White-labeling Your Training Portal: The What, Why And How


In this post, we are going to examine this practice, known as “white-labeling”, in the context of online training. Namely, what it is, why you might want to consider it, and the kind of options a white-label LMS, like TalentLMS, can give you. What does “white-label” mean? To “white-label” an online service (in our case, your online training portal), simply means to put your own logo and branding on it.

The Perfect White Label LMS: A 10-point Checklist

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A fully customisable white label LMS is every training managers dream. Instead, find yourself the best white label LMS on the market and use every option available to make it reflect your brand. The Academy LMS lets you use banners on the main dashboard to draw attention to specific training, or even important events in the company calendar. A white label LMS is crucial if you want to guarantee user buy-in for your platform.

KEA is Exhibiting at DevLearn 2019


This is possible through our white-label solutions that offer immense customizability and flexibility. Events artificial intelligence corporate training DevLearn DevLearn 2019 digital learning learning technologies professional developmentWe are extremely excited to announce that KEA will be exhibiting at DevLearn 2019, the largest international conference and expo, focused specifically on the latest innovations in eLearning technologies.

How Can You Start Your Own eLearning Business In 2021


Invest in a white label eLearning solution. The next approach is the most viable one-use a white label solution to develop your eLearning website. . Integrate notifications to inform your users about your new courses, recommendations, events, or updates. .

Best Video Hosting Solutions for Online Courses


While you can embed YouTube videos on your site, those videos aren’t white labeled. You can also include annotated links or chapter navigation in the video, and it integrates with Eventbrite if you host a lot of live events. You’re creating a video series for your course.

Top 24 LMS Features: The Complete List (2020 Update)


Branding and white labeling. Branding and white labeling. White labeling makes it so that your learners can’t tell your platform is owned by someone else, and it makes them feel right at home. An LMS vendor that allows you to white label your eLearning platform allows your university to house the same colors, logos, icons, and watermarks.

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Your LMS criteria can make or break your buying process – here’s how to win


Web conferencing integrations make it easier than ever to host virtual events, webinars, and conferences, directly within your learning platform, and these babies are here to stay.

How to Start an Online Consultation Marketplace Business


A digital calendar and events management tool for appointments. . For example, the following fitness training platform, fitnessforworld.com , offers both in-person and group training via webinars and private video conferencing. . White-labeled solution.

Software for Associations | 15 Platforms to Consider

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Your association is responsible for creating engagement opportunities—from continuing education courses to conferences and events—to help your members grow in their careers and meet like-minded professionals in related fields. Conference & Events Software for Associations. Additionally, CourseStage LMS facilitates registration for live learning events and allows you to upload materials afterward for learners who were unable to attend in person.

The Ultimate Checklist: 17 criteria to help you choose the ideal LMS for your SMB


But while your staff appreciated the learning opportunities, the pressures of work left them with too little time and energy to attend these events. White labeling and customization options. This is why you need an LMS with superpowers to automate repetitive tasks for both course and user management – like sending automated email notifications about upcoming events, and automatically assigning courses to new users. White labeling and customization options.

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The 15+7 Best Webinar Platforms: Comparison Guide for 2020


It has public and private chats that allow viewers to communicate without interrupting the presenter. Amongst its winning features is its usability because of its user-friendly interface and the step-by-step instructions it offers on how to set up the event. Packed up with simplicity in its use, Demio puts emphasis on the live events which you can schedule within a few minutes. It comes with a private chat and a branded registration page.

2019 Talented Learning Awards: Continuing Education Systems

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For these reasons, a complete continuing education solution usually requires multiple elements: A high-quality public “branded” website; Integrated systems for content management, customer relationship management, event management and membership management; Tools for marketing automation, social networking, secure ecommerce, product fulfillment, analytics and more. Many organizations that conduct large-scale events rely on proven production and event management experts.

What Hooks Learners to eLearning?

