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Emerging eLearning Trends That Will Shape 2022

Harbinger Interactive Learning

Her strategic expertise coupled with an extensive experience of steering the eLearning line of business makes her an authoritative voice on emerging technologies and trends. Q: What are some of the emerging trends that show promise for improving the learner experience and engagement in the coming year?

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Emergent & Semantic Learning

Clark Quinn

The last of the thoughts still percolating in my brain from #mlearncon finally emerged when I sat down to create a diagram to capture my thinking (one way I try to understand things is to write about them, but I also try to diagram them sometimes to help me map the emerging conceptual relationships into spatial relationships).

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Patterns at Play – Fundamental to Games

Upside Learning

However, there were some individuals who went one step beyond – they immediately notice what most term as a ‘pattern’. They could see an emergent order though repeatedly attempting the exercise. Perhaps all games can be regarded as composed of patterns of play. Can you see the pattern in the Regifting game?

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Ambiguity and Emergence

ID Reflections

Sigmund Freud Ambiguity leads to emergence! And from play comes learning; and from learning emerges their new realities. If we agree that ambiguity is the order of the day, it becomes clear why we need to listen deeply to remain relevant, to let emergence happen, and move towards creating a better world.

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A New Approach for the Emerging Hybrid Workforce

Hurix Digital

A New Approach for the Emerging Hybrid Workforce. Naturally, such a change in working patterns is bound to bring in challenges. The Emergence of a Hybrid Workforce. Penn says organizations that are aligned with the labor market will emerge as leaders. Start with evaluating your organization and work patterns.

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How to Build Your Own Incubator of Emerging Skills


But we can focus on developing the right emerging skills that will allow us to respond easily to future challenges with a workforce that can move fluidly across projects, teams, and work. Forward-thinking companies are redesigning their approach to employee learning to continuously uncover and cultivate emerging skills.

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Hatch a Proactive Plan for the Future with Emerging Skills


A future-proof talent strategy needs to account for all skills — including emerging skills — essential to products, service development, and business models that are just now becoming relevant. How Do We Plan for Emerging Skills? Why We’re Struggling to Identify Emerging Skills.