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I also installed the Evernote app since I've been fiddling with the desktop version of Evernote for a bit. Evernote has a Windows, Mac, Web and mobile version. So I upgraded my iPhone firmware to 2.0 and yes, I have been jamming apps on it ever since.

Post to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Evernote from Snagit!

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Once you install them, you'll see buttons inside Snagit to upload images and videos directly to Evernote, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube! The buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and Evernote must be installed manually. But some of them work on older versions of Snagit, in case you haven't gotten around to upgrading to the latest and greatest. ;). On Windows, you can use the outputs in Snagit 9, 10, or 11 (video sharing is limited to version 11).

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20 Team Collaboration Tools For Remote Teams In 2020

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You can expand and modify the fields in each data entry, link entries together, and in the paid version, set up Gantt charts and other project management systems. Asana is a well-known project management app, and for good reason: It’s attractive, easy-to-use, and offers a lot of features even in the free version. If your team is tired of playing detective and trying to figure out which version of an emailed file is the latest, you might find Bit.ai Evernote.

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Lights, Camera, Action! Welcome New Versions of Snagit!

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I'm happy to announce new versions of Snagit 11 for Windows and Snagit on Mac 2 are available today! Image Outputs to Facebook, Twitter and Evernote (Windows and Mac). And, fear not, the free version of Jing is not going anywhere. I can't wait to hear what you think about the new versions of Snagit! You've asked and we've listened. The number one request from Snagit users? Video!

The New and Improved Trainer Toolbox—Part 2

ATD Learning Technologies

Part 1 covers blogging, using Dropbox and Evernote, developing a PLN, curating and sharing information, and sending large files. Click here to read full version In this two-part blog post, Shannon Tipton details 10 things every L&D person should know how to do.

The New and Improved Trainer Toolbox: Part 1

ATD Learning Technologies

Part 1 covers blogging, using Dropbox and Evernote, developing a PLN, curating and sharing information, and sending large files. Click here to read full version In this two-part blog post, Shannon Tipton details 10 things every L&D person should know how to do.

The New and Improved Trainer Toolbox—Part 2

ATD Learning Technologies

Part 1 covers blogging, using Dropbox and Evernote, developing a PLN, curating and sharing information, and sending large files. Click here to read full version In this two-part blog post, Shannon Tipton details 10 things every L&D person should know how to do.

5 Thanksgiving Gifts Your Employees Will Love

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A paid Evernote subscription that acts as a perfect virtual office assistant. Evernote is a mobile app that enables your staff members do a wide variety of tasks from clipping web pages to sharing and discussing notes. This app comes in two paid versions – Plus and Premium. Thanksgiving Day is a time for celebration and appreciation – celebrate the services of your employees and appreciate their contribution to the growth of your organization.

Mac Troubleshooting: It's Time for the Time Machine

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  When I heard that a new version of Skitch was available, I immediately upgraded. I After starting the new Skitch, I was now required to have an Evernote account to use Skitch. However, to add insult to injury, going back to the old version wasn't possible. I did not have the old Skitch installer, and there was no way to revert back to a previous version of Skitch from within the app. 

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30 Day Brainstorm Challenge – Day 27: Dust Bunnies

Learning Rebels

All from a person who is having an open affair with Evernote. Many different versions of the same training program that I created and presented. 5 versions to be exact. It’s Day 27 of our 30 Day Brainstorm Challenge – Dust Bunnies! My office is driving me crazy. I’m not the most organized person, but now it’s straining even my easy-going nature. I suppose this is good news, I have a variety of projects and proposals that need attention.

Easygenerator in top 10 lists


Graig Weiss brought out the first version of his top 10 list of authoring tools ". It has a free version you can try before you buy and is well worth your time to try. their tools listing , only proceeded after Evernote and the only eLearning authoring tool on the list: "EasyGenerator is an eLearning authoring software that helps the creators of online courses and other educational tools build attractive and informative content that can be accessed via computer

My Top Ten Tools for 2009

Learning Visions

Evernote I heart Evernote. The desktop version synchs to the web which synchs to my iPod Touch. Cammy's Top 10 Tools of 2009 These are my favorite tools in support of my own learning adventures. Google Reader It's how I stay informed on the latest blog posts and news. Used to be my first stop in the morning after email, although that's recently changed. Now I stop first at Twitter.

You can't get a cloud in your hand

Clive on Learning

My instinct was to revert to the previous version and put this down to experience. Some time ago, I realised my vulnerability to third party online storage and copied my whole blog archive to my trusty Evernote. Except, of course, that my Evernote database is. With iCloud appearing on the horizon, I was reminded yesterday of just how vulnerable you become when you trust all your data to a third party to store for you online.

