The Google Effect


I recently heard a term that was new to me, “ The Google Effect.” I googled it. It is true that Google and other search engines have rewired our brains – because everything we experience rewires us in some way.

TechSmith Snagit for Google Chrome™ Beta Available Now!

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*Video from the Live Google+ Hangout on Air will be posted here later today. We are excited for the upcoming release of TechSmith Snagit for Google Chrome™! The post TechSmith Snagit for Google Chrome™ Beta Available Now!

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How Google is Changing Education


There is no doubt Google has a huge impact on education. Google’s education initiatives focus on making learning magical for students, empowering innovative communities and building a foundation of technology and access. Google is even changing our brains.

TechSmithies Go Google+

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Google+ is here. What is Google+?". Google+ is a hybrid of the various social tools many people are already using on the web. It's Google's attempt to do social media better than the rest. TechSmith on Google+ Executives. +

4 ways to think more like Google and less like an LMS


Here is it, the moment of truth as the questioning begins: “Where do you go first: your LMS or Google?” By the time you have leapt over the chasm of the clunky login, grabbed onto the spinning wheel of the archaic search engine, and bungee jumped past the awkward course launch, you are exhausted. A Google search takes one or two clicks. Locating workplace content should be as easy as searching Google. Fun example, try Googling “buns”.

Set Up Google+ Authorship and Get Visible!


We at OpenSesame spend a considerable amount of effort and time making your courses available in the search engines whenever your potential customers are looking for them. Allow me to introduce you to Google+ Authorship! Choose an employee to represent your organization; we (and Google!)

How INNOVATION Is Driving Today’s Workplaces


Google : Google allows their staff to spend 30% of their time pursuing their own creative interests; this has lead to innovative ideas such as Google Maps and Google AdSense, which have genuinely changed the way we live and made Google more than a search engine.

Algorithm Changes: Google and You


Google presents search results based on a complex algorithm, which takes into account more than a hundred different factors, and weights them in various ways. Recent Changes to Google’s Algorithm. There will be future changes in the Google Algorithm as well.

Top 3 E-Learning Programs To Become A Power Searcher


Here are a few interesting facts (adapted from various research reports) related to the amount of time that we spend searching for information on the World Wide Web (WWW): Google is the most visited web site in the world. 43.78% of Internet users visit Google daily. A-GOOGLE-A-DAY.

How To Dethrone Google, and Who Will Likely Do It (Hint: Not Facebook)

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As Google already is, they must fight to maintain the value that they have built for their market. Google understands that to be successful in the tech world they must maintain value but also add value. Someone will dethrone Google, not just compete with them.

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The unGoogleable question

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Are there any questions that you cannot Google? education Google learning questions school Search Engine Technology It''s a provocative question I have asked several times to audiences in the last few days.

How to Use Google+ Hangout for Workplace Collaboration


If you only use Google for their impeccable search engine, you’re missing out on the other Google Google+ Hangout. Google account holders with access to a web camera use this application to video chat with each other.

Google is failing us: how to manage the information overflow?

Challenge to Learn

Steve Rosenbaum pointed out in his key note address at DevLearn that search engines like Google become less reliable and that we have to find other ways to manage the information overflow. I decided to test Google myself. I entered the search term ‘Kasper Spiro’ in Google, searching for images of myself. I’m not sure if the source of the problem are the sites that contain this incorrect information or that Google screws up.

Learning And Social Networks

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Google Plus is making waves among technology savvy social networkers. Like so many other Google products, this one is in beta and is gradually opening up to more users. One unique aspect separates Plus from other Google services.

Rich Cards get to the top of Google


You’ve almost certainly seen Rich Cards in use in Google, particularly if you use it to search out small nuggets of information. And cards, as a design element and a philosophy, are clearly the direction in which Google is moving. Rich cards are one part of Google’s ongoing development.

UnGoogleable questions again

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Google (and other search engines) are used every day by academics and students alike to find content, and more often than not, to answer questions. It's no surprise then that many think that everything can be Googled.

Complex Content in the Search Engine Age

InSync Training

Jennifer Hofmann and Phylise Banner explored this question, and how it changes the roles and responsibilities of learning and development practitioners during their recent Training Magazine Network event, “ Modern Learning is Perpetual Learning: How Do We Become the Google of Learning ? ”.

Adobe RoboHelp: Submit Sitemaps to Google

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After you create a sitemap, you need to tell search engines where they can find your sitemap so that they can use it to index your site. Here is how to submit your sitemap to Google: Go to the  Google Webmaster Tools  page and log in using your Google account.

Learn a New Skill: Master Google Search


As we increasingly rely on search engines like Google to find information and tackle projects, learning the tricks of the trade can be invaluable. Here are the top five Google Search tips that can help you dramatically improve your searching and save valuable time: . Google’s search algorithm is excellent at returning the information you’re looking for, even if you are not so sure yourself. Google Search: The Master Converter! Track Packages with Google.

