In case of emergency: 5 compliance training topics you should start with


Reducing risk and removing legal liability should of course be high up on your list, as well as ensuring that your employees are aware of their responsibilities. Emergency information & examples of compliance in the workplace.

4 Tips For Protecting Your Business Finances

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Whether it is insurance against the impact of natural disasters or general liability insurance to protect your business should someone be injured on your premises, insurance is a valuable tool to have.


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How Research Informs My Work

Experiencing eLearning

When everything was an emergency to shift to remote in 2020, many of us worked to just get something online, even if we knew it wasn’t ideal. The explicit goal of the training is to keep the company out of court and reduce their legal liability.



It comprises stimulating discussions with industry experts and product evangelists on emerging trends in the learning landscape. CONRAD GOTTFREDSON: Today’s workforce faces the challenge of unrelenting change so internalizing knowledge and skills can become a liability.

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Compliance Training: What’s Required & What’s Recommended


If you provide training, you may have an affirmative defense that limits or entirely removes your liability. If you operate in a traditional office environment, your training will focus more on ergonomics, first aid, fire safety, and rendezvous points in case of emergency. eloomi.

What is Digital Reading? Top 7 Advantages of eReading


There are multiple benefits to reading printed books, but in this digital age, they have become a liability due to their sustainability and availability factors. This is why eBooks have emerged as the perfect alternative to print-based books.

Where is game-based learning headed? An Interview With Sharon Boller

Knowledge Guru

So what’s emerging are these games for change or games in this affective domain that try to change our minds or attitudes about certain things. So this whole emerging arena in learning games is focused on games that relate to the affective domain. Are there any other game trends you think may emerge in the next few years?

3 Reasons to Look Into Medical Language Services


Translators are used in hospitals, emergency departments, doctor’s offices, public health organizations, and nurses’ stations to aid with check-in and to get accurate patient information for patient records.

3 Reasons to Look Into Medical Language Services


Translators are used in hospitals, emergency departments, doctor’s offices, public health organizations, and nurses’ stations to aid with check-in and to get accurate patient information for patient records.

Things You Need To Be Aware About Recruitment Strategy

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If such a thought process comes into prevalence, a candidate can go on to emerge as a liability to an organization. Time and time again it has been proven that internal hiring is a better bet for a business to locate best people for an organization. Internal hires are expected to perform much better, work out to be less costly. The chances to succeed are more, would move out less and in fact provide a plethora of benefits rather than hiring anyone from outside the organization.

Why Virtual Reality (VR) is the Best Training Tool for Your Company in 2020


In particular, consider emerging technologies like VR, which has a proven track-record of improving L&D outcomes.

How The “IoT” is Progressing The E-Learning Industry


Over the past couple of years, a new jargon term has emerged that anyone in a technical industry will be aware of: the Internet of Things, more commonly referred to as the IoT. Security liabilities. The “Internet of Things” is transforming how we engage with technology. What does that mean for your online course?

Using Employee Financial Wellness Benefits to Attract and Retain Talent


Employer-created emergency savings programs are also starting to gain traction as a means to attract talent and assuage fears of financial insecurity. According to TV host and financial author Suze Orman, most people will not put money into an emergency fund unless it is done automatically.

Lessons Learnt While Developing An e-Course On ‘Corporate Social Responsibility: A Design Perspective’


Probably, the most significant outcome of this change is the emergence of the concept of sustainable development, “ development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. ”. Failing this, an organization is exposed to a lot of undesirable liability – both in terms of money and credibility.

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How to Use L&D as an Employee Retention Strategy?

Hurix Digital

A disengaged employee is a liability as opposed to an asset to the organization. Employee retention refers to the practice of and the organization’s ability to secure the services of their employees, thereby lowering employee turnover and associated costs.

How To Identify Knowledge And Skill Gaps In Your Organization


A new survey by McKinsey shows that around 43% of respondents claim that their organization is facing skill and knowledge gaps, while another 44% say they expect such gaps to emerge in the next five years. Addressing these gaps is crucial as they can be the biggest liability for your business.

Play to Learn: Where Games and Learning Meet

David Kelly

In truth, my interest in games was both an asset and a liability socially as a child. I spent a long time as a classroom trainer before elearning emerged. Games were so embedded into my DNA that their mechanics naturally emerged within the activities I built in my classes. Over time I’ve been thrilled to see these connections that just felt natural to me emerge more formally as what our industry now calls Game-Based Learning, Gamification, and related topics.

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10 OSHA Training Topics

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This includes teaching them about the different types of fire hazards, risk assessment training methods, as well as fire emergency response techniques. It’s also your responsibility to prepare a detailed evacuation plan that your employees can follow in case of a fire emergency. These staggering numbers have caused companies to lose millions every year from violation penalties, liability claims, and increasing employee compensations and hazard insurance prices.

Ask a learning architect: Is it time to break up with your LMS?

CLO Magazine

We’ve been together for almost two decades and made it through some hard times together, like e-learning during the pandemic and emergency compliance training. That tiny change could, for example, earn you around a third fewer general liability issues and a quarter fewer worker’s comp claims.

Two Global Brand Digital Retail Transformation Case Studies: Lessons & Challenges


The themes that emerge from our experience solving training and communication problems for big players on the retail stage. Understanding the Lessons That Emerge.

How a Learning Management System Help Healthcare Organizations Elevate Their Corporate Training Program


Not doing so will increase the risk of liabilities and hefty fines so it is important for organizations to ensure their workforce are completing the required compliance training. Training deadlines: Assign a learner to an emergency preparedness course when they are due for re-training or if their certification is about to expire. The healthcare industry is truly a unique one.