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One of the key topics of discussion in eLearning-themed events is on ‘Engaging Learners’ and experts continue to speak on the topic with their ideas and findings. Penny-pinching finance teams might rather force their L&D teams to white-label and sign-up for such courses rather than hiring a dedicated team to build and deploy eLearning from scratch. What hooks learners to eLearning?

How to Create a Customer University with an LMS


Once set up and scheduled, the notifications are automatically sent when an event is triggered so you don’t have to micromanage training. . Brand and White-label the portals.

Elon Musk’s Top Priority is the Starship Spacecraft – What’s Yours?


That means creating the perfect real-world replica of a software environment, complete with impressive touches like white-labeled branding, or specific mirroring of custom architecture like switches, routers, or additional network elements.

Best Employee Onboarding Solutions for the Digital-First Workforce


It is a white-labelled application, which means you can get it customized the way you want. Boardon: Boardon is a white label software where you can set up onboarding, send invitations and view reports and analytics. You can also add activities and events and place them on the newcomer’s timeline. What comes to your mind when you think of onboarding a new employee? To get all the paperwork ready for signatures on day one.

How To Create An Online Language Learning Website Like Verbling


Live 1-on-1 sessions : Students and tutors can connect to schedule private sessions as per preferred timings. Recorded sessions : Students can access/download recordings of the previous group and private live sessions if the tutor has allowed it. Tutor Profile & Booking a Private Lesson. Interactive white-board for digital illustrations. Events management and notifications. Calendar view of the upcoming and completed events.

How to Grow Your Community and Niche Network through a Virtual Summit with Jan Koch from WP Agency Summit


He attributes the failure to not having clear enough targeting or messaging about who his event was for and what benefits the event offered. If you had to slap a bunch of labels, you’re obviously multitalented, what paths have you taken through WordPress?

2020 LMS pricing guide: Here’s what makes up the cost ??


Web-conferencing : These integrations make it easier than ever to host virtual events, webinars, and conferences directly within your learning platform, in real-time. A learning management system is a big investment that drives innovation, growth, and ultimately untapped revenue.

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Top 10 Sales Enablement Tools to Empower your Sales Force


This tool also allows offline access, along with white label custom branding options. It provides them with the right data at the right time based on their context, location and upcoming events. How about a cloud-based platform to create, deliver & track interactive sales training on a white label mobile app. What is a Sales Enablement Tool?

How To Start An Online English Teaching Business And Make Money


Webinars are online events that can be attended by a group of students. Whereas, if you want to conduct classes like a one-time grand event, then a live webinar would be the best choice. .

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What Is Learning Management System, Its Features, And Advantages Of Using LMS


This will also help you to refer to the LMS records in the event of an audit as well which makes adhering to rules easy. . White Labelling And Brand Integration. Choose a white label LMS solution that offers the functionality of a branded learning management system.

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These are scheduled events such as webinars and webcasts. White label – you might offer your courses to others to sell. Has your organization reached a size or stage where you’re struggling to keep up with the training demands? Or are you looking to reach a new audience in a more modern way? Then developing online learning or an e-learning course might be your solution. Yet, where to do you start? What do you do, more importantly, what shouldn’t you do?

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Twitter Founder Launches New App - Its a Jelly, eh?

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I could see this being a white label enterprise Q&A app with employees asking and answering questions. As training departments begin to transition their focus from event based training to Performance Support models, I can see tools like Jelly becoming more and more popular. I have a hard time NOT thinking of this movie whenever I see doughnuts. And I have been known to bribe my kids with them. Of course, they never knew why I would always say, "It''s a jelly, eh?"

DMA Professional Development Portal

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Private label micro-sites for organizational members, creating a branded, more personalized experience for their most valued members. Digitec’s mission is to combine technology and creativity to transform learning from a singular, passive event into highly adaptive and engaging learning experiences that change lives. Download the DMA Association Learning Management System Case Study as a PDF.

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Two Global Brand Digital Retail Transformation Case Studies: Lessons & Challenges


They carry thousands of personal care and beauty brands along with their own private label. Digital retail transformation can mean anything from “click and collect” curbside pickup to full-blown workplace automation and enterprise artificial intelligence.

