April 2016 #Obsidianchat Summary

Obsidian Learning

New post April 2016 #Obsidianchat Summary on Obsidian Learning. xAPI is murky for a lot of folks, and the responses shared were extremely helpful in learning more about the topic. xAPI was designed to capture non-traditional learning activities. E.g. simulations, social learning, gaming, mentoring. StephenPVictor tweeted that “xAPI allows you track a lot more learning activities than SCORM does. xAPI helps bridge the gap between formal and informal learning”.

Development Maps: The Bridge from One-off to a Complete Development Roadmap

Actio Learning

At Actio Learning, our goal is to give our clients an edge in the market. Like a roadmap guides you to your destination, Development Maps provide a sequenced, structured, often graphical map of informal and formal learning experiences to lead your employees on their development journey, and ultimately, to performance mastery. Information about the development or learning experience, such as type/modality, length, prerequisite, etc. We respect your privacy.


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10 Social Media Tools For Learning

The eLearning Coach

Do you have a training or information need that could benefit from a social media strategy? So here are descriptions of ten applications representing different social media technologies that promote learning. Each tool fulfills at least one of these criteria: encourages collaboration; enables user-generated content or input; provides a way to share; and facilitates informal or formal learning. This makes Elgg an ideal platform for learning and collaboration.

What Universities Must Learn About Social Networks

Jay Cross

What Universities Must Learning About Social Networks. Increasingly, businesses are looking to more social approaches to employee learning and development. Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and Fast Company say collaboration and collective intelligence are the engines of innovation. How do I search for information?”. No one learns alone either. Collaboration is the key to success in both working and learning; they usually take place simultaneously.

Webinar Q&A: Empowering Continuous Learning with the Experience API (xAPI)

Experience API

For privacy reasons, a hashed version of the email address can also be used. Activity Providers can request this information from the LRS if they need it (and if the LRS gives them permission). With an LMS, it’s easy to see where learners would go to view their own learning accomplishments. You use an LRS to store, retrieve and study data about learning experiences; you use an LMS to launch and facilitate learning experiences. Informal Learning.

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A building for learning at MIT

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Researching Informal Learning , I interviewed MIT’s Chief Architect, Bill Mitchell, about this very building. Creating Learning Spaces at MIT. Buildings at MIT must support learning communities. In fact, demand is high and getting higher for informal, multi-purpose spaces. An effective learning space combines push and pull. Building 20 was totally informal, the ultimate in flexibility. As Tom Davenport said, they want their privacy.

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