Organizing Course Content with Storyboards


You can pick up the latest version of the storyboard and make changes in it without errors and version issues. With Boords , you can quickly assemble storyboards, re-arrange frames, and create new versions in a snap. Evernote. Evernote allows you to create a journal of your notes. Evernote also keeps your data protected and private. Many times you brainstorm about your course writing every concept you want to include.

The 10 basic online tools every trainer and online facilitator should know

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You may also use Evernote to store your resources, but I prefer diigo because its default is public. If you want to try screencasting, start with the free version of screencast-o-matic. (photo by Kitty Terwolbeck ) There are lots of online tools that you can use for free or for very little money. Every week I try some new tools (like this week vialogues ) and honestly? Occasionally the high number of tools and possibilities make me restless.

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Microsoft Surface Reviewed: Is it Right For Mobile Learning?

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Both appear to be fully functional versions. The interface is very similar if not identical to the desktop versions. One of the first ones explains that the version of Office on the Surface is “not for revenue generating activities.” Not bad, but the free version comes with ads on the main page that change frequently and are a distraction. I found many familiar apps, such as NY Times, Kindle, Evernote, and Netflix.

My iPhone Apps for Learning Solution 2010 -

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

Evernote [ iTunes Link ] and reQall [ iTunes Link ] These apps are synched very nicely together. Any words that I use in a reQall note are searched for in Evernote making those evernotes part of the reQall item. Evernote is awesome in the same sense as Bento.

2016 Top Tools for Learning

Charles Jennings

Evernote: I’d drown or die trying to find that useful article or piece of information without Evernote. Having Evernote shared across all my devices makes life a lot easier. Evernote makes it easy to clip an article or post. The Office 2016 version has some nice features (even the Help function is improved) and its new ‘zoom’ feature is an attempt to break out of the linear straightjacket we’ve known and despised for years.

2015 Top Tools for Learning

Charles Jennings

Evernote: Tools for managing the tidal wave of information we are all subjected to are an absolute necessity. If we’re not to drown under uncategorised information overload, and if we’re to reduce the time we spend trying to find the ‘right stuff’ at the right time we need tools like Evernote. Evernote is the frontal lobe of my ‘external brain’ (where Google Search is probably the rest of my digital cerebral cortex).

Localizing Visuals- There’s A Better Way

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English Version. French Version. Since the purpose of the image is to orient viewers to the correct location on the screen, it’s important to match the elements in the original image with those in the simplified version.

Learning to Work, Working to Learn

Learning Visions

Documenting I've just discovered Evernote and I heart it. My iPod Touch synchs up with my desktop synchs up with the web version. Check out eQuixotic's award winning Articulate piece for a nice view of Evernote's capabilities. This post is my contribution to this month's Work/Learning Blog Carnival hosted by the venerable Dave Ferguson. The last time I posted for this carnival (almost a year ago!)

10 Things I Love about Screenr.com

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One Acrobat.com service I thought about was having a light-weight version of Adobe Captivate as part of Acrobat.com that would enable customers to do simple screen recordings or even software simulations, that could be shared and posted everywhere, on YouTube for example, or even right on Acrobat.com somehow. I have even created a category on my Evernote account, where I send myself emails every time I have an new idea for a Screenr.

Easygenerator in Top 10 List eLearning Authoring Software


Graig Weiss brought out the first version of his top 10 list of authoring tools “ New E-Learning rankings: Authoring tools on number 7″ “ Proof that you do not need to be based in the states to have a very cool product. It has a free version you can try before you buy and is well worth your time to try. Easygenerator is clearly gaining a lot of traction.

A More Personalized Snagit Experience: Why and How Snagit Went Custom

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That’s why in the latest version of Snagit we introduced an entirely customized way to capture, edit, and share. Snagit lets you add dozens of share outputs for destinations like Microsoft Word, Google Drive, DropBox, Evernote, and more. Take a second to think about your favorite brands you use every day, and why you use them. I’m guessing a big part of why you chose them over the competition has to do with the experience you have.

5 Best Time Management Apps On The Market

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Evernote. Backing up files is a great way to save time, with special regards to the inevitability of losing the original version of files. Though time is more important than money, time is money and money is time. Are you managing your time effectively at work? If not you might be stunting your progression, and your level of inefficiency can translate to other aspects of life. Additionally, your company probably won’t value you in the same regard than if you were more productive.

