Enhancing Interactions with Media Elements

Vikas Joshi on Interactive Learning

jpg,png,gif) or text. In other cases, you simply embed text or image media in the interaction - and the media will simply show when the interaction is displayed - no clicking is required. A few years back, e-learning courses were largely static, with a few interactions here and there. As interactivity takes center stage, more and more learning happens through interactions.

Media 187

The best infographic tools for online training


Or, download and save it as a JPG or PNG. As well as providing templates, there’s the option to embed images and videos from YouTube. Want to capitalize on eLearning infographics, but don’t know how to create them? No problem.

The ULTIMATE Guide to PowerPoint Alternatives


per month): All free resources and offline viewing, premium templates, PowerPoint import, PDF and JPG download. You can’t yet insert video files from your computer – but can embed videos from Vimeo and YouTube. Ludus can export to PDF, HTML, JPG, and PNG formats.