Why you Should Start Tagging Right Now


Meta tags (short descriptions added to each web page) are used by search engines to help improve the relevance and quality of search results. This improves the search on Facebook and allows you to sort and filter posts later. Here are three reasons you should start making tagging a habit: #1 – Improved User Experience – Tagging makes the application you are using smarter, which creates a better user experience for others.

Semantic tagging can improve digital content publishing


Semantic tagging can improve digital content publishing. One of the most important, yet frequently overlooked, cornerstones of effectively publishing digital content and media is semantic tagging. Semantic tagging can be used for digital content enrichment.". While nonsemantic data, such as HTML tags, are used to design a page, semantic tagging is used to assign meaning to bits of content. Semantic tagging for publishers.


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Tags, Search Effectiveness, Personal Benefits

Tony Karrer

From Bill Ives - Where Tagging Works and Where Tagging Doesn’t Work – Search Engine Lowdown I guess I tend to agree with Danny Sulliivan about the tagging and search but that is not the original intention of tagging. If I want to search on a key word, I will still go to Google as the most efficient way. Interesting, Bill points to a search on Google for "Web 2.0"

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Breathing New Life Into Training Videos

CLO Magazine

Search: The Last Great Video Challenge. In traditional learning management systems and other content repositories, video search is typically limited to manually entered metadata like titles, tags and descriptions. First, it limits the chances that their searches will actually find the right video. Second, it prevents employees from searching within videos to find that relevant two-minute segment they need to accomplish a task.

Video SEO: Using Transcripts for Online Video Excellence [VIDEO Part I]

3Play Media

Of the respondents, 77% are tagging online videos with keywords. Leading internet marketing sites ReelSEO , MOZ , and Search Engine Journal all advocate adding transcripts and captions to augment video presence. Transcripts are important to video SEO because search engines can’t index the spoken content in a video. Search audiences are unable to find this content.

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Docebo 7.8 brings personalized learning full circle


Multi-Language AI Auto-Tagging. Let AI-powered auto-tagging analyze your content and create tags in five additional languages. Your global learners can now find content in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese fast, using the platform’s deep search engine. We’re ending 2019 with a bang – Docebo’s 7.8

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The Best LMS Platforms for Effective Corporate Training – LPP and LXP


The LPP also uses a Rule Engine to set a different set of rules based on individual skill-gaps and performance metrics. ? The LXP uses a Suggestion Engine for content tagging for easier and more effective search and filtering. ? The modern learning management systems (LMS) address various training challenges such as widespread workforce, evolving needs, and low adoption of technology.

Is E-Learning Possible Without Learning Management System?

Your Training Edge

Many of us search as per the need and when we face problems. We have several search engines, YouTube, Wikipedia for quick information. By offering customized learning paths based on the feedback of previous courses, by tagging learning material and by creating smart courses, adaptive learning is trending high and broad. Depending upon the nature of your business and clients you deal with, you may or may not require a Learning Management System.

Adobe Flash Sunset–Legacy Content Migration for a Healthcare Training Catalogue Provider

Knowledge Synonyms

Work Engagement Type: Legacy Content Migration, Flash to HTML5, eLearning, Responsive HTML5 Course Engine. Assets were converted in appropriate formats for HTML rendering before tagging into the system 3.

The Best Microsoft SharePoint Alternatives for Sales-Driven Organizations


Its use of internal company SharePoint sites, search, and collaboration features make it a measurable step up from basic cloud storage options like Google Drive, Dropbox Enterprise, and Box. The second key feature of enterprise level document management systems is search.

Seismic vs. Highspot vs. Showpad vs. Bigtincan Compared


With Bigtincan, you don’t just search filenames, like most content management systems do; we search the full text of files. Enterprise File Management: Find Files Faster and More Accurately with Industry-Leading Search and AI-Based Content Suggestions.

How to Create and Scale a Document Management System in SharePoint (Without Hiring Extra Help)


Salespeople can’t find it in SharePoint online, so you add a “sales” keyword to the metadata to make it pop up in sales searches more easily. Then you add a link to the sales SharePoint site so it’s easily accessible, even without a search.

