Dissection: What's a PLN?

E-Learning Acupuncture

I use this to aggregage RRS feeds for my favourite blogs and news feeds. Delicious social bookmarking. Saves my bookmarks and makes them available anywhere I go (library, friend's house, work, home, iPhone, etc.) Evernote. I write this blog, eLearning Acupuncture, as a way of archiving my thoughts and at the same time giving back to my PLN. Tags: social networking tools collaboration PLN Have you heard this term - PLN?

What’s in Your Technology-Enabled Learning Toolbox?

Your Training Edge

This blog will explore more than 60 tools and technologies for successfully implementing each of these elements in your technology-enabled training program. The first step in writing learning objectives for online training is to identify what type of course it is. As Tom Kuhlmann wrote on The Rapid E-Learning Blog, online courses usually fall into one of two categories : information or performance. Delicious , Pinboard — social bookmarking. Blogs.