Reproduce your content with an Offline SCORM Player in just few steps


Managing your LMS content in offline mode with the Offline SCORM Player tool, from Paradiso LMS, is very easy. With the offline functionality of our Learning Management System, you can have the SCORM compliant content at your disposal in simple steps. This functionality is available to be used in offline mode. The Offline SCORM Player is the tool that allows you to access SCORM courses without the need to have an internet connection.

3 Tips for Creating the Right Enterprise Learning Environment


Enterprises can employ thousands, work with an equal number of partners, and serve customers across the globe. Here are three areas to focus upon and some tips to make sure you get it right: Enterprise Learning Styles – Blended Learning vs Hybrid Learning. Extended Enterprise


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Enterprise LMS and its Benefits for Your Workforce


Enterprise Learning Management System has evolved considerably since its inception. What is an Enterprise LMS and its Essential Benefits? An enterprise LMS software delivers online training courses and other learning content to employees.

What is offline collaboration in QuoDeck platform?


If you are having “Biz” or “Enterprise” licence, then you have the ability to create a “Deck”, which is the content format to create interactive content. This ability to share the content offline, is the offline collaboration feature offered by QuoDeck platform.

Enterprise Sales Software: The Three Tools Every Enterprise Sales Team Needs to Sell Effectively


Enterprise sales teams need fundamentally different software than their SMB or startup counterparts. Instead, they need tools specifically built to manage enterprise scale, complexity, security, and governance. Enterprise Sales Content Management.

What is offline collaboration feature in QuoDeck platform?


Offline Collaboration is a feature that is made available to the Biz & Enterprise licence users. This ability to share the content offline, is the offline collaboration feature offered by QuoDeck platform. Only these users can create a Deck , which is a content format to create interactive content on QuoDeck. You can download this interactive deck and share it with other creators of the QuoDeck Platform.

The Best Enterprise LMS 2.0 for Training and Knowledge Retention


Enterprise learning management systems (LMS) are where enterprise companies keep and use all training and education documents and courses. Modern Enterprise LMS Solutions Should Enable Microlearning. Benefits of Modern, Microlearning-Focused Enterprise LMS.

Extended Enterprise Compliance: Mapping the Ecosystem

Talented Learning

Extended enterprise compliance isn’t a one-way street. It can help make the extended enterprise compliance process much easier to navigate. Extended Enterprise Compliance Use Case. With so many stakeholders in the extended enterprise value chain, an effective technology infrastructure is vital. They are necessary for downloading online compliance content to a smartphone, working with content offline, and syncing progress or completion results when connected.

4 Best Dropbox Enterprise Alternatives (An In-Depth Comparison)


Dropbox enterprise — also referred to as Dropbox Business — is their business-focused product, and while it’s also popular, it may not be right for every organization. Instead, if your enterprise is using Dropbox, everything has to be in Dropbox. Dropbox Enterprise.

Enterprise Document Management Systems: Stop Relying on Metadata


If you’re looking for a more effective and efficient way to manage company documents while staying compliant with regulations in security-sensitive industries such as healthcare, finance, insurance, or IT, the right enterprise document management system could be the answer.

Top 10 enterprise Learning Management Systems

Ed App

Are you seeking to maximize the learning within your enterprise? Based on these statistics alone, it’s worthwhile for any business, enterprise or not, to step out of traditional training and embrace modern LMS. Discover some of the top 10 enterprise LMS below.

5 Leading Enterprise File Sync and Share Providers


Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) is a software service that allows employees to safely sync and share videos, photos, documents, files, and other assets with individuals inside and outside the organization across multiple devices like phones, laptops, desktops, and tablets.

Bigtincan: The Only Enterprise Sales Enablement Platform That Adapts to Your Sales Process


Most sales enablement platforms weren’t designed with enterprise sales needs in mind. Enterprise workflows systems are often complex, and can involve employees on many teams working with thousands of documents across several repositories, in many verticals and different countries.

Sales 91

Can web training software replace your offline training?


All the familiar ingredients of an enterprise (offline) training session circa 2000. No wonder most enterprises have since embraced online training with both arms. Offline training is costly. Let’s be clear about the biggest pain point with offline training first: it’s expensive. Offline training is a disruption. Offline training is ineffective. Offline training is hard to evaluate. Offline training has slow reflexes.

Best Seismic Alternatives and Competitors for Enterprise Sales Teams


In our experience, this can lead to a messy content structure at an enterprise scale. 100% offline functionality, including AI-powered search. The post Best Seismic Alternatives and Competitors for Enterprise Sales Teams appeared first on Bigtincan.

