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8 Crucial Points To Consider When Outsourcing E-Learning ProjectsTo India

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India, with its large number of English speaking professionals and ability to offer a better turnaround time has emerged the preferred destination for outsourcing e-learning projects. Remember e-learning development is work that involves a high level of skills and needs an understanding of e-learning tools, learning objectives, training needs, and business goals of the organization and, learning preferences of the learners. Indian vendors can provide this expertise.

How to Determine which Content suits your Audience?


Once you picturize them, it makes it easier to determine how to handle your content. With the right demographic analysis, you’ll be able to construct an imaginary environment in which this fruit seller works. By analyzing his or her WORK-CONTEXT , you will be able to gain more clarity on the way this fruit seller works—Is she self-employed? Is she working for a store? Is she a fruit vendor or sells fruits in a store? Reading Time: 6 minutes. Max and You!

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Leveling Up Your Relationship with WordPress with Terri Tutich


Those tools do have pro versions with some more advanced features, but making sure you always have a backup of your website for an emergency is crucial for situations such as getting hacked or installing a new theme or plugin that deletes or modifies your content. How does it work?