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This time we're hearing from AMG Services Ltd (a licenced Dyno Rod franchise). As a franchisee we pay a management service fee to the franchisor or ‘royalty’ for use of the brand and other support services. We deliver great service every day and our safety record is first class.

3 Simple Ways to Embed Learning in the Flow of Work


Xyleme Content Delivery Service (CDS) Search API allows you to embed a Search Box anywhere you want. Embed links to content in forms, SOPs, or other work documents. The post 3 Simple Ways to Embed Learning in the Flow of Work appeared first on Xyleme.

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8 Key Customer Service Skills Every Employee Needs

Good customer service skills make a difference to your bottom line. If your business has customers, you and your team needs customer service skills. But good customer service means waiting for a client to fully explain the problem, especially if he or she is confused and frustrated.

Workforce Development Services: A new framework of training and learning support

Jane Hart

” This is a great question – as it allows me now to write a post, about how not only do I think Workforce Collaboration Services are going to be vital in the emerging social business, but how that there are other key services that will be required too.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

services, meanwhile, allow content to be translated. can be configured to use any third-party service you. common applications/sites you might want to embed. software as a service (SaaS) widely. authoring tools provide such services can. 12 Ways to Get the Most.

10 Tools and Services For Successful Business Presentations

Your Training Edge

Ninja Essays – This professional writing service is extremely useful for almost any type of business content or presentation creation. And users can also embed their presentations on a web page, as well as share them via URL.

NEWS: Handle Emotive Issues With Care Warns Financial Services Training Expert

Unicorn Training

FSTP provides first class training and consultancy services across all sectors of the financial services industry.For more information about ComplianceServe visit and for further details about FSTP visit

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News: 'Landmark Financial Services Regulation Has Brought Clearer Training Focus' Says Sector Expert

Unicorn Training

There continues to be a real demand for ‘snackable’ just-in-time and role relevant learning delivered online that not only embeds the core knowledge in line with the new FCA regulation amongst staff, but also heightens awareness of the implications of staff going off track in encouraging genuine behavioural change.

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Video Search: Quick Tools for Making Your Videos & Video Libraries Searchable and SEO-Friendly

3Play Media

Once you have your transcript file, you’ll then need to use an interactive transcript embed and a Playlist Search plugin for video search. To let users begin enjoying Playlist Search, all you need to do is enable the add-on, customize your settings, and embed the code into your webpage.

Video Search: Quick Tools for Making Your Videos & Video Libraries Searchable and SEO-Friendly

3Play Media

Once you have your transcript file, you’ll then need to use an interactive transcript embed and a video playlist search plugin for video search. In this day and age, people are used to being able to search for something and find exactly what they are looking for almost instantaneously.

The 4 Cs to Designing Meaningful Scenarios, Part 3: Connections

eLearning Brothers

This more deeply embeds the learning and enables them to consciously repeat that right choice in the future. We offer full-service instructional design services, consulting, and more.

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Improving Customer Experience With Online Training


The online training you create will vary depending on the type of customer (internal/external), and the type of offering (product/service). He could then work with them further to ensure that the company upheld its quality standard in terms of customer service.

Webinar: Implementing eLearning Video – Captivate Edition

eLearning Brothers

If you want to get granular, you could look into the API of different streaming services and get pretty tricky with those.

ID and E-Learning Links (7/17/2016)

Experiencing eLearning

Dear Rich: An Intellectual Property Blog: Can I Embed YouTube Video at For-Profit Site? Can you embed YouTube videos in courses that are developed for profit? YouTube’s terms of service say you have to add “sufficient value” beyond the video if you make money on it. 60 Free Outline Icon Sets Perfect for Contemporary Designs – Design School. Free icon sets.

Gamification in E-learning: Motivating Your Workforce to Learn More and Perform Better


For instance, organizations follow the gamification approach to train their sales employees on different products and services. Customer training/ Product and Services training. Workplace learning embeds videos, quizzes, and scenario-based questions to engage maximum learners.

Do You Need to be a Programmer to Build E-Learning Courses?

Rapid eLearning

For example, one question we see quite a bit is how to use web objects in Storyline or embed content using the embed block in Rise. And sometimes it means tweaking the embed codes provided by some services like YouTube. Learn to work with iframes and embed codes in Rise.

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Integrate Your E-Learning with Google Docs

Integrated Learnings

In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to embed a survey created in Google Docs into a Lectora project. Get the embed code from Google Docs. Go to the Form(0) menu and choose Embed form on a webpage. Paste embed code in to External HTML object. by Jonathan Shoaf.