Google Chrome for iOS’ Killer App: A Singular Browsing Experience

mLearning Revolution

From all the amazing news Google shared at this year’s I|O conference, to me the biggest one was the availability of the Google Chrome browser for iPad and iPhone.

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Using a Learning Management System to Gather Good Ideas

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But, this is surely easier to be overlooked by an engineer sitting in a distant office than by a member of road crew leaning against it. Here are some ways to do this: Include a task after a lesson that invites the learner to submit improvements via a wiki, Google Doc, or other online editor.

Diversity Training Should Focus on Acceptance, Not Shaming

CLO Magazine

Former Google employee James Damore’s 3,000-word assertion that women land fewer tech jobs because of biological differences rather than skills sparked a lot of conversation, particularly about the state of diversity training.

What Is Your Digital Learning Strategy?

CLO Magazine

The content they digest is easily accessible, relevant and personalized, which is why Google has become the default learning management system for the modern, connected worker. Tags: digital learning srategy , Google , learner behavior , learning relevance , Siri.

Using a Learning Management System to Gather Good Ideas

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But, this is surely easier to be overlooked by an engineer sitting in a distant office than by a member of road crew leaning against it. Here are some ways to do this: Include a task after a lesson that invites the learner to submit improvements via a wiki, Google Doc, or other online editor.

Preparing our children for the future

Learning with e's

This was not actually a question about search engines or the power of the Internet. education entrepreneurialism future Google innovation knowledge learning progressive education school Technology In my last post I asked if there were any unGoogleable questions.

Work-Learning Research highly ranked on search engines.

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The Work-Learning Research website is ranked as follows: #4 on Google. #4 But still, we are happy that the world-according-to-search-engines (WOTSE) values the research perspective we offer. 4 on Bing. #7 7 on Yahoo. When searching for "learning research.". Interestingly, we hardly ever get paid to do research. Mostly we get paid to use research wisdom to make practical recommendations, for example in the following areas: Learning Design. E-Learning. Training. Onboarding. Safety.

Here’s A Google Perk Any Company Can Imitate: Employee-To-Employee Learning

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Google taps its own ranks to teach valuable career-building classes as well as extracurriculars like kickboxing and social skills for engineers. See on – Informal & Experiential Learning.

NEED a JOB? Google is hiring Android Developers

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

So pick up a book and start learning! Figure out how to make Android apps, make one, and then cash in. Either from making a killer app, or at the very least showing a potential employer that can do it.

Google Goggles and Mobile Learning

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Yesterday Google released a visual search engine called Google Goggles. This will prove useful for m-learning - users can take a snapshot of any object and Google Goggles will provide relevant information about it. All he need do is take a snapshot and input the image to Google Goggles which will recognize the landmark and retrieve information about it. It is available right now as an application for Android 1.6+ (i.e. Donut or Eclair) based mobile devices.

The Death of the Traditional Web: Implications for Self-Directed Learning

Dashe & Thomson

Search engines, once the gatekeepers to the Web, are giving way to Facebook. Google and everything it represents, is facing the first stages of irrelevancy.

All just a click away?

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Have you ever sat down and watched a movie or a TV programme and then Googled the actors or directors to find out more about them? As long as you are able to ask the right question and enter it into an appropriate search engine query box, you will find what you are looking for.

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Deep learning

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This week I read an article that documented the recent partnership between futurist Ray Kurzweil and Google''s Larry Page. It seems they have teamed up to investigate how the Search Engine giant''s massive server fleet and computational power can be harnessed to emulate a virtual human brain.

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The future of intelligence

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The argument is that we are becoming increasingly dependent on search engines and other tools, that trivialise knowledge and simplify what we learn. This is the third in a series of blog posts on the future of learning and technology.

Mobile content curation

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Google and other advanced search engines ensure that. digital curation Technology mobile Mitch Kapor education devices Scoopit Pearltrees Storify learning Google Diigo This is a continuation in my series on mobile learning. What is digital curation?

14 Incredible Informal & Social Learning Quotes


Virtually everything new seems to come from the 20 percent of their time engineers here are expected to spend on side projects.” – Eric Schmidt (Ex-CEO, Google Inc.). THE QUOTE: “ Informal learning is enhanced when humans participate in interactive experiences.” – Allen (2004; Birchfield et al. 2008).

Project Glass: Learning Game-Changer Or Just Another Advertising Medium

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I’m of course talking about Project Glass , an R&D program by Google to prototype and build an augmented reality head-mounted display (or HMD). That being said, with all the attention this video has received, Google clearly has something that’s captured our imaginations.

Global conversations

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This means that texting too, has become normal practice, as has our use of touch screens, social media and search engines. Think how easy it is to video conference using Google Hangouts or Skype. Do you remember the days before the Web? I do.