The Best Retail LMS for Enterprise Brands: How to Onboard Employees Quickly and Boost Engagement


For more information on how microlearning benefits your retail business and your trainees, and how Bigtincan makes it easy to implement, see our in-depth blog post on that topic, The Best Enterprise LMS 2.0 We’ve helped other enterprise customers get started, and we can help you, too.

The Best Sales Collateral Management Solution for Enterprises (Factors to Consider)


Your enterprise might be working with any or all of these types of sales collateral: Product Documents. Many enterprises have 2-3 people as asset managers specially designated to handle all the collateral. Bigtincan’s search works offline on any device.

Top Learning Systems Trends – A 2019 Extended Enterprise Market Guide

Talented Learning

Well, a lot is happening in extended enterprise learning and we want to touch on all the high points. Today’s market can be categorized in various ways, but we see three distinct segments: CORPORATE EXTENDED ENTERPRISE: This involves a broad spectrum of business-oriented solutions, from customer education and channel partner training, to employee skills development, compliance and talent management. 19 Five Use Cases Propel Extended Enterprise Learning.

6 Effective Training Techniques for Enterprises with a Distributed Workforce

Hurix Digital

The recent pandemic outbreak has made the remote working culture indispensable for enterprises. While selecting a training strategy, enterprises need to consider these challenges and ensure that the chosen training technique helps employees to learn effectively.

Best of the Best – Extended Enterprise or multi-tenant LMSs

eLearning 24-7

You may heard the term, “extended enterprise” and immediately thought to yourself that it does not apply to you. Or you may see an extended enterprise which focuses on the B2B, B2C or both. The system works at all levels: across the global enterprise, B2B, B2C, Channel Partners, mid size, mid to large and definitely large. The system as a whole is quite robust including digital signatures, online/offline synch and a very nice UI.

Extended Enterprise Learning: Providing Training Value for External Partners through E-learning


Technology-aided learning can be utilized for Extended Enterprise Learning, providing training to the learners outside of your organization. This can be straightforward, especially if there is, in place, a pan enterprise Learning Management System (LMS). Added assessment information like classroom assignments , as well as, other offline assignments can be uploaded on the extended learning portal to create a cumulative picture of the learners’ progress and true competence. •

The Importance of Extended Enterprise Learning for Business Development


If you don’t focus on extended enterprise learning, now is the time to do so. So what exactly is extended enterprise learning? Extended enterprise learning benefits. Extended enterprise training can fill these knowledge gaps, clear up customer confusion, and handle misinformation from partners. Extended enterprise training can keep your company agile. Extended enterprise learning can help lower this risk. Key features for extended enterprise learning.

Online Training Solutions and the Art of Enterprise Training Delivery


Blended Learning: Blended learning as an online training solution allows an effective blend of online and offline learning, thus, providing learners the best of both the worlds. Here are 7 Reasons Why Enterprises Must Invest in an Employee Training App.

Online learning tools


The powerful solution that become an Enterprise Resource Planning platform will make the processes inside your company faster and effectively. Corporate Education eLearning Platform learning mobile offline online toolInterconnection is fundamental nowadays. Using multiple tools that can work together, will facilitate the work and save time in the realization of many processes.

Tools 98

5 tips for a successful enterprise management training program


If, rather, you want to begin your first enterprise Talent Development and eLearning program by training your managers, then this post is for you too. Why that is, and how should you proceed in order to create a successful enterprise management training program for your enterprise? Thus, don’t constrain your enterprise management training to the trivia of being a manager (e.g. Focus on people’s skills in your enterprise management training.

How Authoring Tools Unlock Enterprise Knowledge

Ed App

Enterprises encase a vast amount of knowledge in various departments of the company. A good authoring tool unlocks enterprise knowledge through its combination of information from a plethora of sources into one succinct lesson. Our new offline learning mode makes it easy to complete training without Internet connection, further facilitating the convenience of microlearning in mobile learning.

My 2012 Enterprise mLearning Predictions Recap

mLearning Trends

As 2012 draws to a close, its time to evaluate how in focus my lens on the future of enterprise mobile learning proved to be this past year and how many of my year ago predictions hit their targets. Whatever it is, this one is music to my ears after many years of toiling away to make mLearning a reality for the enterprise. The first part of this prediction was “spot on” – enterprise workers are better equipped on the mobile front at the end of 2012 than they’ve ever been.

The Best Strategy to Take Personalized Learning Enterprise-Wide

MeetingOne on eLearning

Where schools only have to focus on a few hundred students – and often only a few dozen in individual classes – a large enterprise may have thousands if not tens of thousands of employees who need training. In this blog, we’ll explore the best strategy for extending personalized learning across an enterprise using a corporate LMS. Making Personalized Learning Enterprise-Wide a Reality. Learning is always a big undertaking in the enterprise setting.

