Last chance! Save $50 on your Camtasia Studio 8 upgrade

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If you’ve been intending to upgrade to Camtasia Studio 8…now’s the time. Our $50 discount on upgrades ends September 18. So if you like saving money, take advantage of the Camtasia Studio upgrade offer today. Why upgrade? Camtasia Studio 8 let them combine screen video, screenshots, graphics, music, and text in ways simple not possible with earlier versions of Camtasia Studio. Why upgrade? Why upgrade?

The Top Trending Course Topic Ideas in 2020


c) Music. The benefits of playing and listening to music are all well known. Music and Health , Harvard Health Publishing, 2011). Because of that – along with the need to engage in a creative task, many people turn to music looking for a cure, and nobody can blame them.

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The Metaverse, NFTs and How E-Learning Will Be Impacted


Music events like these introduce the world of the Metaverse to non-gamers, opening the door of possibility to many more virtual concerts in the near future. Cultural changes and technological upgrades will give users the ability to move increasingly freely and create more content on the web.

The Customer Education Experts Directory


Additional Content: How did Tomorrow work with Content Beta to upgrade their video course lessons? as the VP of CS (Pre and Post Sales Engineering) and facilitating the company’s hyper-growth as the VP of Operations and Support.

Podcasting Equipment Setup and Software I use on the 10-Minute Teacher

The CoolCatTeacher

This is an upgrade from the Blue Snowball that I used to use and I’m much happier with it. Royalty Free Music. He’s an engineer so he uses top of the line software. Also, it is used by search engines. A Behind the scenes peek at the 10-Minute Teacher From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. I’ve been asked about the podcasting equipment setup and software that we use on the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast.

10 Tools to Improve Your Elearning Portfolio

Ed App

If you want to make it more interesting, there’s an option to include images and videos, even with accompanying background audio and music. . Interactive elements like images, videos, and background music. SmartBuilder is an easy-to-use authoring tool engineered to help designers like you build simple content that you can add to your elearning portfolio. In this article, we covered some of the best tools to improve your elearning portfolio.

27 Best Online Learning Platforms (updated 2022)


50% per course sale when students come through organic search on Udemy or search engines. Classes are divided into 4 categories: Creative arts : from graphic design to fine art, cooking, and music production. Includes a variety of learning tools and assessment engines.

Beat the Machines with these 10 Employability Skills for the Future!


Industries that have a ‘human touch’ such as advertising, arts, design, music, and publishing will be left mostly untouched by automation. For example, aside from using approaches in engineering or software programming, design thinking also utilizes creativity, systemic reasoning, and intuition in developing creative solutions. Experts are predicting that automation will make its way to the general workforce as early as 2020.

Working Arm in Arm

CLO Magazine

Advances continue toward autonomous vehicles, Alexa and Siri have become like family, and music-streaming apps play our favorite new artists before we’ve ever heard of them. It would be an upgrade to similar tracking technology already in use. The results were shocking: Among the most important qualities of Google’s best employees, hard skills such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics were rated last.

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Introducing.the Camtasia Small Business Test Drive!

TechSmith Camtasia

We're also in the testing stage for a huge upgrade to our software. At Netvantage Marketing our goals are simple, to provide our clients with search engine marketing and social media solutions that provide them a positive ROI. She enjoys singing and playing the ukulele, a cappella music, running, and a good game of Euchre. We're excited to introduce a fun new project we're working on this month--the Camtasia Small Business Test Drive!

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Oh.this does not bode well for Microsoft.

Mark Oehlert

The first Dell runs XP, the second Dell runs Vista Home Premium and the I need to upgrade the MacBook to Leopard. This is the worst piece of software engineering excrement ever to wander up onto the shore since I dont know what. We recently implemented (with the help of our Apple engineer) a few test bed machines. Now, if after upgrading it still stinks.

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The Ultimate Video Marketing Playbook (2021)

TechSmith Camtasia

YouTube is such a powerful engine for discovery. Their Recommendation engine is driving massive amounts of attention towards video.” Utilize video search engine optimization (SEO). In this post, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about video marketing.

From Corporate Training in a Company to Independent Course Creator with Kurt Von Ahnen from Mañana No Mas


You have to be good at steering, chassis dynamics, tires, brakes, suspension, internal engine work, transmissions, the whole thing. Then, when I went to Suzuki, I upgraded and went to LifterLMS.

How to Grow Your Email List with an Email Challenge and SEO Course Case Study with Brendan Hufford


After finding that he loved answering people’s SEO questions in Slack, Brendan ended up creating an online course where he put together everything he could to help people get off the ground with their SEO and start ranking well on search engines. At you can find the One Ranking Away Challenge where you can upgrade your SEO in 30 days.

How To Add A Live Event To Your Mostly Online Education Business Mix With Mike Morrison From The Membership Guys


But we recently upgraded to Vimeo live streaming. Because of that, we had to upgrade. Mike Morrison: If you know that hearing from an expert on search engine optimizing that you’re not an expert on or even if you are an expert, hearing someone else’s opinion or experience on that topic, if you know that’s going to help them out, why would you hinder them?

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Top 10 Learning Systems for 2019

eLearning 24-7

When ever I travel on an airplane, my typical MO is to get to my seat, turn on my music connect my headphones and ignore the person next to me. 7 G rowth Engineering (DEMO in FindAnLMS). Video sharing by Learners is coming in the next upgrade, so another wonderful win. For those of you attending LTUK, all vendors with the exceptions of Brainier, Growth Engineering and eLogic Learning are at the show.

What goes round: video and learning

Clive on Learning

I was introduced to the dubious joys of computing back in 1980, by a video engineer that I had employed to set up and run a production studio within the training department for which I was responsible. The CD was designed as a music carrier and had neither the bandwidth nor the capacity for decent video. With the recent announcement by Apple of the launch of the video iPOD , once again video is in the spotlight as a tool for learning.

Top 75 Online Courses for Freelancers To Up Their Game


As the co-founder of MOZ and the CEO of SparkToro (an innovative search engine software you can read more about here ), he’s one of the best to teach you how to climb up those Google results. insert dramatic music effect*. Certificate of Completion: Available after upgrade. It’s a gig economy we live in.