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How INNOVATION Is Driving Today’s Workplaces


Inside Johnson & Johnson’s Innovation Center : This story of Johnson & Johnson’s Boston Innovation Center in Cambridge that hosts brainstorming lunches on the first Thursday of every month at its “Imagine If Cafe” is quite inspiring.

Check Out This Gamified E-Learning Example

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Gamified E-Learning Example. Key Points of Gamified E-Learning Example. However, the learner doesn’t get the points, but they do get the information. What do you like about this elearning example? July 26 & 27 (Boston, MA).

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6 powerful examples of companies that are revolutionizing corporate learning


Now, we thought we would share some powerful examples of forward-thinking companies that are not only revolutionizing the way they do corporate learning, but are securing huge returns as a result. Here are 6 powerful examples of companies that are leading the crusade towards modernizing their corporate learning environments: At Home: Transformation. Boston-based John Hancock is a financial services leader and a subsidiary of Canadian-based powerhouse Manulife Financial.

Interactive Video Made Easy

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Here’s one of my favorite examples of how things changed with the advent of rapid elearning. Click here to see an example of an Engage interaction with video. In this example the video plays and at certain points a clickable object displays. July 26 & 27 (Boston, MA).

Why You Need a Professional Portfolio

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I reviewed those applicants who did have works samples ready-to-go and they ended up getting interviews. Keep it simple and provide just enough information. Boston: July 18 & 19. Lots of cool elearning examples to check out and find inspiration.

Immersive learning environments – a great example

The E-Learning Curve

million people (about the same number of people as Greater Manchester in the UK, or the Boston Metro area in the US) we have produced four Nobel Prize winners for literature: William Butler Yeats, George Bernard Shaw, Samuel Beckett, and Seamus Heaney.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Online Portfolios

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Thursday, August 02, 2007 Online Portfolios Jennifer Madrell shows us a great example of an online portofolio , which she calls a "svelte and sparkly version of this blog - that is a requirement and capstone project at Indiana University." what samples of my work represent me?

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Lance Dublin: Formalizing Informal Learning

Learning Visions

Tuesday, September 15, 2009 Lance Dublin: Formalizing Informal Learning [My notes from a webinar. Lance Dublin: Formalizing Informal Learning … &#%!? Need to think about New Learning Principles: Rapid Mobile Collaborative Immersive (we don’t want to be lectured at) Formal vs. Informal – a spectrum Examples of a formal learning activity: webinar, classroom, lecture, etc. Lance asks: What happens if you add intentionality to an informal activity?

eLearning Conferences 2012

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Kindly retain the contact information when you re-distribute the list or mount it on the web as that is how I receive updates. link] November 30-December 1, 2011 AfriHealth : Using IT to Establish Health Care Information Systems, Nairobi, Kenya. Clayton R.

More Answers to Your E-Learning Questions

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While Mike’s video example is simple, it could easily be a role-played scenario with decisions that branch to additional video scenarios. This post has a couple of simple examples and quick tutorial to show it’s done. This year we went to Toronto, Denver, Minneapolis, and Boston.


How to Convert Static Slides into Interactive E-Learning

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How would it work if it was changed to a drag and drop for example? For example, as a user is challenged to make a decision, she may have to explore the content and determine what she needs to make the best decision. Create mechanisms to explore and collect information.

Essentials of Interactive E-Learning

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They focus on what the course participant should DO and not what information they need to SEE. If you focus on the activities and not the information, you’ll most likely built more effective, engaging, and interactive e-learning. Boston: July 18 & 19.

Want to go mobile for learning and support?

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It is hard to ignore the benefits of learning and information on demand, in close proximity to work. For example, if you load Qualcomm’s website from your desktop browser and change its width, you will notice that there are at least three changes in content and navigation layout.

How to Build Real-World Learning Interactions

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A great way to get this information is to meet with those people who will take your courses. July 26 & 27 (Boston, MA). Lots of cool elearning examples to check out and find inspiration.

How to Avoid These Three Pain Points for Online Learning

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There are informal options like the video tutorials , lots of free webinars, and a number of opensource learning opportunities. July 26 & 27 (Boston, MA). Lots of cool elearning examples to check out and find inspiration.


Why You Need Online Learning Nuggets for Product Training

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Microlearning refers to the delivery of learning content in the form of information nuggets. Many firms are using mobile-compatible job-aids to enable their sales staffers and service technicians access product information at the point of need.

Another Free PowerPoint Template & Learning Interaction

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Example of the Learning Interaction. Here’s an example of the learning interaction combined with the previous template. They let the learner collect information. October 21 & 22: Boston, MA.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Looking for Good Examples

Learning Visions

Monday, July 30, 2007 Looking for Good Examples Help! Im looking for some input: good examples of software product training. Im not looking to work with another vendor, Im just looking to see good examples of software training to make sure Im not behind the times! Looks like youre doing some great experimentation in Second Life over at the Department of Information Science at Loughborough University.

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3 Ways to Make Your E-Learning Course Look Like a Comic Book

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On top of that a comic-like layout breaks the content into panels which allows you to control the pacing and flow of information as each panel progressively reveals more. Based on the feedback, the examples were a hit. Links to examples: Connect with Haji Kamal.