2019 Talented Learning Awards: Corporate Extended Enterprise Systems

Talented Learning

Today is a banner day for extended enterprise education , because today we’re unveiling the new face of learning systems excellence – The 2019 Talented Learning Awards! As outlined last month , we’re simplifying the way we honor the best learning systems by focusing on two key extended enterprise categories: CORPORATE EXTENDED ENTERPRISE: Business-oriented solutions targeting external audiences such as customers, channel partners, suppliers and contractors.

SCORM goes mobile with eFrontPro for Android


Rather, standards compliance is one of the most important aspects of enterprise software. Starting from eFrontPro’s Android application’s latest update, we are proud to announce that we’ll be supporting mobile SCORM in both online and offline learning modes. So, if a user is offline when they interact with a mobile SCORM course, their progress will be stored locally, and synced automatically when they get back online.


Enterprise app stores on the rise as workplaces go mobile


Enterprise app stores on the rise as workplaces go mobile. To address some of the security concerns that accompany a greater variety of gadgets, companies seek solutions that facilitate convenient processes while keeping enterprise resources safe. BYOD drives enterprise application development According to HR Magazine, almost 50 percent of companies allow employees to bring their own devices to work, up from 31 percent in 2011.

Build An Air-tight Business Case For A Learning Platform


A learning platform is, of course, a big investment for enterprises, so before making anything happen, you’re going to have to please your case to executives – and prove to them a next-generation learning platform is worth the coin that will be needed to be shelled out. This means it takes time to build a learning platform business case for the enterprise. Get internal buy-in from your key decision makers with an air-tight business case.

What is mobile learning? (M-learning)


Learners have access to learning materials and learning support anywhere and any time, unlike enterprise learning that is office-based. Offline is online. For example, there are many industries where offline functionality is a part of doing business.

Mobile 207

How to Create and Deliver Bite-sized Learning for Enterprise Training

Hurix Digital

There are several advantages of delivering bite-sized learning for enterprise training and learning and development (L&D). Creating and Delivering Bite-sized Learning for Enterprise Training. Ensure Usability Across Platforms: People consume their content on all types of platforms – laptops, PCs, tablets and mobiles, so make sure that your content is easy to access on all platforms and is available both offline and online.

LMS Review: Docebo 7

Talented Learning

Here was my assessment at that time: Docebo is an excellent option for your first or second internal or extended enterprise LMS. Mobile apps with offline content support and text push notifications. And because it is designed with the needs of modern learners at its core, Docebo is valuable for multiple business use cases — including employee, extended enterprise and commercial training. Extended Enterprise Ready Yes. See More Vendors in our LMS Directory.

The gradebook module


News from the e-learning frontier Pages Home About Community Free e-Learning Resources Contribute to the e-Learning Community 7/23/2010 The gradebook module The brand new eFronts gradebook module combines results from online activities (tests, participation, projects) and offline activities (written tests, teacher judgment,) to produce grades for users. For offline activities we have to manually add the scores.

How to Create and Deliver Bite-sized Learning for Enterprise Training

Hurix Digital

There are several advantages of delivering bite-sized learning for enterprise training and learning and development (L&D). Creating and Delivering Bite-sized Learning for Enterprise Training. Ensure Usability Across Platforms: People consume their content on all types of platforms – laptops, PCs, tablets and mobiles, so make sure that your content is easy to access on all platforms and is available both offline and online.

Can Learning Consume the C-Suite? Why It Will in 2021 & Beyond


These new skills will come in handy as the company moves to a 30 percent-online–70 percent-offline working model. Articles eLearning Enterprise Learning adaptive learning adaptivity corporate elearning Corporate Training Learning Management System Online Training Platform remote training training remote workersBack in 2019, very few businesses were expecting a pandemic. After all, epidemics were things of the past, relegated to the history books.

Suite 63

Five Free Gamification Ideas: Motivate your employees the old-fashioned way


However, in this post I want to take a different, offline approach; I want to take old-fashioned and timeless games and apply them to workforce motivation. I noticed a raffle used by one of the managers and was suddenly reminded of the power and beauty of the offline games I used to play with my pals as a child: Raffles with tiny crumpled notes, intense games with elaborate point-counts and leagues. Five Free Gamification Ideas: Motivate your employees the old-fashioned way.

PSI Selects Meridian LMS to Drive Global Learning


Meridian LMS also allows users to take their training offline. Press Releases elearning platform extended enterprise lms clients member educationReston, VA – February 16, 2021? Award-winning learning technology provider Meridian Knowledge Solutions today announced that PSI (Population Services International), a global nonprofit organization, has chosen Meridian LMS as their learning platform for 4,000 internal staff and external users.