Ideal Learning Event

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The ideal learning event is quick and timely. In fact one executive’s described the ideal learning event as occurring within five to ten minutes of realizing the need, customized to the situation, and providing just the right “trick” or insight needed to perform a specific task.

Module 199

The State of Virtual Events


As we have mentioned, part of that content delivery strategy should absolutely include live online events to meet the needs of all member preferences. In Tagoras’s recently launched Virtual Events Report 2018 , sponsored by Community Brands, we learned that 81.6

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How Gagné’s Nine Events of Instruction Can Make Your Online Courses Better


His pioneering work in instructional design led to a systematic approach to learning that we know today as Gagné’s Nine Events of Instruction. Here are Gagné’s Nine Events of Instruction, and how you can employ them in your course design.

Design Your E-Learning Course Using Gagné’s Nine Events Of Instruction


To follow the behaviorist approach of e-learning, most industry experts have adopted Gagné’s ­9 Events of Instruction. Given below is the list of Gagné’s 9 Events of Instruction: 1. Provide analogies and case studies based on real-world applications.

Beyond Static, One-Time Training Events


So, after much research, the company implemented a blended learning model that not only includes in-person classroom training, but extends to self study, virtual learning, role playing, field experiences as well as information reinforcement and continual learning.

Open Source eLearning Network Event


On July 12 th , 2013 in Birmingham, England, the eLearning Network will be holding a day of practical case studies, sharing experiences and debate which will cover how you should procure the technologies to support learning in your organization. eLearning Learning Open Source Tools events

Tips for Creating an Interactive Learning Event

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To ensure that the learning goals of a game, gamification or simulation are met, the first priority is to design the interactive learning event to focus on learning objectives from the beginning and not as an afterthought.

Upcoming Events

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Study Group – Learning To Teach Online MOOC – 1 July 2015 Express Interest. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. UnConference – Melbourne 19 August 2015 Register. TinCan/xAPI Workshop 20 August 2015 . Content Curation for Professional Development 20 August 2015 . WEBINARS. The TinCan/xAPI Journey – Step 1 – Validating the Potential Online Forum 28 May 2015 Register. Rewiring Leadership for 21st Century Workplace – Online Forum 17 June 2015 Register.

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Beyond Static, One-Time Training Events


So, after much research, the company implemented a blended learning model that not only includes in-person classroom training, but extends to self study, virtual learning, role playing, field experiences as well as information reinforcement and continual learning. The post Beyond Static, One-Time Training Events appeared first on Axonify. The job of an Ethicon (Johnson & Johnson) sales rep is only becoming more demanding.

Emotional engagement in immersive learning: Case studies and findings

Brightwave Group

There are still a lot of unknowns, but reliable case study data on the way immersive tech can affect the learner’s lived experience is beginning to emerge. Case studies. Blogs Events emotion empathy immersive immersive learning learning design

Creating a Virtual Leadership Academy: A Case Study #ASTDTK14

Learning Visions

Virtual learning event for physician leaders. But the upshot is they created/designed a virtual leadership event. It used to be all in person events -- so they were trying out doing virtual events with one live event once a year.

Mobile Learning in Education [STUDY]


This particular study defined mobile devices as “wireless handheld devices that use wi-fi, 3G or 4G to connect to the internet, many of which use an operating system such as iOS, Windows or Android, and can run various types of apps (i.e. According to the study, the majority of children at all grade levels (which included preschool through 12th grade in the United States) have some form of access to a variety of technology at home, including mobile devices. Current events.

Study 210

E-Learning events in the Asia-Pacific region 2012

E-Learning Provocateur

With 2012 gathering steam, it’s time to plan the next round of professional development events to attend. • Theme: eLearning business case studies.

Case Study: Transforming the classrooms with Adobe Presenter

Adobe Captivate

Case Study: Transforming the classrooms with Adobe Presenter Date and time: Thursday, 20th February, 2014 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM US/Pacific Description: Join Dr. Pooja Jaisingh, Adobe eLearning Evangelist, as she shares her experience on how the Government School teachers from Bangalore were able to transform their traditional classrooms to collaborative classrooms with the help […].

LMS AI Chatbot is an innovative feature that is changing the way learners study


LMS AI Chatbot can tell you what you should study or do next. It will show upcoming events or deadlines. The post LMS AI Chatbot is an innovative feature that is changing the way learners study appeared first on Paradiso eLearning Blog. The reason behind using technology for educational work is to facilitate the processes, making them simpler, always thinking of the user.

Study 91

Online Communities and Online Events: The Perfect Match


A University of Michigan study found that customers / members spent 19 per cent more after joining a company’s online community. Online communities have become a valuable component of an organization’s engagement strategy.

2018 International E-Learning Events to Mark on Your Calendar 


An e-learning event is the best way to achieve all that. If the event is held abroad, it gives you broader opportunities for networking, which makes it worth the travel. 5 Interesting E-Learning Events to Attend in the First Half of 2018. All E-Learning Events at a Glance.

Top 10 eLearning Events of 2017


After an eventful 2016, we’re looking forward to an even better 2017. To keep up with the latest industry trends and discussions, we’ve created a list of the top learning events you won’t want to miss this year: . Already heading to any of these events?

Case Studies for eLearning: How and when they work best


Case studies in education are an age old teaching strategy. In this article, we talk about effective approaches to using case studies in eLearning environments. Case studies make excellent reading and comprehension activities, while simultaneously serving as information providing tools.

