How to embed a video in PowerPoint


There are a couple of options available if you want to embed video in PowerPoint. How to embed a video in PowerPoint. The most reliable way to embed video in PowerPoint is to go the Insert tab on the ribbon, and then Video on the right-hand side.

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How to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint


And you can embed YouTube video in PowerPoint very easily. How to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint. The steps for how to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint, or video from other online sources like Vimeo are pretty simple. Download then embed YouTube video in PowerPoint.

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How to Embed a PDF Viewer in Articluate Storyline

eLearning Brothers

Step 3 – Go into Player settings > Resources > add a PDF (make sure there are no spaces in the name). The post How to Embed a PDF Viewer in Articluate Storyline appeared first on eLearning Brothers. Utilizing resources such as PDFs in online training can create a really bad user experience. Think about it, youare participating in your yearly compliance training, and you are asked to look at the PDF, you click the link. Wait, what just happened?

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How to make students fall in love with your video courses with Presto player


We have today Adam Preiser, creator of the very popular Presto player for WordPress as the guest for this episode of LMScast with Chris Badgett. Now more than 40 thousand sites are using Presto player! A lot of people ask Chris how is Presto player different from Vimeo Pro?

Improved Learner Experience with the New Audio Player [New Feature]


Today, we are so excited to announce our new and revamped Audio Player , that will take your audio upload and management to the next level! The new audio player comes with enhanced capabilities and modern design. Soundwave View of the Audio Player. You can now upload an audio lesson on LearnWorlds, and it will play using the new player. The design follows the color theme of your course player and will change accordingly for seamless user experience.

Video in Captivate – Embed Vs Stream

Adobe Captivate

Video in Captivate – Embed Vs Stream. There are multiple player options for skins (playback buttons etc.). • Video and multimedia in general, is increasingly becoming a staple in on-line learning. YouTube has led everyone to believe accessing video is easy. Just a couple of clicks and it all works seamlessly. It can be, but quite often, it isn’t. Progressive Download vs Streaming Download. Video files are often large. The longer the video, the larger they are.

HTML5 in E-learning – Signaling the End of the Flash Player

CommLab India

For years, the Flash Player reigned supreme in the world of e-learning. It seemed that the Flash Player was destined to rule the technology-enabled learning world. However, all that changed with the statement of one person – Steve Jobs, who declared in 2010 that iOS, Apple’s mobile operating system would not support the Flash Player. This means that many learners could not access online learning on mobile devices, using the Flash Player.

End of Video Events with Vimeo

Adobe Captivate

doctype html> <html> <head> <meta charset=”utf-8″> <title>Untitled Document</title> </head> <body> //ENTER VIMEO EMBED HERE. <iframe <script> var iframe = document.querySelector(‘iframe’); var player = new Vimeo.Player(iframe); player.on(‘ended’, function() {. Go to your Vimeo account, copy and paste the embed code into the html.

End of Video Events with Vimeo

Adobe Captivate

doctype html> <html> <head> <meta charset=”utf-8″> <title>Untitled Document</title> </head> <body> //ENTER VIMEO EMBED HERE. <iframe <script> var iframe = document.querySelector(‘iframe’); var player = new Vimeo.Player(iframe); player.on(‘ended’, function() {. Go to your Vimeo account, copy and paste the embed code into the html.

eLearning: Interesting Weekly Finds #10

Upside Learning

SublimeVideo [HTML5 Video Player]. It’s an HTML5 video player that will allow you to easily embed videos in any page, blog or site using the latest modern web standards. Tags: Future Learning Future Technology Upside Learning Weekly Finds classroom-level management HTML5 HTML5 video player mobile platforms SDK Symbian OS Web 2.0 ELIPS Studio 3. ELIPS Studio 3 is a cross-platform mobile application SDK based on Adobe’s Flex Builder.

Lionel Messi and the ascent of Barca soccer


Embed. On on every locker the names of the previous players are displayed. Quiz Maker › Take Quizzes › Education & Exams › Lionel Messi and the ascent of Barca soccer. Loading Page, Please wait… Lionel Messi and the ascent of Barca soccer. 16 Questions. I I 1 Attempt. I I Created By areti_g 10 days ago. Are the following statements True or False? Tweet. Remove Question Excerpt.

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Best Video Hosting Solutions for Online Courses


Using a video hosting platform allows you to upload your content onto their servers, and then embed it into the relevant pages on your site, where it won’t slow down your page load times. While you can embed YouTube videos on your site, those videos aren’t white labeled.

Think out of the box: 3 ways to support video-based training

Rustici Software

Instead of uploading a file, simply import the YouTube URL and Engine will handle the rest, using YouTube’s iFrame Player API to embed the video in the same media player window that Engine uses for audio and video content.

