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Bloom’s Taxonomy and Online Learning

Growth Engineering

Bloom’s Taxonomy is a concept you’ll come across pretty quickly once you start exploring the world of learning. Although you’ll normally see it in the context of teaching children, Bloom’s Taxonomy applies to learning at all levels. Where does Bloom’s Taxonomy come in?

Organizing Course Content with Storyboards


When you see your course on a map, you are more able to evaluate the effectiveness and also, put components in the right order. Bloom’s taxonomy helps understand this natural order. Evaluation. Students can evaluate and judge situations.

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Which Learning Content Trends Matter Most to You?

Talented Learning

As Wikipedia explains, automation can support curation with collaborative filtering, semantic analysis and social ratings. But related issues must be addressed – like how to optimize metadata, taxonomies and file compression. How to evaluate the impact of a refreshed content strategy.

Learning to the Rescue: The FDIC’s Thom Terwilliger

CLO Magazine

Now, with the crisis mostly in the rearview mirror, Terwilliger said the focus has shifted to addressing challenges that many of his peers in the industry face, like measurement and social learning. He said by 2015 the function’s goal is to have evaluations that reach all five levels of Donald Kirkpatrick’s evaluation taxonomy. However, the FDIC has taken steps to integrate social learning with its more traditional delivery options.