Rustici Engine and Rustici Dispatch are now IMS certified

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Rustici Engine and Rustici Dispatch have officially passed the IMS Global certification testing for Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI). What does LTI certification mean for Rustici Engine? LTI Rustici Dispatch Rustici Engine

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Using Memory Engineering to Aid Learning Retention

Dashe & Thomson

Recently I was re-reading my first-ever post for this blog, based on an article in Wired magazine entitled “Clive Thompson on Memory Engineering." The gist of it was that a (then) new service called 4SquareAnd7YearsAgo would summarize and email your Foursquare “check-ins” from a year before, resulting in, as Thompson calls it, “a curiously powerful daily jolt of reminiscence.”. But calling it “memory engineering” has never caught on.

The evolution from Quality Assurance to Quality Engineering in the edtech world.

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With the above stated challenges its important that quality in edtech is more proactive and agile and gets transformed from Quality Assurance to Agile based Quality engineering. Yes, that mindset is Quality Engineering (QE). The Pandemic Impact: .

SCORM Engine 2017.1 is released!

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We are excited to announce that the latest version of SCORM Engine–SCORM Engine 2017.1–is Plus, we launched Managed Hosted Services this year. New Features in SCORM Engine 2017.1. Engine now provides built-in support for the Amazon AWS environment, which allows you to securely store your courses in Amazon’s S3 data store. We’ve continued to enhance the design and layout of the new SCORM Engine Player UI, which we released in Engine 2016.1.

Quality Assurance to Quality Engineering: An Edtech Evolution.

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This seems to be a good time to change from Quality Assurance(QA) to Agile-based Quality Engineering (QE) and moving testing upstream. Yes, that mindset is Quality Engineering (QE). Quality Engineering transcends Quality Control, DevOps, Quality Assurance, and Testing.

The Emergence of Learning Engineering

Knowledge Avatars for Training

Learning Engineering is an emerging field that applies science, technology, and pedagogy to produce the most effective learning experience. It is an approach to teaching and learning that focuses on engineering or designing an environment to encourage, motivate, and enhance learning.

Good vs Great Customer Service


Good vs Great Customer Service. Good vs great customer service can make all the difference to your bottom line. Did you know that 84 percent of businesses that focus on customer service see an increase in revenue as a result? If you want to see revenue increase, start with customer service. Not sure what the difference is between good customer service and great customer service? Why Does Customer Service Matter? It was a complimentary service.

Rustici Engine 2018.1 and Rustici Dispatch 2018.1 are available!

Rustici Software

The latest versions of both Rustici Engine and Rustici Dispatch are now available! Rustici Engine 2018.1 If you are looking for help hosting and managing your Engine/Dispatch implementation, we now offer managed hosting services to help offload that work. Our Managed Hosting services not only handle deployment and server management, they also manage your upgrades so you’re always on the latest version. Rustici Engine 2018.1

Rustici Engine and SCORM Cloud now share the same API

Rustici Software

The release of SCORM Cloud’s v2 API is a pretty big milestone for Rustici Software; for the first time ever, Rustici Engine and SCORM Cloud have the same API. When we decided to replace Engine’s traditional integration layer with a web service API in 2015, one of our goals was for it to offer the same functionality as Cloud’s API. Shortly after the release of Engine 2015.1, we began work to bring the Engine API over to Cloud.

Service Thinking and the Revolution?

Clark Quinn

A colleague I greatly respect, who has a track record of high impact in important positions, has been a proponent of service science. And that’s me with service science. The concept is considering a mutual value generation process between provider and customer, and engineering it across the necessary system components and modular integrations to yield a successful solution.

A Strategic Option for Improving Your Search Engine Ranking


SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” ” This term means that any website or blog with high search engine rankings is said to be a “site.” It is the platform where your target market visits to look for more information on products and services.

Benefits of Using SEO services


Outsourcing even the cheapest SEO services in Saudi Arabia can be a thoughtful and surprisingly a pretty profitable decision which you will take for your business. Search engine optimization or SEO services offer you a modern era of gaining recognition.

Engineering both the front- and back-end

Clark Quinn

I had the pleasure of edging Bob Glushko a couple of weeks ago, and finally had a chance to dig into a couple of papers if his (as well as scan his book Document Engineering). The core of what he’s on about is structuring data, as documents, to facilitate transactions that for the basis of services. He makes a useful distinction between ‘front-end’ and ‘back-end’ services to help highlight the need to take the total service-delivery system into account.

Moodle Services Provider – How would you Choose the Right One?


Now that you’ve zeroed down on using Moodle for your training needs, next step would be to hire the right Moodle service provider. And we know it’s a daunting task, given the proliferation of Moodle service providers. But, you have to be wise when selecting one because you’ll stumble upon many Moodle services providers who’d promise services that are too good to be true. Be aware of such service providers! Look out for Service Providers on the Internet!

