5 Common Virtual Learning Issues and Solutions

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Here are 5 of the most common virtual learning issues faced by people in the workplace and some suggestions on how to address them head-on. Issue #1: Virtual Zombies. Issue #2: Technical Difficulties. There are compatibility issues with operating systems, browsers or equipment.

Issue 201

Simple Ways to Deal with 9 Common Work Problems

Your Training Edge

Today’s organizations are faced with various types of problems regarding their employees. Among these problems, managers are mostly challenged by threats to their workers’ physical and mental health. Many common workplace problems are related to or caused by stress. Occupational stress is a problem recognized by the World Health Organization that affects not only the employees’ performance but their mental and physical wellness as well. Communication problems.


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How MOOCs Can Solve Common Training Problems

Your Training Edge

I’ve written before about various ways massive open online courses (MOOCs) can improve upon traditional training, for example by better meeting the needs of today’s corporate learners and by making elearning more interesting, more interactive, and more relevant. This article addresses three common problems found in training and discusses how MOOCs provide solutions to these problems. Problem 1: Employees aren’t engaged.

5 Steps to Make your Problem-Solving Process Easier


No matter what kind of job you have, the chances of a problem arising at some point is almost inevitable. If the problem isn’t taken care of immediately with proper action, it could potentially get worse. Here are five steps guaranteed to make your problem-solving process easier.

Developing a Results Driven Curriculum

design a curriculum solution that: • has a clear goal tied to a well- articulated business problem, • meets the needs of your target. to solve the business problems that need solving. clear on your business problem and desired outcomes. problem? problem and desired result.

5 Steps to Make Problem-Solving Process Easier


No matter what kind of job you have, the chances of a problem arising at some point is almost inevitable. If the problem isn’t taken care of immediately with proper action, it could potentially get worse. Here are five steps guaranteed to make your problem-solving process easier.

Defining the problem: The first step to successful learning analytics

Learning Pool

And I wish it was, but we aren’t doing this to be in the data storage game (we’d be rich with over a billion data points in storage) we’re doing it to be in the problem solving one. What problem are you trying to solve? What is the problem I’m trying to solve?

How to Manage Problem Employees

CLO Magazine

We’ve yet to meet a leader who is confused by the term “problem employee.” But too often, problem employees remain in organizations, doing damage to both their work groups and their direct manager’s career. Problem employees disrupt team innovation, erode trust and derail group output, with each problem person costing organizations up to $8,000 per day. Understanding the Problem. In the end, we identified 11 distinct “problem” types.

To Train or Not to Train: Analyzing Performance Problems


However, believing that training can solve all behavior and performance problems can set an organization on the wrong path. So how do we know when training isn’t always the answer when an individual, team, or a whole organization is experiencing performance problems? A useful tool to help an organizational leader diagnose and solve performance problems was developed by Robert Mager and is described in detail in the book he wrote with Peter Pipe: Analyzing Performance Problems.

5 Advantages of a Competency-Based Approach to Solving Workforce Issues


What are the advantages of a competency-based approach to solving workforce management issues? A car factory trying to hire into new positions related to the manufacturing of pure electric vehicles (EV) is one example. Problems related to workforce performance often change over time.

Issue 56

How to Solve Accountability Problems at Work


As a manager, do you struggle with recurring performance problems? Organizational expert Mark Graban points out that accountability can only thrive in an environment of trust and mutual problem solving. In other words, you have to strike a balance between letting your team solve problems on their own and providing the support they need to get there. Good examples. Lead with your example. There’s no one proven blueprint for solving accountability problems.

Deeper eLearning Design: Part 4 – Examples


Here we’re talking about the role of examples in learning, and we’ll continue on through emotional elements, and finally putting it all together. Examples are a part of learning, as we know, and learning design is, or should be considered complex. So too with examples, we tend to treat them as easy to write. However, an example that is missing the nuances, the details that make them work, can be as useless as nothing at all. Deeper eLearning Design: Part 4 – Examples.

Design 136

Give a Taste: Let Prospects & Members Sample Online Education

WBT Systems

Instead, you let them sample online education so they can experience it for themselves. Your free sample will do the selling for you. Ask any wine or beer salesperson how many people walk away with a bottle of wine or a six-pack of craft beer after enjoying a few samples at a store tasting. By providing a sample of an online learning program, you reduce their perceived risk, eliminate the unknown, and increase the conversion rate. 4 types of sample e-learning programs.