Get Microsoft LMS integration to improve and enhance your eLearning experience


Microsoft LMS services complement Paradiso learning platform to provide a more productive experience for teachers and students. Embed LMS: Access the LMS directly from Microsoft with embed LMS.

The wisdom of instruction

Clark Quinn

And there’s plenty of lip service to this, but little impact. We need to find ways to naturally embed these elements into our tasks. I was listening in to a webinar on trends in higher education.

Design For All

ATD Learning Technologies

Universal, or inclusive, design [1] is the design of products or services that are accessible by as many people as reasonably possible. It's a mindset and a methodology you need to adopt and embed into your entire design and development process. It means designing each piece of content to be accessible by those with and those without disabilities or other limiting factors: Click here to read full version

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Simple Steps to Insert a YouTube Video in Lectora

Integrated Learnings

In the upper right corner of the video’s YouTube page, you’ll see a URL line and an Embed line. Highlight and copy all the code on the Embed line. Then paste the Embed code from YouTube into the Custom HTML area. By Jay Lambert.

How to use PowerPoint, Word or PDF files in Easygenerator


In Easygenerator it is possible to upload your PowerPoint as a starting point for your course, but it is also possible to embed any kind of other document; PowerPoints, Word, Excel, PDF. Both services are free. Paste that code into Easygenerator (use the video embed field for now).

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Essential Tips To Deliver Localized Training Over Personal Mobile Devices


The Instructional Design of e-learning content embeds cursor movements that point to new tasks and responses. Businesses spend huge amount of money on e-learning and development programs to train their employees on new product range and services.

Virtual Reality: It’s The Time To Take Your Business To The Next Level


Innovation is constant in the e-learning domain, continuously evolving the way services are delivered across the globe. These are easy to embed with smartphones or any other mobile device , thereby enabling learning on the go.

Effective talent management – rules across the globe

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Below are some key principles to be followed: Embed company culture: A conscious effort must be made to integrate business principles and core values into talent management processes including compensation and benefits, performance management, and leadership development.

Podcast 18: Driving SaaS Customer Success – With Samma Hafeez of Thought Industries

Talented Learning

EPISODE 18 – TOPIC SUMMARY AND GUEST: Customer success has become an obsession among high-growth companies – especially software-as-a-service (SaaS) vendors. Or it could be the time it takes to realize value in a way that they couldn’t have without your technology or services.

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A Simple Way to Track Courses without an LMS

Rapid eLearning

Create a form using a hosted service. However, you can use a different service if you want (or create your own form on a server). Embed the Form. Once you have the form, you’ll embed it into the course. In these examples we’re using Rise’s embed block.

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AT&T and Braidio to Power Next-Generation Mobile Applications


The marketplace makes it easier for businesses to transform their customer service model by making advanced voice and collaboration solutions more accessible. And worldwide, our spirit of service drives employees to give back to their communities.

Streamed Video in a Web Object (UStream)

Adobe Captivate

My organization is having issues with videos playing in a web object using an embed code. Both videos were loaded to the streaming provider the same way…and the embed codes generated the same way…so we’re scratching our heads trying to figure out what is going on. We are using UStream as our streaming provider, so specific comments related to that service would be appreciated.

Designing Mobile Learning Solutions


Why not build video content to be distributed through Vimeo, instead of hosting and managing your streaming service? The more redundant features, options and choices you embed into mLearning, the less “mobile” and enticing your solution becomes.

Emerging Scope Of E-Learning & Development In The Utility Sector


By digitizing services, the companies can implement new policies & procedures, enhance workplace productivity, encourage employees to perform better and retain for long.

10 Ways to Publish Your Game Anywhere

The Game Agency

Once you build a game, you can embed it right on your LMS dashboard. EMBED YOUR GAME INTO A COURSE. Embed the game link into a course as a web object so the game can launch within the course.

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Axonify Redefines Knowledge and its True Purpose at its First Annual Community Conference


Although this seems like a lofty goal, Axonify has found a way to embed brain science, gamification and learning best practices in an evolving platform to ensure that organizations are correlating this knowledge effectively with team behaviors (culture) and ultimately tangible business results.

Building Convenience Stores for Learning

Dashe & Thomson

To help users navigate site, the Minnesota Department of Human Services decided to embed learning elements within the site. As an example, a colleague recently worked with a client to embed learning and support content directly into SAP transactions screens.

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5 Myths About Video Based Learning

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Ask any video supplier or developer about the customer service. All video content developers offer on-going technical support to help their corporate clients embed effective, free-of-bugs, and uninterrupted video-based learning into a company culture.

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