E-Learning Analytics: The ROI for Online Courses


One of the most exciting developments is Raptivity's Engagement Analytics. For most analytics, the one event that you cannot test or measure is the interactivity. eLearning elearning 2016 eLearning Interactions engagement analytics raptivity

LearnX Asia Pacific 2009 - Day 2

E-Learning Provocateur

Margaret offers them the following tips: always be mindful of the remote worker/learner; train them to chunk their days into productive periods free from interruption; avoid information overload; and build social capital through social networking.

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Best of Elearning! 2015 Finalists Revealed


This industry event offers executives the opportunity to network, share and learn about the best learning options and dialogue directly with technologists and learning leaders, all in one place. events, contact sales@2elearning.com or visit www.2elearning.com/events. Raptivity. Social Learning. Virtual Event Platforms. Path Event Learning Platform. Events. Events. Events, visit: www.2elearning.com/events.

Why Use ActionScript 3.0 in Flash Based eLearning Development?

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Organized code – it has better object-oriented structure which includes things like runtime typing, sealed classes, packages, namespaces, and an improved event model. files created using rapid eLearning tools [like Raptivity etc.] There are also a few Social media libraries/classes. Social Media Libraries for Flash eLearning Development: Useful Firefox add-ons. Adobe Flash Professional is undoubtedly the most popular tool for custom eLearning development.

Staying Connected from Learning Solutions 2013

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More and more conferences such as this are now global events, played out on a platform of technologies and social media, with the delegates and speakers providing an online window into what is going on from inside the conference walls from their mobile devices and laptops. In preparation I’ve done a bit of homework on tweeting at a live event. This way, anyone following that stream will see my posts and identify me as part of that event.

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Product Review: Plateau TMS (Talent Management System)

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This is Plateau’s social learning component, and it reminds me of a cross between a COP (Community of Practice) with some social learning functionality. Social learning is based on incorporating social media types (whatever you choose) and e-learning. Plateau) see social networking as a wiki, blog, profiles, a bit of communities and RSS feed. There are more than 20 different types of social media with lots of companies in each space.

What Tools Should We Learn?


A few companies are building and selling pre-packaged interactions like Raptivity and the eLearning Brothers. Social Networking/Bookmarking This is not so much a tool as it is a cultural shift in how we communicate and share. Goes without saying…get immersed in social networking.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Reflecting on the e-Learning Guild Annual Gathering

Mark Oehlert

e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « e-Learning Guild Gathering Follow Up Post | Main | Post Conference Clean Up.Social Change, Web 2.0 Great buzz at this event. Dont get hung up looking at the 3D virtual world - thats icing - look at what kind of social networking and workflow process support tools are built into it. Raptivity : The name is a mashup it seems of rapid and interactivity. What a fabulous event!