Problem with HTML5 Buttons

Adobe Captivate

A sample of the course is posted here: Notice when you go through the course, the buttons don’t work real well unless you click on the bottom half of the button. It’s weird because when I preview in HTML I get the issue, but when I preview with another method the buttons are fine. The post Problem with HTML5 Buttons appeared first on eLearning. I am having trouble with my course buttons in HTML5 buttons.

Microlearning Solves Real-world L&D Problems: 4 Use Cases


What matters now is that the popularity of the buzzword has given way to useful discussion about the best way to use microlearning to solve L&D problems within organizations. As an industry, we are moving beyond the buzzword and toward the problem-solving.

eLearning Content Development: 6 Steps to Create a Learning Problem Statement


Before plunging into an eLearning course development process with your team, spend some time developing a formal problem statement. Let’s determine the research-worthiness of a problem and the steps to create a clear learning problem statement. Before the content is developed, you need to determine whether the learning problem on hand is really worthy of being researched and developed into a course. How do you determine the research worthiness of a problem?

LMS Market Trends: Issues and Opportunities

Talented Learning

As I look back at that Q&A , I see key market opportunities and issues that are very much on my mind these days. For example, think about social media. For example, at Talented Learning, we use Slack to communicate and collaborate in real-time about various projects and topics. With hundreds of vendors participating in today’s LMS marketplace, we increasingly see specialist systems designed to solve “niche” problems.

Issue 68

Creativity isn’t coming up with a great idea, it is solving the right problem


Einstein replied, “I would spend the first 55 minutes identifying the problem and the last five minutes solving it. For the formulation of a problem is often far more essential than its solution, which may be merely a matter of mathematical or experimental skill.”.

Using Morphological Analysis to Solve Complex eLearning Problems

Web Courseworks

As an eLearning manager, you are required to confront and resolve complex problems on a daily basis. Each new project presents its own unique set of issues and considerations, but there are common issues that crop up: Do you hire additional full-time employees or do you outsource any of your content development for the project? How much time should you allocate to analysis of underlying issues? Are there any LMS-related issues that need to be addressed?

Having Problems with LMS User Management? Here’s the Solution. 


A social learning management system (LMS) is a wonderful thing that comes with a host of benefits and sometimes a few problems. These problems are no big deal if administrators know how to address them. Of all the issues that accompany an LMS, the biggest one is probably a difficulty managing (adding and maintaining) users. For example, there are teachers, instructors, learners, and managers. Some will cause more problems that they’ll solve.

The Problem With Praise


As a training professional, you’ve probably seen plenty of examples of the positive effects of praise. Halvorson explains their work with fifth graders: Every student got a relatively easy first set of problems to solve and were praised for their performance. Next, each student was given a very difficult set of problems… All were told that this time they had “done a lot worse.”

Two examples of interactive job aids

Making Change

Here are two examples. Want to help people diagnose a problem or identify the best person to contact? Be inspired by this fun example created by Krishan Coupland in Twine: A Primer on the Capture and Identification of the Little Folk of Myth and Legend. For example, you might say that your client is a non-profit organization ($org is “nonprofit”) and their goal is to make people feel confident or engaged ($goal is “feelings”).

Job 155

Have a Problem? Find Your Own Approach in a Sea of Captivate Solutions

Adobe Captivate

If you encounter a problem building an eLearning Project in Captivate and you ask more than one developer how to solve that problem, you may get a different answer from each developer. For example, a colleague and I attended the Adobe eLearning Summit in Las Vegas in October and we asked two developers if they had any idea how to implement a feature we were working on, and while they both had excellent ideas, their approaches were vastly different but both held promise.

Problem: Feedback with input occurences in quiz

Adobe Captivate

As you can see from the example below. I do not have this issue with the mulitple choice question. The post Problem: Feedback with input occurences in quiz appeared first on eLearning. Hello. I use Captivate 7 and noticed that in some quiz question where there is an input occurence, where the user must enter an answer (drop-down list, Fill in the blank), the feedback associated to the question appears under the answer.

Quiz 40

How To Solve Your Executive Compensation Issues With Data


Executive compensation issues are a real pain. Before we get into which data points you should look at, though, a quick note: Executive Compensation Issues Are Complex. Which is why executive pay is such a complicated issue. You might wonder if it’s worth taking the time to get these issues properly sorted. As we’ll see momentarily, large unexplained pay disparities can cause problems like reduced sales and high turnover.

Issue 43

ROI of continuous training: HR Directors’ unsolvable problem?


