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The post made me pause and reflect on the position/use of each in my PKM. Amplify bridges the gap that micro-blogging seems to have created in the blogosphere with people sharing links to great posts and maybe a few words on Twitter. The way Amplify works, one has to dig a bit deeper…probably a move toward sharing more thoughtfully… Blog : As Harold Jarche has said, my blog is where I hammer out my ideas. Blogging has helped me to: 1.

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Learning Resolutions: Promises Can't Take a Punch


I''d be done by 6 and move on to check my PLN and work on that nagging blog post. I''ve enlisted the Sunrise calendar app with its integration with other tools such as other calendars, social media, and Evernote, I can be more aware and make balanced decisions regarding my time and energy. My network, practice, and reflective writing suffered. I use many tools to help me connect and curate and these tools are critical to my Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) strategy.

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