Musings on Memory Engineering to Aid Learning Retention

Dashe & Thomson

In my search for something to write about this month I stumbled upon an article in Wired magazine entitled “ Clive Thompson on Memory Engineering.” The gist of it is that a new service called 4SquareAnd7YearsAgo will summarize and e-mail your Foursquare “check-ins” from one year ago, resulting in, as Thompson calls it, “a curiously powerful daily jolt of reminiscence.”. So this “service” sounds a little like my worst nightmare.

Meet the Hero of the Technical Sale: The Sales Engineer


Sales engineer” (SE) is the title you’re mostly likely to see on their business cards, however those in the business go by several titles. More often than not the word “engineer” is used, as in presales engineer, sales engineer , or solutions engineer. That is, tech companies turn to sales engineers to understand the needs of buyers. Sales engineers are the authentic voice of the field. from Sales Engineers are the MVPs of SaaS.

Sales 40

Scale Your L&D Organization in the Moment of Need with Managed Learning Services

Infopro Learning

Here, we’ll discuss the evolution of employee development and how managed learning services can keep your L&D engine at top speed as your organization grows. Enter Managed Learning Services. Managed Learning Services , or training outsourcing, as we all know, is the process of obtaining L&D products or services from an outside supplier. Why Use Managed Learning Services to outsource L&D?

10 Sales Engineering Experts You Should Be Following on Twitter


The field of sales engineering is a complex and competitive landscape. While you probably won’t meet too many high-profile sales engineers personally, the magic of Twitter enables you to connect with them on a day-to-day level. If you’re looking for some sales engineer best practices , consider following these successful sales engineers. Graduated with a BSc with Honors in Chemical Engineering, John Care is currently Managing Director of Mastering Technical Sales.

Growth Engineering Win Big At BESMA

Growth Engineering

GAME, the UK’s leading video games retailer, used the Academy LMS to create their award-winning LMS, GAME Learning Zone , which has transformed their customer service training. Everything we do at Growth Engineering is about creating learning solutions that meet the needs of the modern workforce and economy. EE’s Head of Training Design, Pinda Dhillon, said: “I was totally blown away by Growth Engineering. I’d recommend Growth Engineering!”.

Mercedes-Benz enters a new age of vehicle service & repair


Mercedes-Benz has entered a new era in automotive service repair. In partnership with Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz is evolving how they service and repair vehicles. Service technicians now have engineers at their fingertips for support. Back to Blog Page.

Analyze this: 5 ways data can help build super sales engineers and teams


You may have recently read our CEO’s prediction that 2020 will be the year of the sales engineer (SE). Whether it’s the latest software as a service (SaaS) or cybersecurity offering, technology continues to develop at a rapid pace and businesses need to sell increasingly sophisticated solutions. Download this eBook with John Care, Peter Cohan, and more revealing the future of sales engineering.

Spotlight on. AMG Services


This time we're hearing from AMG Services Ltd (a licenced Dyno Rod franchise). Name: Graeme Hall (Owner) Company: AMG Southern Services Ltd Location: Harlow, Essex, England Tell us a little about being a Dyno franchise… AMG Southern Services is a licenced Plumbing and Drains business operating under licence to Dyno (the franchisor) which is owned and operated by British Gas. We also offer plumbing services to fix radiators, toilets, sinks, and hot water among many others.

Growth Engineering & Game Win Award For Outstanding Customer Experience

Growth Engineering

GAME, working in partnership with Growth Engineering, have won the silver gong at the Customer Excellence Awards UK 2017 (CX Awards). Prior to implementing the Academy LMS, the retailer was on the hunt for a training solution to develop their employee product knowledge, improve customer service skills and unlock gaming passion. Growth Engineering worked closely with GAME to meet these goals and more. Awards customer service learner engagement

External Forces: New Type Added To TalentLMS’ Actions Engine


We do, however, have TalentLMS’ Event Engine , which offers a range of automatable Actions and Notifications that are triggered when any of several eLearning-related events occur in your eLearning portal. The Notifications part of the Event Engine is all about TalentLMS’ ability to send customized messages to your learners, administrators and instructors after some event (such as a course completion, or a certification expiration occurred).

We’re Hiring! Quality Assurance Engineer (Belgrade)


Learn the full range of LearnUpon technology and services and is able to identify core testing needs as releases are prepared. Quality Assurance Engineer (Belgrade) appeared first on LearnUpon. LearnUpon is a cloud based software company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with offices in Sydney, New York and Belgrade. LearnUpon is designed for organizations looking to distribute their courses and track their training quickly and easily at scale.

