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On Thursday, August 18, I attended the first ever Evernote Trunk Conference in San Francisco. I have heard of people using Evernote for all kinds of reasons up to and including “putting everything in Evernote.&# At the conference, talking to people, and listening to the speakers, I started to think about how learning professionals could use Evernote to design and deliver better training. Evernote is not just a place to record ideas.

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Back in 2014, David Kelley interviewed me for the (then) upcoming Dev Learn Conference sponsored by the Elearning Guild, he was writing a series on what people bring to the conference with them. Why this matters to you – keeping your notes on Evernote, OneNote or Google docs allows you to share your notes in the moment. How cool would lit be for you to writing notes and your team asks questions in the moment. Google Photos!

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Kinds of Productivity Apps that Make You (Almost) Superhuman

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I love using it to track multi-stage projects such as article writing. Writing apps. Everyone who writes knows the glorious feeling of taking thoughts out of your head and onto the screen in the right form. So developers around the world have designed a whole plethora of beautiful apps to give you a clean, uninterrupted space for writing and editing. My favorite writing apps include this one: Evernote.

My Top 10 Learning Tools

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In the capture and share category, major tools include: WordPress – I blog as a way to reflect and get feedback on my developing thoughts. Then, of course, there are the more standard thought capture and share tools: Word – while I like Pages, it’s outlining just does not meet my needs, as I outline as part of my writing process. Feedblitz – this is how I aggregate blogs I track and have them come via email (where I’ll see them).

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Sounds awfully cheesy in writing but I mean every word. Or maybe it was the time I stayed up all night and helped to video blog 24 videos in 24 hours. Outlook, Snagit, Evernote, Google Analytics, Skype, Google Docs, Sprout Social, Pandora and the ice cream scoop in the kitchen. Photo Credit: Lindsay Wilkinson Photography. The post Employee Highlight: Meet TechSmithie Katie Moore appeared first on TechSmith Blogs.

The Top 10 Most Used Online Employee Training Tools: Part 1


In fact, picking a handy text-editor is especially important if you’re doing the writing the course material. But the real reason is that unless you’re doing heavy photo and design work, Photoshop is probably overkill for your humble content editing needs (mainly cropping, resizing, making small adjustments, etc). Scanning software will help you achieve the optimal transfer of third party text, drawing and photos in the digital domain.

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As I was searching previous posts to answer his question, I ran into a lot of the tools and sites that I’ve recommended in previous blog posts. Photo Resizer : use this application to quickly resize images to a specific resolution. Image editing software : : free image and photo editing software that probably does most of what you need for elearning. You can find photos, illustrations, video clips, and some Flash files. Writing & Reading Resources.

10 Things the Motorola Xoom does Better than the iPad

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For the last 3 weeks, I have been Tweeting and Blogging about my experience with the new Motorola Xoom Tablet, which is the very first Tablet sporting Android 3.0, I can Browse the web and then just tap the third button, which is always located at the bottom left of the Xoom to switch to my e-mail, or my photo gallery, or to a YouTube video I was watching.

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And he just says to me, he’s like, “Have you ever thought of writing a book. I’ve had people send me photos of their apartments filled with just sticky notes of diagrams, and every day bench watch all my videos for three or four days, and then designed their little world. So, I have a process of Evernote for online stuff, my Kindle for my book stuff, and I think the Kindle sucks for the highlight ability, but at least I know what books or context.