Need YouTube Video Ideas? Where You Need to Look for Inspiration

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I then look at the search results and decide if it’s a saturated area or there’s room for me to create my unique version. I love Trello , but you could also use Evernote , Google Keep , Snagit , or even a spreadsheet to organize your ideas and topics. Whether you’re making corporate training , educational videos, or videos to sell and promote a product or business, video creators all have the goal of producing relevant, engaging content for their audiences.

The Top 10 Most Used Online Employee Training Tools: Part 1


Microsoft has the excellent Windows Movie Maker that comes pre-installed with most Windows versions (and it can also be downloaded online for free) and Apple offers its own very good iMovie editor for just $14.99. To help you organize it all, we suggest a note taking program such as Microsoft’s OneNote or Evernote Corporation’s Evernote. Deciding to embrace eLearning for your employee training has become a no-brainer nowadays.

Why Reflect? The Role of Reflection in the Learning Process

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Then I also jot down notes in Evernote and discussion rooms and mostly on the wall. Telling Stories as a Form of Reflection One way to do reflection is to ask another person their own version of your own story or experience. Technologies that Help Enhance Reflection I mentioned Evernote, right? Traveling is a painful process, even when one is having a vacation.

Mobile tools

Clark Quinn

Sure, I could use EverNote, but then I’d have to have connectivity, and thanks to ATT’s coverage and hotel policies on wireless, that’s not always the case. Now there’s a somewhat abbreviated version of Lux on the iPhone. By the way, many of these were available on the Palm, and some version of the above may be available on Windows Mobile, RIM’s Blackberry, or forthcoming on Android.

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A Review of 2011 and the Future of Workplace Learning


It’s better to start with an imperfect first version than to not start at all. Using Evernote to design and deliver training. Yogi Berra once said, “Predictions are hard, especially when they are about the future.” ” So instead of writing a 2012 prediction post, I decided to review the topics I wrote about in 2011 and rediscover what topics really resonated with people.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: My Top Ten Tools for 2009

Learning Visions

Evernote I heart Evernote. The desktop version synchs to the web which synchs to my iPod Touch. Gcal is great and I like Evernote, but the fact that I can only access them from my laptop (which these days feels so much like a desktop) they lose a great deal of their power. Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff.

#TrainChat Wrapup: What Trainers Can Learn From Angry Birds


Same game, different versions – #AngryBirds Seasons, Rio, Space, etc. Evernote is a great example of a cross-platform experience customized for each platform. On Friday the Daily Mindflash once again hosted a Twitter chat with contributor David Kelly, in which we discussed his latest article, “ What Angry Birds Can Teach Us About Instructional Design.”

It's the end of the year as we know it.

eLearning Architect

But I am making an effort to write each one down (I use Evernote to remember everything) so that I can learn from each and use this to build a stronger business that delivers even more value to my clients. Shared file management is needed to make sure everyone has access to the latest versions of storyboards and designs. The past year has been a corker.

Top Picks for 2016 – E-Learning

eLearning 24-7

The Pro version removes the watermark, gives you personalized settings and HD enhancements. push out) to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Evernote, OneNote, YouTube and send to folks via e-mail or FTP. They offer a free version and a paid version. After a whirlwind week that for many of us has left an indelible mark of uneasiness and concern, we all need a little good cheer. Sure we could ask Santa to make a special emergency delivery.

Keeping Up - April's Big Question

eLearning Cyclops

I also like to make occasional visits to Google Labs and Adobe Labs to "keep up" with the tech tools they are working on and to test drive any beta versions available. April's Big Question from Learning Circuits is "How to Keep up?" This is in reference the immense and rapidly expanding technology tools. It is tough to stay on top of all the emerging tools. However, being involved in an e-learning community is a big help.

15 Must-Have Knowledge Sharing Tools

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TRELLO Features: Invitation-only boards, multiple app integrations with Google Drive, Slack, Evernote, etc., MINDNODE Features: Easy-to-create mind-mapping diagrams, colorful icons, notes, side-bar outline, and easy sync to iCloud Drive with the ability to turn maps into tasks Why You'll Love It: You can create and share an interactive document version in the MyMindNode service Cost: $29.99 Disclaimer: I am not paid nor am I a representative of the companies mentioned below.

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2009 Top Ten Tools for Learning Professionals


It’s a mobile one-stop repository for productivity tools (Google, Evernote); entertainment tools (Pandora radio, Flixster), job aids (the first-aid reference Pocket Aid: even when out of phone range the reference material still works); and fun and games including real-time handheld Scrabble with friends anywhere in the world. and version 9 is very robust, with excellent editing capabilities.