8 Live Event Ideas To Boost Learner Participation In Online Training


In this article, we’ll share 8 Live event ideas that can help you boost learner participation in online training. . 8 Live Event Ideas That Can Help You Boost Learner Participation In Online Training. Introduce A Real-World Example Or Case Study.

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Kineo Event in Los Angeles Feb 28th

Learning Visions

If you're an elearning professional in the Greater Los Angeles area, please join us for a fun and informative networking and sharing event on February 28. Kineo clients from the entertainment and technology industries will be presenting case studies, and I'll be leading a conversation, along with Kineo's Tanveer Makhani, on mobile learning for the enterprise.

Case Study: Multi-Billion-Dollar Financial Services Firm


Description of Use: The organization has been using the Performitiv system for instructor led training events. About the Organization: The organization is a multi-national, multi-billion-dollar organization operating in the financial services space. They are a Fortune 500 organization with over 22 million customers and over $650 billion in assets under management.

SiriusDecisions 2017 Summit is Next Week! Plus, 2017 Product Management Tools and Technology Study

Web Courseworks

It’ll be a great experience for product management leaders — in fact, it’s been named one of “ 7 events no product manager should miss this year ” and a “ product management conference not to miss.” If you can’t make it for the whole 4 days, we have a special discounted 2-day (Wednesday and Thursday) pass available for product management leaders — contact the SiriusDecisions events team for more information.

Why you should use case studies to make your elearning course more engaging


The biggest challenge in creating an elearning course is engaging the learner, and there is a very simple solution for this – Case Studies. So here’s how you can use case studies to make your course engaging and interesting. We tend to remember a story better than just facts, and it provides a very practical, firsthand account of events that happened, and the appropriate solutions to them. Case studies need lesser time to build, and they rarely result in an information dump.

New Case Study Explores Using New Technologies to Support Human Interaction

ATD Learning Technologies

The following is an excerpt from ATD Research’s latest case study, Accenture: Delivering High Touch Learning With High Tech Tools. The pinnacle event was a fireside chat that opened the floor to questions from participants. To read the full case study, click here.

Q&A with Eduardo Salas: Learning Is Not a One-Time Event


Not surprisingly, companies are investing heavily in L&D: A Bersin by Deloitte study found that spending on learning grew 10% in 2014 alone. a professor of psychology at Rice University—who studies how to optimize environments for learning and development—to chat about the current learning landscape, common mistakes, and how companies can design truly impactful programs. Companies] think that training is a one-time event.

Micro-Learning Impacts: Training Magazine Event Study

Vignettes Learning

We just released a study and report on "Micro-Learning Impacts." This study (on-going) was conducted in cooperation with Training Magazine Events showing how learners learn, apply, network, and measure results.

6 Learning and Development Events You Won’t Want to Miss


Here are six events we think everyone in the realm of workplace knowledge would benefit from experiencing (including ourselves). At Learning Solutions, you’ll be inspired to approach training and development in new, creative ways–with more than 100 concurrent sessions on eLearning best practices, case studies, and new trends, as well as specialized sessions focused on higher education and hands-on technical training, you’re guaranteed to come back to the office inspired.

3D Simulations Revitalize Study of the Humanities

Designing Digitally

The decline of the study of humanities has presented a tremendous opportunity for the elearning market. As education has made a shift toward an over-abundance of standardized testing, the study of the humanities has commonly fallen by the wayside.

Why a Case Study is the Key to Training Success


Ashley, a sales representative for Big Sales Corp, is going to a dinner event with prospective clients. When she arrives at the event she realizes what she thought was a formal dinner is in fact a backyard picnic, meaning she’s way overdressed in her black suit and pearls.

EVENT BLOG: Client Day - Refresh, Revitalise, Rejuvenate!

Unicorn Training

Don't sweat it, all the updates and news from the event can be found right here! Guest speakers include Amuzo's Mike Hawkyard, who will explain the principles of gaming and how they can be incorporated into training while some client SkillsServe case studies will be showcased.

Rockstars on the Road: Hear Marty Rosenheck Speak at These Events

eLearning Brothers

You’ll delve into the design of an experimental study that carefully controlled for confounding variables to determine the effectiveness of the hospital’s investment in building the virtual hospital. How to avoid the common pitfalls of a media comparison study.

Can self-study be social?

Clive on Learning

In my last post, a review of The New Social Learning , I proposed that, with the rapid rush to using e-learning in the workplace, we are at greater risk of a surplus of isolated self-study than we are an explosion in the use of social media. In particular, I'm beginning to wonder whether self-study can feel social. Surely the same could be true for e-learning self-study content. Policy manuals, corporate brochures and self-study compliance courses are not, because they don't.

Study 82

CaboPress Review and How to Run a Quality Mastermind Event Chris Lema Style


This episode of LMScast is a CaboPress review and how to run a quality mastermind event Chris Lema style with co-founders of LifterLMS , Chris Badgett and Thomas Levy. Today we are doing a review of Chris Lema’s CaboPress event, which is something we’ve been to several times now-.

Case Study: Greenlight Planet & EduMe - Driving salesforce productivity & engagement


They realised that in order for this to happen, learning needed to go from being an infrequent event to a regular habit. How did an innovative FMCG company increase its agents’ sales by 116% ? By using an award-winning microlearning platform that’s designed for mobile, of course!