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The users get one-click access to the LMS in the cloud from behind the firewall. Embed LMS: Access the LMS directly from Microsoft with embed LMS. Repository: With this feature, you will have the capacity to import files into LMS from Microsoft, upload files into Microsoft from within the LMS, link to files in Microsoft so users always get the most up-to-date version or embed documents into the LMS courses so users can view documents directly on the site.

Sitecore Connector


Supported Versions. inwhatlanguage Requirements: Pass through the enterprise firewall to access the on-premise installation. Firewall Configuration for On-premise installation: Installation must be accessible from the following IP addresses: , , , Examples of removed tags include FORM , IFRAME , SCRIPT , SVG , VIDEO , EMBED , OBJECT or background-image CSS properties. Available for.


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lots of text), images, YouTube or similar link embed or a video embed itself. It was by far Storyline 2 or the older version of Storyline. I find that IT/IS people tend to post security questions that are aligned more to either a legacy system or the company (them) hosting the server at their company or some location, behind their firewall, as such, the inquiries are not applicable to hosting sites in the cloud (SaaS). Hello from Berlin.

Tool Issue: XMind, WorldMapper, Balsamiq, VoiceThread, EtherPad, and Flowgram

Mark Oehlert

Because they offer integration with products that may already be behind the firewall - Confluence and XWiki. This is maybe a less intimidating version of some of the functionality embedded in VoiceThread (below). You set up an account at VoiceThread and upload your video, or your pictures, and then either share the link or embed the video in your site.