How Can Associations Distribute e-Reports Effectively?


From member subscription details, personal information, event details, financial reports, everything that earlier used to resemble a pile of papers are now held in one compact device. You can also create a one-minute video, highlighting past and upcoming events and post it on your organization’s social pages to get people more excited and visit your website. It helps you organize and plan events for promotions.

27+ Best WordPress Development Companies Based on their Specialization, Location and Cost

The Be-all and End-all Guide to Creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

Their partner-based White Label privileges give you access to premium plugins and additional development support from partner agencies. WPExperts also work on solutions like WordPress forms, WordPress subscriptions, and WordPress events. . WordPress Events.

It’s raining features: TalentLMS 3.5 update lands on the Cloud


With SSL becoming increasingly essential for modern websites, the ability to seamlessly use TalentLMS with a secure custom domain has been requested by commercial eLearning sites, white-labelers, and businesses alike — and it’s finally here. Maybe it’s because we wanted to mark TalentLMS 5th anniversary with a really special update. Or maybe it’s because our development team has been energized by their summer vacations. Whatever the reason, TalentLMS 3.5

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How to Start an Online School: Step-by-Step Guide (for 2020)


These are “the voice” of your school, and you can send them out to your learners whenever certain events take place in your academy. Your learners are able to chat with you and with each other about the courses and by creating groups or communicating with private messages. With LearnWorlds you have the option to go fully white-label on a paid plan, to connect your website domain and enhance your branding efforts.

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8 Top Priorities For Your LMS Needs Assessment

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For example, you may require a Learning Management System that can handle multiple languages or that allow you to customize all labels and the way your courses are structured. This capability can be a time saver, particularly if messages are generated automatically to provide information to students about events or course material that they subscribed for. Integrated live events such as webinars or even in-person events may also require notifications and reminders.

eLearning Culture: How to Get Everyone On Board


You can go a step further by white-labeling. Take for example an organization that does all it’s training in person, through classroom events. Change is something that every organization has to manage. We are creatures of habit, easily finding ourselves becoming resistant to it. The good news is that we can promote new habits and even a new eLearning culture with a little encouragement.

How You Can Build WordPress LMS Websites as a Service with WaaS Entrepreneur Michael Short


Chris and Michael have met up at several different WordPress and business related events. Michael also has white labeling tools for various products such as LifterLMS. So if you are building out an LMS WaaS for any industry or type of online course website, you can white label the back end to make navigating as easy as possible for customers. I’ve seen Michael around at several WordPress related and business related events.

LMS Vendors: How to Select the Right Vendor for your Goals

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By providing online features, this LMS is able to support offline learning and includes features for tracking, recording and assessing offline events along with online ones. As a thumb rule, start-ups that wish to sell custom content often need branding or white-labeling. There is enough data to support the fact that most companies are less than satisfied with their Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Ultimate eLearning terms you should know: Part 2 (M-Z)


Today, I’ll complete the list by defining the true meaning of training, from ‘manifest’ to ‘white label’ Let’s dive into the language of learning! During this kind of event, learners log on at the same time and an instructor guides the class. The kinds of learning Tin Can can track include reading a webpage, attending an event, borrowing a library book, playing a game, blended learning, and team-based learning.

6+1 Tips On Starting A Successful Training Business


It’s also important to approach prospective customers directly, but also to talk to prospective partners and other industry players (conferences and other such industry events are good places to do both, but for the former, cold calling can also be an option – just don’t be spammy). Not when there is already existing LMS for training companies , complete with white-labeling capabilities, that can do the job just fine, and has a proven professional record like eFront.

10 Social Media Tools For Learning

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This flexibility and ease of use could encourage impromptu learning events and meetings that can be set up in a moments notice, increasing the informal learning opportunities within and outside an organization. Elgg is a social networking engine and publishing platform for running your own social networking site on a public or private server. To create your own workplace learning, you can schedule events on TalkShoe and then publicize them.