Personal Mobile Mastery

Clark Quinn

And you can use search engines and reference tools just the same. Certainly searching things you don’t understand or, when there’s unknown language, seeing if you can get a translation, are also options. You’d have to have rich tagging around your calendar to signal what it is you’re doing for a system to be able to leverage that information, but I reckon we can get there if and when we want.

5 eLearning Trends Leading to the End of the Learning Management System


Since there is so much available information for anyone to find what they need, when they need it — through search engines, Wikipedia, Mooc’s or YouTube. It can be accomplished by tagging learning components and making them smart, by offering personalized learning paths based on the outcome of previous activities, or by creating smarter personalized courses based on learning objectives. Just three years ago I wrote a post on the future of eLearning.

The Best Enterprise Content Management Software to Empower Sales and Marketing Teams


Links don’t break, because our AI engine keeps them updated all the time. 4: Bring Content to Your Reps with AI-Powered Search and Suggest. To fix this, we use AI and machine learning to help surface useful content suggestions, not just the exact match for each search query.

How Learning in the Flow of Work Can Help Remote Workers


Research from Deloitte backs that up — 70% of workers turn to search engines to find answers rather than turning to a course produced by their employer. Your workers are used to searching for answers when they need information, but you can’t control the answers they’ll find on Google.

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Digital literacy 6: Organising and sharing content

Learning with e's

Answer - you organise it by 'tagging' it. Tagging content is a bit of an art. Because I have tagged this blogpost with those words, anyone who is interested in any of these areas, and who types those words into a search engine will, if they drill down far enough, be able to find this blog post. Tagging will also make finding content within a large list of bookmarks a lot easier.

Applying Usability Techniques to eLearning Documents

Integrated Learnings

Search engine? Also, knowing how learners access information will help you to determine search tags for the document, so learners can find it quickly when searching the Internet or Intranet. Test your document’s findability by typing your key tag words into the internal or external search engine. If your document doesn’t come up, or if it’s several search pages in, you know you need to adjust your tagging. • By Donna Bryant.

‘Black Mirror’ or better? The role of AI in the future of learning and development

CLO Magazine

Learning experience platforms like Degreed and EdCast use comparable technology to drive their recommendation engines, proposing content that learners are likely to find relevant based on their demonstrated preferences.

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Podcasting Equipment Setup and Software I use on the 10-Minute Teacher

The CoolCatTeacher

He’s an engineer so he uses top of the line software. Tagging and uploading. Also, it is used by search engines. A Behind the scenes peek at the 10-Minute Teacher From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. I’ve been asked about the podcasting equipment setup and software that we use on the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast. After 220 episodes in one year and over 430K downloads, we’ve settled on a configuration we like.

Gamification of Learning and Training

Kapp Notes

Search engines have a difficult time with image searches, and while facial-recognition software has made strides over the past decade, a new computer can’t scan a photo of, say, Robert Pattinson and tell you who it is. Google’s solution: Tap the manpower of the web by making image-tagging a game. Gamification – making things that don’t seem to be a game into a game is growing in popularity.

Taxonomy Tips for Video Strategy

KZO Innovations

By creating a game plan for video content tagging and metadata, enterprises can track and understand the complete end-viewer experience. Then, when you need to update your featured video, it will have already been tagged and “taxonomized” correctly, in alignment with your search engine marketing goals. How can your brand organize all of its content assets – photography, text, graphics and video – for maximum benefit? In a word: taxonomy.

How will content discovery evolve?

CLO Magazine

Google has thousands of engineers optimizing search. LXP companies, which may have 10 engineers at most working on this, have to make some choices. Some vendors are now tagging content according to skills categories. Learning content discovery is a complex challenge.

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Making Connections: Trends in Social Learning

Obsidian Learning

Tagging allows precise searching for information. As Ohler puts it, we are moving toward a “semantic Web” in which search engines are able to present information in ways that are more meaningful. As an example of this idea, he envisions the possibility of a search engine delivering information on a particular topic that is not a list of results but rather a multimedia presentation from a variety of sources.