Knowledge Guru Adds Video, Adaptive Learning, Faster Speeds in Winter Release

Knowledge Guru

Now, you can embed video directly into your Knowledge Guru questions. The Knowledge Guru database can now create a personalized learning experience for players based on their learning needs. Mini-games at the end of each World in the Quest game type pull questions that players missed on the first attempt. Faster load times for both players and authors, no matter where they are in the world. New Player and Question Upload Capabilities. iFrame Embed.

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Docebo used its own platform to host its Revenue Kick-Off. Here’s how.


From there, we were able to embed a Youtube player into The Vault so that we could create a seamless experience for audiences when watching the live stream. When it comes to revenue enablement, Docebo is no stranger—in fact, we made it an experience.

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Top 10 +1 Instructional Game Design Best Practices

Kapp Notes

Practice #2 – Embed the learning game into a curriculum using the following structure: Set up the game and tell the learners what they will learn, then allow them to experience the game and when the game is over, debrief the learners to highlighting the learning aspects of the game. Practice #9 –Make the game interactive, focus on player activities. Here are the top ten best practices for instructional game design.

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Streamed Video in a Web Object (UStream)

Adobe Captivate

My organization is having issues with videos playing in a web object using an embed code. Reducing the height, for example, instead ends up pushing the player bar off the bottom of the screen. Both videos were loaded to the streaming provider the same way…and the embed codes generated the same way…so we’re scratching our heads trying to figure out what is going on.

Effective talent management – rules across the globe

Your Training Edge

Incentives, recognition and opportunities for further development tend to come the way of “A-grade players”, and not nearly as many resources go the way of “B-grade players”, while “C-grade players” tended to be weeded out. Finding the right talent for a company is no easy task. Filling open positions with suitable candidates is a critical aspect of the operations of a successful company; hence, it is no rarity to have a dedicated team for talent management.

How Much Story Does a Serious Game Need?

Knowledge Guru

Include story when you need to evoke emotion in players and motivate them to play. Research shows that incorporating story and even fantasy elements into games can help embed memories. In the new fairytale-themed “Knowledge Hero,” players learn about a Dark Wizard who has locked up all the knowledge in the land. You should also consider how a simple story can be more business-centric, which will be more suited to certain players.

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Three Guidelines for Effectively Integrating Games in the Classroom

Kapp Notes

The vast frozen wilderness faces the player as she learns about heat flow formula. Embed the instructional game into the curriculum. A number of meta-analysis studies have been conducted in the field of game-based learning attempting to create generalizable findings that can be used to select and create meaningful educational and instructional game experiences. Here are three guidelines culled from research on the subject.

How to add videos to your eFront lessons


Otherwise you can use the editor’s button to specify the dimensions: You can even select the player that will be used through this window: If you have already uploaded your video files in YouTube for example, you can embed them in eFront directly. To insert this into the embed code, you would simply use the “?” You can find many more tips here: Do you want to make your content more appealing and interactive?

Virtual classrooms that promote future learning


Draw, type, embed content, and emphasize important points. Cloud Media Player Instructors can control the Play, Pause, and Seek controls when streaming a video or audio file or give back the controls to attendees to control it on their own.

Adding YouTube Videos to Your Learning Management System

Absorb LMS

The ability to comment anonymously, however, doesn’t always bring out the best in people on YouTube so if you prefer, you can—thanks to Google’s generosity and “don’t be evil” philosophy— embed the source video directly into your course player like this: YouTube content can turbocharge your learning initiatives by significantly decreasing the amount of time required to provide learners with good content.

Video files not embedding and loading properly on swf publish

Adobe Captivate

I am attempting to embed short (10 sec) video files to a captivate 2019 project and publish it as an swf file. I have checked to ensure that my flash player is up-to-date in my browser (IE) also. When viewing the swf file, the videos appear to be attempting to load (i get loader icon indications) but the video never loads. The previews within captivate play perfectly (preview>project), and it’s only upon publishing and reviewing the file that I get issues.

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Thinkific Alternatives: Feature and Pricing Comparison


Host videos on social platforms like YouTube and embed them on your website. . Add branding to your player with a dual-stream view, chapter breaks, and closed captions. . Share and embed Kaltura video to your own WordPress site. .

Interactive learning content with H5P and LearnWorlds


How and H5P activity appears in LearnWorlds Course Player. H5P can be used inside LearnWorlds courses as an embed activity. To embed the activity on LearnWorlds, you will need to scroll down the activity (while editing). And then “The embed code” ? This is what you need to copy and paste inside LearnWorlds’ embed unit (see next steps). Add an Embed Activity at the place where you want H5P to show up. Adding an Embed Activity to show H5P on LearnWorlds.