For many years, calculating ROI (return on investment) of continuous training has been difficult, especially with the pressure of Direction Committees and stakeholders, with expenses sometimes hard to justify with actual and tangible results. ‘The main issue for Human Resources is the calculation of its return on investment.’ The 1st issue with return on investment comes from each and everyone’s expectations. Does this solve the main problem of HRs?

The Knowledge and Learning Transfer Problem

Charles Jennings

The problem with learning transfer The knowledge transfer myth and best practice misunderstanding have striking similarities with the ‘learning transfer’ problem, in both senses of the phrase – transfer of learning into heads and transfer of learning from heads into action. When we develop a new capability, for example, it’s best to acquire it within the context we’re going to use it. When there’s little or no gap between the two there is no ‘transfer problem’.

Pause/play button and a custom drag and drop (issues)

Adobe Captivate

The problem is that I can’t seem to find a solution. Here are the problems i’m having. The problem with this button is, that for the first time to pause the timeline, I have to push the button twice. Custom drag and drop slide: Here I have a few small issues. – When pressing Submit, my submit button disappears (this is not a big issue. If anybody needs more info, screenshots or script examples of the toggle button, please let me know.

Issue 43

Show me the problem! From instructional designer to performance consultant


In this guest blog, Jean Marrapodi explores this common issue and challenges instructional designers to start thinking of themselves more as performance consultants. In this story, the Director of Distribution believed he understood the problem and had a solution for it. Even worse, there are times that the problem becomes so overwhelming, all we see is bark view – never mind the trees! More importantly, they ask why the issue is occurring.

Top 10 Soft Skills Every Manager Needs


Hard skills are easy to teach and easy to measure – for example, technical knowledge, or knowing a program, language or technique. Thinking critically through problems and evaluating different solutions is another valuable soft skill. Problem Solving.

Knowledge Management Core Issues

Tony Karrer

Great post by Denham Grey - Perennial KM issues that are very similar to the core problems that we deal with in eLearning: How to speed learning, increase awareness and share experiences. We have made little progress in preventing those repeating errors, as firms grow in size and complexity, building relationships that enable knowledge flows, keeping in the loop and finding stuff becomes a huge issue.

7 practical problems with VR for eLearning


For example, an oil company can fly in engineers to a central location, run through training simulations in a controlled virtual environment, using high tech equipment. A premium VR headset , for example, costs in the ballpark of $1000. The problem is that the novelty is actually distracting. I’ll give you an example. The novelty is an issue. The post 7 practical problems with VR for eLearning appeared first on LearnUpon.

8 Steps for Managers to Confront Performance Issues

CLO Magazine

People are either conflict avoidant — they want to bypass the possibility of discomfort or prefer to keep quiet about worker issues, and as a result they inadvertently feed the problem with neglect — or they come on uncaring and too strong, leaving employees shell-shocked and nervous about the next time their boss is going to explode. They didn’t see how conflict and solving problems went well — it sometimes went poorly.”. State the problem clearly with specific examples. “I’ve

Addressing the Problem, Not Just the Symptoms

Training Industry

It illustrates the undermining effect of trying to deal with a problem by concentrating on its symptoms. Resistance to a change initiative provides a useful example of applying this archetype. When faced with resistance to a change initiative, it is important to know if employees are pushing back against the initiative simply because they are comfortable with status quo or if the push back is a symptom of problems with the initiative or its implementation.

Thyroid Function Test- How Doctors Diagnose your Thyroid Problems


That’s why doctors recommend doing the full thyroid test London to see if the glands are working normally and there is no problem in its functionality. A physician will draw blood from your veins and the blood samples will be sent in the lab for further analysis.

Create a Corporate Training Program that Sticks: Part 1 – Defining Your Problem

TechSmith Camtasia

In this example, we have no goal or reason to create a training program for colleagues in customer service… Yet. We don’t even know what issue resulted in you being asked to create a training program, or if there’s even an issue to begin with. In the following blog post, I will help you find the information you need to correctly identify your problem. Once you have gotten to the root of the problem, you can start identifying the gap.

What Are The Most Common Training Challenges And How Do Successful Managers Overcome Them?


The first of the most common issues in training and development is pretty obvious – what exactly should your program be comprised of? A big problem some Learning and Development managers face is a portfolio of courses that is too big, too unwieldy, out of date, repetitive or just plain useless. Another one of the challenges in training and development is the sometimes fraught issue of who exactly delivers the learning and development.