The Best Sales Enablement Software [With Recommendations]


Their system is designed to help sales team members stay on the same page, with marketing automation and distribution, enablement analytics, intelligent search engine features, collaboration functions, and dynamic templates.

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Video SEO: Using Transcripts for Online Video Excellence [VIDEO Part I]

3Play Media

Of the respondents, 77% are tagging online videos with keywords. Leading internet marketing sites ReelSEO , MOZ , and Search Engine Journal all advocate adding transcripts and captions to augment video presence. Transcripts are important to video SEO because search engines can’t index the spoken content in a video. Search audiences are unable to find this content.

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‘Time well spent’ – what does that mean for your learning content?


Overtly helpful and relevant to individuals and doesn’t require them to search or scan for the value? Don’t add to a pile of stuff and think it’s ok because ‘there’s a search engine’. Use profiling tools, diagnostics, adaptive technologies, tagging, cross linking etc to offer up what’s right for them, at that point. IDC estimated that we spend 25% of our time searching and processing for information.

If Content Is King, Context Is Queen


Thanks to “semantic” tagging, software can now easily decode the meaning of smart content—no humans required. Smart content makes search engines more effective, and that makes it easier for your customers to find your information—and buy your products. When Pavan is not thinking about semantic tagging, he enjoys biking and wine tasting. If Content Is King, Context Is Queen.

How to use ActiveCampaign with Your Online Course or Training Based Membership Website with Kay Peacey of Slick Business


It’s really overbuilt and over engineered and it’s painful. You have to start from the end product, and then you’re reverse engineering basically. And you can’t search within tag values either.

LMSs that kick ass: ElementK’s KnowledgeHub

Janet Clarey

These tools are powered by Jive Clearspace and provide integrated access to Wiki’s, Blog’s, and Discussion Forums so that they can be included in a development plan, returned in integrated search results, and linked to from our e-learning courses. A: Sue Rodeman - I believe that in the next few years, one change to the LMS is that it will be more of a ‘behind the scenes’ engine and more completely integrated with an organization’s portal or internal application.

Finders keepers, losers weepers

Clive on Learning

Like it's sibling, usability, findability is a responsibility that often falls between the cracks and is often not properly addressed by authors, designers or engineers. Of the two, Peter has no doubt which has primacy: Findability precedes usability In the alphabet and on the web You can't use what you can't find Historically, efforts at improving findability have been led by librarians, through elaborate systems of classification and meta tagging.

Social Grid Follow-up

Tony Karrer

However, when we just did this for the LA CTO Forum , we created a LinkedIn group so that members could search profiles and created a private Ning community for discussions, events, and communication. Q: what's "#tysg" he typed in twitter search box [link] #tysg - It wasn't really a hash tag, but close enough. So, there's quite a few people who I might be able to reach with a tweet that I would not reach via searching on LinkedIn.

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How to Transition from Online Services to Online Courses in the WordPress Web Design Niche With Divi Expert Josh Hall


So people will be tagging me like crazy, which was cool in the early days, but now it’s like, man, I also have groups for my courses, which I’m sure we’ll get into so there’s a lot of different groups.

Learning and KM: Separated at birth?

Jay Cross

Search is certainly being affected by the increasingly social nature of online activities. Impacting the socialization of search are the factoring in of the social graph and social activities into search results. Adkins discusses strategy development and implementation of learning and knowledge process engineering for driving successful communities. T wo years ago, DevLearn and KM World took place simultaneously in downtown San Jose.

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How to Get Publicity and Influencer Marketing for Course Creators with Esther Kiss


Esther Kiss: And so I’m sure you had this experience too, when somebody is asking for your type of expertise on Facebook, and then you see your Facebook notifications that five people are tagging you in the comments on that post. You reverse to engineer the content. Learn how to get publicity and influencer marketing for course creators with Esther Kiss in this LMScast hosted by Chris Badgett of LifterLMS.