Don’t Ransack My Movies (DRM): Options Around Securing Online Video

Web Courseworks

Protecting against the least technically involved theft of video, a click of the “download” icon, may involve just a simple setting change in your video player. For example, adding the “nodownload” option to either the HTML or JavaScript portion of the video.controlsList for an HTML5 video player [1]. Achieving these goals would involve implementing some technical roadblocks such as these [2] and the ones described in the next section or using a proprietary video player.

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5 reasons to avoid a Flash-based quiz creator


Flash player download required . A great inconvenience for learners taking a Flash-based quiz is that they might require to download Flash player if it is not already installed in their systems. We encode videos to multiple formats, so our video player does not require Flash. c) Flash Embeds. With ProProfs, you can easily embed such content inside your quiz and it will still run on any media platform. d) Flexible Embed.

Tool of the month: interactive video

Joitske Hulsebosch eLearning

H5P is actually a 'suite' of tools with which you can create learning activities with and without interactions that you embed in a learning environment. Both layers are merged into a link, embed code, Scorm package or xAPI. You can export the edited video again via a full export, or you can also embed it on your own site or, for example, in Moodle. This time the tool of the month is not one but no fewer than five tools.

The Ultimate Guide on Creating Webinars & Live Classes


Small tip – you can use a calendar app like Calendly and embed the form on your website to get registrations or schedule one-to-one live training. Here is how you can embed it in LearnWorlds. From there, go to the video and click on ‘Share’ to insert the embed code.

The 15+7 Best Webinar Platforms: Comparison Guide for 2020


It offers website meeting embeds. Also, BigMarker comes with white-label options that allow you to create webinars and embed them to your website without any coding needed. It includes features like one-click invitations, screen-sharing and the ability to embed registration forms.

Paradiso vs Docebo- Who’s the winner?


There are so many key players present in the market. It allows you to create HTML pages containing plain text and media also to embed web objects. Introduction.

Emotion in Learning


We need to embed those elements of meaningfulness and challenge in systematic ways. You want to find a setting that naturally embeds the decisions, and is of interest to the learners. As Henry Jenkins, a media researcher, once opined: “find a role the player wants to be in”.

The Agile Industrial Complex

Innovative Learning Group

Those of us not in software development are experiencing an abject agile disaster because most teams don’t have the same rules, players, and goals as a software development team. Players. If an L&D team truly wants to adopt agile as a way of working, then steps must be taken to embed an agile approach into the culture, team resources (tools and people), and goals.

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Virtual Reality Learning: Ready for Prime Time?


You can even package as SCORM; embed into Captivate or Storyline; or prep for LTI. For my demo, I created a scenario where players take an interactive personality test, explore their resulting personality type, and learn more about the test and the other personality types. Actors are 3D “bots” that can help guide players through a virtual reality learning experience, or play more interactive roles, such as patients, coworkers, or customers.

What leadership in sports can teach us about building high performance teams

Ed App

At the time, the EPL had a largely monolithic culture and the teams that performed well were often the ones who could afford the best players. And he paid attention to details – he was a detail-oriented coach and that made us be detail-oriented players.

Mini-scenarios: How to help people recover from mistakes

Making Change

A mini-scenario is a one-scene story in which the player makes a choice, sees the consequence, and that’s it. The consequence could be a fast-forward peek into the future, but the player makes a decision in just one scene. So use “you” with caution, only when you’re sure that your players would make the mistake themselves. More deeply embed action mapping in your workplace.

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3 ways to help people learn from mistakes in branching scenarios

Making Change

Have other characters tempt the player to make a common mistake. Have players debate among themselves. ” depends on what you want players to do. More deeply embed action mapping in your workplace. Let’s say I’m in your branching scenario, and I’ve made a not-great choice. You show me the not-great consequence of that choice. Now what?

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Tools to make you drool – video training toys for IDs

Dashe & Thomson

IDs have been able to embed video in a Captivate timeline for years but, with Captivate 6, Adobe has built in a new capture-as-a-video workflow allowing you to create high-quality product demos. Brainshark ( ) has been a strong player in the video training market for several years. In my last post I examined several characteristics that make for hi-quality learning videos – [link].

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How to Increase Learner Retention from Compliance Training… and Reduce Boredom

Knowledge Guru

This way, they will embed the correct information in their long-term memories. One of the reasons for this is the feeling of “fun” they create for players. HazComm. HIPAA. Hazmat. These acronyms don’t exactly arouse a feeling of fun, do they? No one wants to take compliance training, yet a huge percentage of corporate learning is centered around compliance. What gives?