An Introduction to the Enterprise Quiz Builder From ProProfs


When we released the enterprise version of our flagship assessment tool ProProfs Quiz Maker our aim was to provide enterprises a high-performance assessment platform. That’s why we developed the enterprise version of ProProfs Quiz Maker. What Is an Enterprise Quiz Maker?

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Top 5 Free HR Tools for Employee Assessment


Zoho People ( Zoho is a big name in business operation software, selling CRM, finance, help desk solutions, and more. The big advantage Zoho People has is that it integrates seamlessly with its other products. If you’re already on the Zoho bandwagon, People is a good bet. Zoho People is ideal for a small to medium-sized organisation. Its Enterprise Edition allows 100 users and 10 administrators, with up to 500 employee profiles.

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Facebook for e-Learning


At the same time, Facebook is one of the fastest growing social networks that helps people communicate efficiently with their friends, families, coworkers, and classmates. Zoho Online Office You can have all your office files such as documents, spreadsheets, presentations online and share them with your learners. Sorry I got carried away a bit there :P You can also integrate other social networking API's such as Twitter.

6 Best Remote Training Tools for Modern-Day Learners


Here are some of the best remote training tools used by enterprises. All learner accounts are stored and secured on a cloud network. Zoho Showtime. 5 Most Effective Training Techniques for Enterprises. Remote teams and hybrid teams have become common in offices.

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15 Must-Have Knowledge Sharing Tools

The Training by Nelle Blog | Corporate Training and Consulting

ZOHO Features: Offers a collection of productivity platforms such as writing, presentation, spreadsheet, and sync applications; In-app chat feature, SSL security, Dropbox integration, business reporting, server-recovery integration, website-builders and lots more. Why You'll Love it: Zoho Showtime is a great option for training with its interactive presentations, polls, surveys and mobile ability. per month/per user (annually) for 10 users, Enterprise package pricing by request.

The Corporate eLearning Ecosystem Explained


This type of setup is usually used by larger scale enterprise customers or those with more advanced data analysis needs (there are comprehensive reporting options in an LMS as it is). Salesforce, Hubspot and Zoho are examples of widely used CRMs. Connecting a CRM to an LMS may seem like a strange idea for those who are not familiar with extended enterprise training. We are used to being able to share reactions and achievements with our networks quickly and easily.