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Using Assessments Effectively in eLearning

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The popular term is Return on Investment or ROI. Why would we then invest money in purchasing or developing an eLearning program and not worry about determining whether it is worth it? Assessments can be one of the ways we determine our ROI. This is a Level 1 Evaluation.

Questions about Instructional Design Careers

Experiencing eLearning

I don’t find developing software simulations to be particularly rewarding, for example, because there often isn’t a ton of creativity. The reality is that in both higher ed and corporate learning, the most common evaluation is “smile sheets.”

Learning Developments: WBT Development Toolbox

Learning Developments

My role is to help start up a web based training program. I will be doing a lot of technology training courses so software simulations are very important. Captivate does a very good job of creating software simulations. Articulate and Lectora do not do simulations. My current plan is to use Captivate to create flash simulations that can be embedded in content created by Articulate or Lectora. Ask the Readers: Favorite Productivity Software?

Converting Classroom Training to Elearning

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There’s also a lot of things you can do in your testing, your evaluation procedure that, hey, you did really well on eight of the 10 concepts, but why don’t you review these last two and take them back through a review slide? Brandon Winston: One of the ones … it is kind of a follow-on for a safe place to fail, software simulation. ” So I love software simulation and the repeatability of that.