Pokemon Go: Does this mean augmented reality learning is a thing?


And, again, we’re not saying it’s the first example of augmented reality (A.R.) But it’s the first hugely popular such example, and that’s more important (when one considers impact) than “mere” innovation. The real world has never been enough.

How to Create Interactive E-Learning

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Another value in exploration is that it allows the learner to determine what information is relevant or not. For example, if I know how to do something I can skip over that content and get to the content that I’m not sure about. Set the stage by providing some contextual information.

How to Hire an E-Learning Developer or Get an E-Learning Job

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Look for Diverse E-Learning Examples. For the job seeker: When assembling a portfolio, pull together diverse elearning examples with different types of courses and interactions. July 26 & 27 (Boston, MA). Lots of cool elearning examples to check out and find inspiration.

At The Water Cooler of Learning

Marcia Conner

I was working as a mailroom clerk (“mailboy” in those days) in a giant Boston insurance company, paying my way through college. It involves memory, synapses, endorphins, and encoding, and, more often than not, those accidental and serendipitous moments we call informal learning.

How eLearning can work in the legal industry


Heck, I’m somewhat of a certified lawyer myself, in the sense that, while I have not actually studied the thing, I’ve seen all episodes of Law & Order, The Practice, Boston Legal, Shark, The Defenders and lots of others. They say that nobody likes lawyers until they need one.

Trainers Unavailable? Try Microlearning for Just-in-time Learning!

CommLab India

Nextworth, a Boston-based electronics trade-in and recycling service provider, expanded its service to different locations. It is also a flexible training method, as learners can access nuggets of information provided by microlearning modules, anytime, anywhere.

Client Review for Translations: Setting Expectations

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Provide information about what things the reviewer really needs to watch for. For example, the original translation might leave out the word “not,” which would reverse the meaning of a sentence.). Oct 21 – 22 | E-Learning Heroes Roadshow | Boston, MA.

Beyond Cost-Savings: Advantages of MOOCs for Corporate Training

Your Training Edge

Elearning also has other less measurable benefits; for example, in the 2011 Towards Maturity Benchmark survey, 72% of companies reported that elearning and mobile learning helped them adapt more quickly to change. New research and information can be introduced into a training program and reach all learners in real-time, making the training more relevant and responsive to real-world problems and scenarios.

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9 Time Saving Tips When Building Courses

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Test Media Screen : This screen includes information on types of media, plugging in audio, and testing volume. For example, two are the navigation instructions and the final slide that tells the learners they’re finished and free to leave. October 21 & 22 : Boston, MA.

Track Course Completions for Free Using Adobe Captivate Quiz Results Analyzer

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Question interaction type (multiple choice or true/false, for example). For example, if you placed the script in the root web folder, you’ll enter the following in this field: [link]. For example: [link]. October 21 – 22 | E-Learning Heroes Roadshow | Boston, MA.

5 Tips to Make Rapid E-Learning Interactive

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And in this post, we’ll review some examples built in PowerPoint that demonstrate non-linear functionality. This type of interaction is perfect if you want the learners to explore and pull in information before making a decision. September 27: Boston, MA ( ADAPT ).

One Simple Trick for Troubleshooting Technical Problems with E-Learning Courses

E-learning Uncovered

You need to gather some information about the customer’s computer before you can start troubleshooting. Other times, you get incomplete information. On more than one occasion, a screen shot from has given me enough information to resolve an issue.

Horizontal vs vertical development?

Learning Wire

You are better to analyze and use the masses of information accumulating in your real hard drive. For example, let’s assume you want to be able to get to the point more quickly when giving instructions. 2] Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey, Immunity to Change , Boston: Harvard Business Press, 2009, p. Companies train to develop their staff. They want to produce more effective, better, employees; better for the company, better for the employees.

Learning During Times of Growth

CLO Magazine

Here are a few examples of how learning executives at major companies have responded to one or more facets of an overall growth strategy for their organizations. Consider GE Consumer Finance, for example.

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Are You Qualified to Build E-Learning Courses?

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Here are some examples created in Articulate Storyline: Formal elearning courses like this role playing scenario. Interactive marketing material such as this laptop example. As you can see, each example is a bit different and not all are what we’d call “elearning.”


Here’s a Bucketful of Free Office Themed E-Learning Templates & Media Assets

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A good example is with office-themed templates. They also work great for simple exploration interactions where the learner can click on various resources to collect information. September 27: Boston, MA ( ADAPT ).

Here’s a Simple Screencasting Tip That Will Save Time & Frustration

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Above is an example of a PowerPoint screen scaled down to fit in a small recording window. Here’s an example of what I do: Let’s suppose I am recording some PowerPoint tutorials. For example here’s a recent tweet about a free video converter and elearning & training jobs.

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How to Select the Right E-Learning Software

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Here are some tips to help you find the right tools as you wade through reams of the vendor’s marketing information. Another good example of a form-based tool is Articulate Engage. July 26 & 27 (Boston, MA). Lots of cool elearning examples to check out and find inspiration.