Organizing Effective E-Learning Programs for Improved Airline Operations & Customer Services


A gradual shift from a conventional classroom-based training to online learning helps to boost overall quality and efficiency of airline services. The two major factors which help driving this transformation include- the need to improve the overall learning experience of employees in varied job roles such as maintenance, crew, engineering and others. With digitization, the aviation industry is leading at the forefronts in transforming their training landscape.

Cloud Services Interruption

TechSmith Camtasia

Many TechSmith cloud services are currently down. Our engineering teams are working to find and implement a fix as soon as possible, but at this time we expect that the disruption will last 8 hours or more. Services affected: TechSmith Relay. Results (quizzing) service. We are still investigating the extent of the impact, but for many services sign in , uploading content , and/or viewing content may be affected.

High Flying Service and Support

Engage in Learning

200 people in various roles from designers and engineers, through to production, sales and support. To set everything up, they then worked with Nikki Malone, our Customer Service Manager. The customer now has a fantastic in-house training platform and continue to receive excellent customer service from the team here. The post High Flying Service and Support appeared first on Engage in Learning. Introducing the customer.

Managed WordPress Hosting Company WP Engine Meets Accelerating Need for Digital Education Experiences by Releasing LMS Site Templates in Partnership with LifterLMS


Learn about how managed WordPress hosting company WP Engine meets accelerating need for digital education experiences by releasing LMS Site Templates in partnership with LifterLMS in this episode of the LMScast podcast hosted by Chris Badgett from LifterLMS. They’re made by WP Engine.

Growth Engineering Named In Top 20 Gamification Companies 2017

Growth Engineering

The Training Industry Top 20 recognises the world’s best providers of gamification services and technologies, which support learning and development. Training Industry constantly monitors the training marketplace in their hunt for the best providers of gamification services and products. The final Top 20 Gamification Companies 2017 was based on a strict set of criteria: Features and capabilities of the gamification products/services.

Craig Weiss: “Growth Engineering Top in my NextGen Rankings”

Growth Engineering

This week, the Growth Engineering superheroes are in full celebration mode. Support and Service – They go the extra mile for their clients. Craig writes that Growth Engineering “have been in my NextGen rankings for the last three years. The post Craig Weiss: “Growth Engineering Top in my NextGen Rankings” appeared first on Growth Engineering.

Business = service

Jay Cross

Read my friend Dave Gray’s post, Everything is a Service. Unlike products, services are often designed or modified as they are delivered; they are co-created with customers; and service providers must often respond in real time to customer desires and preferences. Services are contextual – where, when and how they are delivered can make a big difference. Dave’s article links my concepts of Unmanagement to the fundamental shift to a service economy.

10 Search Engine Marketing Basics You Have to Master

DigitalChalk eLearning

Search engine marketing is a little like chess. In this post, I’ll be covering 10 search engine marketing (SEM) basics that you’ll need to master in order to succeed as a digital marketer. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll be ready to get your feet wet in the world of search engine marketing, and will have a much better idea of the resources you’ll need to continue your learning journey. The post 10 Search Engine Marketing Basics You Have to Master appeared first on.

What Is Crawling & How The Search Engine Bots Work Whole Together?

Adobe Captivate

We all know what Search engines are, but very few of us know about how the search engines Bots work. It is important to know about search engine functionalities. So, this blog intends to give you all the details about search engine bots and for this, we are going to discuss following points; What is crawling? Why is it a prime function of the search engine? How does the Search Engine Bots work efficiently? Why is it the prime function of a search engine?

How to Launch Your Online Course the Easy Way with Course Maker Pro, WP Engine, and LifterLMS


Learn how to launch your online course the easy way with Course Maker Pro , WP Engine , and LifterLMS in this episode of LMScast featuring David Vogelpohl from WP Engine and Rachel Gogos from brandiD and the Course Maker Pro theme. While hosting can be one of the complicated aspects of course building, WP Engine makes the process of getting your website set up super easy by having a simple user interface along with live technical support. What does that mean to WP Engine?

What is Self-Service Learning?


Self-service – it’s a term that most of us view as synonymous with convenient, quick and hassle-free. With the advent of elearning , can highly motivated people better their careers through self service learning? Just what exactly is this idea of ‘self-service’ learning? What does self-service learning mean? No, self-service learning is simply accessing the knowledge you require using the array of online tools you have available to you. Engineering.

How Self Service Reporting Improves Member Enrollments


For CME directors self-service reporting is much more than a convenience feature: it’s an integral component of a modern, scalable CME management model. Self-service reporting helps you streamline internal team communications, optimizing the value of your program data by simplifying the distribution of actionable insights. How Self Service Reporting Helps Boost Member Enrollment. Self service reporting can eliminate data gaps.