How to Keep Your Home Office Safe and Secure


But many are finding that this crisis has pointed out just how many of us really can do our jobs from home, and as a result, around one quarter of companies plan to keep their pandemic-induced work-from-home policies in place even after this public health emergency comes to an end.

Workplace learning in 10 years

E-Learning Provocateur

Single-point sensitive gurus are a liability; everyone has the obligation to share their knowledge with everyone else. Virtual classrooms will be the norm for centralising everyone in the one space, while emerging technologies such as virtual worlds and holograms will also bridge the geographical divide.

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SET Safety

SPECIALIZED EMERGENCY TRAINING CORPORATION and BIS Training Solutions Inc. The Promotion is sponsored and administered by Specialized Emergency Training Corporation and BIS Training Solutions Inc. Visit the (SPECIALIZED EMERGENCY TRAINING CORPORATION and BIS Training Solutions Inc.) The winner must complete and return by the indicated date, the Sponsors’ Declaration of Compliance and Release of Liability and Publicity Release Form (the “Form”).

The ultimate guide to compliance training


Its aim is to reduce the risk of legal liabilities, ensure safety and security, and create a better work environment overall. For a concept that’s developed to keep teams (and companies) secure, compliance at work sure stirs a lot of fear in managers’ hearts. Where to even start?

How to Raise Your Credit Score by 200 Points


Step 2: List down all your liabilities: Liabilities refers to what you owe. Step3: Subtract the liabilities from the assets. A saving account is merely an emergency fund that should support you for 3-6 months in case of anything. Having a safety net will ensure that your family is taken care of in case of an emergency. Credit score is a 3-digit number, that tells a lot about you.

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What is Workplace Violence Training?


Violence in the workplace entails a lot of liabilities. The course covers all the essential topics, including types of workplace violence, warning signs, laws related to workplace violence, safety analysis, emergency plan, and more. Make an emergency plan for the worst-case scenario.

Vegas Giveaway 2019 – Health and Safety Conference Alberta Official Rules

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SPECIALIZED EMERGENCY TRAINING CORPORATION and BIS Training Solutions Inc. The Promotion is sponsored and administered by Specialized Emergency Training Corporation and BIS Training Solutions Inc. In the event the Sponsors are unable to award the Prize or a component of the Prize as described for any reason, the Sponsors reserve the right to substitute the Prize or a component with another prize of equal or greater value, without liability.

How eLearning Fits Into Your Human Capital Development Plan


Training serves three essential functions at an operational level: it covers legally mandated materials for safety and liability, it prepares employees for changes in the market and it produces superstars who surpass expectations. Assured compliance and protection from liability. “I

3 reasons Fortune 500 leaders are adopting Immersive Learning for safety training


Across every industry – from food production to retail – training and safety professionals are using Virtual Reality (VR) to better onboard, train and retain their workforce in important safety protocol that reduce risk and liability to the organization. Most obvious are emergencies like active shooter or robbery, but improperly unloading a truck or working with a food production machine also present significant safety issues to an untrained employee.

Why Should You Partner With a Management and Training Corporation?

WalkMe Training Station

This has emerged as a popular concept in today’s digital era, where the necessity for constant innovation can be difficult to maintain. Companies must comply with legal regulations, and without proper training can face liabilities which send your organization down a slippery slope.

Book Review: Curate This! by Steve Rosenbaum

David Kelly

The book covers a lot of ground, which can be both an asset and a liability. I would imagine the case studies might be the first sections to become outdated, but most of the core how-to portions of this book can be applied to any curation tool or strategy that may emerge in the future. Curation is a field I am extremely passionate about.

How to build your online teaching brand?


If students have difficulties using all of your fancy digital tools, flash videos, and audio effects, tools will become a liability than improving your user experience. Following the best practices and integrating professional strategies will ensure building a great student community and emerging yourself as a successful online teaching brand.

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Blended Learning For Better Results

Actio Learning

Blended learning isn't new, but its definition has evolved with emerging instructional strategies, advances in technology, and further research. auto, general liability, umbrella, worker compensation, etc.).

Top 6 Due Diligence Checklists for Hiring Outsource Partner!

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40% of Indian outsource skilled people would need a skill up-gradation to continue receiving outsourcing to India owing to emerging tech like big data, robotics, AI, etc. This includes insurance, liability, collaboration time frames, and other crucial clauses like confidentiality and security while drafting the contract.

What is Workforce Management Software?


Keep up with these emerging trends in modern workforce management and see better results. The quality of hire decides where you’re inviting future assets to your company or just plain liabilities.

Discussion Forums for Knowledge Sharing at Capital City Bank

Tony Karrer

However, as the course progressed and the concepts of social learning and self-reflection as part of the learning process emerged, she saw the beauty in what Dr. Jong had done. I was certainly curious about how Becky overcame the obstacle of potential risk/liability in a heavily regulated field like lending. Looking at Capital City Bank from the outside, I wouldn’t have expected to find a great example of social learning inside. They are a solid, conservative bank.

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Training Recommendations

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We’ve put together a list of the best HAZWOPER training courses covering specialized topics such as toxicology, waste management, safety data sheets, decontamination, GHS communication, and emergency response. These courses aim to protect your organization from any liabilities and legal actions while providing a safe space and positive company culture to your employees. Use our training recommendation list below to find the right learning material for you and your team.

Never Too Late to Learn New Tricks

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New platforms and approaches have emerged that better meet the working and learning styles and cadence of millennials. An aging workforce need not be a liability but rather a competitive advantage. Today’s workplace reflects unprecedented diversity.

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The Essential Guide to Learning Analytics in the Age of Big Data

Lambda Solutions

As patterns emerge, facilitators and course designers can make adjustments to the course that will help struggling learners to become more successful. Do misconceptions emerge? Take this entire guide with you!