH LEARNNOVATORS.

Radically rethinking the role of L&D

Jane Hart

Josh Bersin also writes how there now seems to be a clear recognition that L&D role needs to change, in Using Design Thinking to Embed Learning in Our Jobs (HBR, 25 July). In July 2016 I read a number of blog posts and articles that argued the case for a radical rethink of the role of L&D in today’s workplace. Here are just three.

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2016 LearningCafe Award for Outstanding Contribution to Australian L&D – Bob Spence

Learning Cafe

By keeping the learner in focus, Bob has helped e-Learning embed in a way that helps employees learn and seek assistance to perform their jobs better. “Over a number of years, Bob has willingly shared his expertise across the L & D Community and continues to maintain a lifelong interest in driving value from L & D investment. Nicola Atkinson -Global Co-Head of Expertise, Ashurst.


10 Training Reinforcement Ideas

Ed App

But you don’t have to always start from scratch – you can easily deploy readily available microlearning courses from its free, editable course library, which you can tailor with your own expertise or standards specific to your company. Leverage your team’s expertise with discussions.

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Learning Analytics: Big Demand, But Bigger Challenges?

Talented Learning

Organizations everywhere seem to be swimming in data, but they just don’t have the time, expertise or tools to analyze it all effectively. 1) Lack of Expertise.

Best Practices in Training and Development

Ed App

These courses can be tailored with your own expertise or standards specific to your company. Mobile learning, also called mLearning , is one training approach that embeds smartphone technology into the learning process. Best Practices in Training and Development.

5 Essential online survival skills by Howard Rheingold

Joitske Hulsebosch eLearning

It doesn't seem to embed so you have to link on the link if you want to see it. If you want to be a recognised expert is a certain field of expertise, you will have to learn how to curate content online. I bought the book by Howard Rheingold called Net Smart: how to thrive online. It is a guide to digital literacy. I haven't had time to read it yet though but next week is autumn holidays here in the Netherlands so I hope to have some time to read it then.

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New Multi-Purpose Form Builder: The Swiss Army Knife for your online school


No-code embed in a widget or popup on your LearnWorlds school’s site. to understand your students’ level of expertise (and therefore their expectations from your course.

Engaging Participants in the Learning Process Using the Arts

Training Industry

Drama-based learning embeds the information in a way that cannot be accomplished by PowerPoint, lecture or video alone. With over 20 years of experience in talent management, Pam Burgess has built a deep expertise in the fields of learning and development, talent management, and organizational development. How do we get more out of training our employees? What can we do to raise engagement? How do we make sure our employees are retaining more of what they’re learning?

3 Pillars of the Online Learning Blend That Will Save Your Training Plan

gomo learning

For anyone who hasn’t looked deeply into online learning before now, the fact that there are 20 years of expertise already out there is reassuring. Retains access to expertise. The time and effort you invested in planning face-to-face training needn’t go to waste.

How Will IT Trainings Benefit Your Organization?

WalkMe Training Station

A key barrier to organizational change is a lack of in-house expertise, alongside insufficient commitment encouraged by human’s natural urge to resist the unknown. By encouraging skilled professionals to share their expertise, and reinforcing how IT trainings will make your employee’s jobs easier, you can embed continuous IT training in your organizational culture. The IT industry is transformative, especially in today’s digital age.