Where Have All the Learning Portals Gone?

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Fifteen years ago, the learning field thought the learning portal was going to be a powerful tool to drive employee performance improvement. Now when I look around, it is hard to find the 2016 “All Star” learning portal. What happened to the magical learning portals of our dreams?

Why You Should Adopt Learning Portals For Employee Engagement

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Learning portals are a great fit for formal training, performance support, and social learning. Learning Portals: Why You Should Adopt Them To Boost Employee Engagement. Why You Should Adopt Learning Portals For Employee Engagement? Learning portals achieve this and more.

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A Complete Training Portal for Multi-device Mobile Learners

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Early training portal technologies were training-centric where learners had to configure their systems according to the training format and therefore, it was difficult and expensive to deliver training in various formats. Your training portal should be accessible on all these browsers.

Designing a Learning & Performance Portal

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I think Einstein defined insanity using a similar example. Continuous Learning EPSS Learning @ the Point of Work Performer Support Social Learning Taxonomy learning and performance portal learning at point of work learning portal LinkedIn performer support portal portlet PSO training portal work context

What’s the Difference Between an LMS and an LCMS? Hint: It’s Not Just the Letter “C”

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For example, you’ve likely seen Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS) discussed on various websites and company pages. It can be difficult to understand eLearning terms when they’re used interchangeably.


State of the LMS 2012

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Provided a strong cluster sample, representing folks across the globe, not just the U.S. Craig Weiss e-learning e-learning vendors elearning LCMS learning portal LMS research craig weiss e-learning research elearninfo learning management system learning platform

Create individual learning experiences for your customers, partners or teams


Through our multi-portal feature you are able to in effect manage multiple LMS’s easily through one LearnUpon login. You can easily customize the appearance of the portal by: Choosing the header, background and link color. You can manage them conveniently from a “parent portal”.

Proliferating Portals

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I hear it all the time: I ask “are you using portals?&# And BTW, I’m treating wikis and portals somewhat interchangably here, as wikis can be portals, but portals are another way of users providing resources to each other, and I see technology support for communities of practice to include both the capabilities of collaborative editing of resources (wikis) and storing other relevant materials (portals).

This is not (fill in the blank)

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Enables the ability to communicate instances between a mobile device and a LMS or any product that is SaaS based – i.e. authoring tools for example.

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Social Learning – What’s the Point? Time to turn the tables on the naysayers

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I believe this is very possible, because regardless of the generation, people want easy, they want fast and if they could do a lot of things in a system for example, rather than having multiple windows open, they would do it. LMS/LCMS/Learning Portal (commercial or free), e-readers, any mobile device(i.e. LMS/LCMS/Learning Portal (commercial or open source), social learning stand-alone, hybrid system, web conferencing, mobile learning. What’s the point?

Answering your LMS Questions

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Examples: E-mail notification via SMS. If you want to dive deeper into the standards – for example, e-commerce – don’t ask – do you offer e-commerce? The advantage of course, is that the LMS vendor can state they have big name tech company or big name financial company for example and then you notice that another LMS vendor says the same thing. .

What’s hurting the LMS market

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Miss Targeted – A frequent guest, whereas they add features or enhancements that do not target their current customer base or future -example: they include corporate yet include rubrics. Craig Weiss e-learning e-learning vendors elearning elearning 24/7 learning portal LMS craig weiss E-Learning 24/7 learning management systemsThe LMS market is strong. Revenues across the board are up, profit margins are healthy and competition is on-going (always a good thing).

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Sales Team Portal for Content and Expert Access

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I wanted to share some discussions I've recently had around an interesting project where the company provided the sales team a collaboration, content distribution and expert access portal. If you have an example, please drop me an email: akarrer@techempower.com.

LMS Identify

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Examples. Extended Enterprise – aka Multi-Tenet, Portals-Sub Portals. For example, many of my clients are interested in the back end, so i always say I want to see this. Craig Weiss E-Learn Info e-learning e-learning vendors elearning elearning 24/7 LCMS learning portal LMS m-learning craig weiss elearning vendors identifying a LMS LMQ questions lms vendors selecting a LMSWelcome, Welcome. How are you today? Audience: We are Fine – Craig!

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How To Use An LMS To Train Your Channel Partners


This may be through a dedicated learning portal that is configured with their branding. Multi-Portals. It may also mean each Partner should have their own unique eLearning portal, found at their unique URL and branded just for them.

Adobe Captivate 9’s Asset Store – Templates to Create The Best E-learning

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You get a wide variety of sample templates with attractive layouts, engaging interactions, exciting games, interesting scenarios, life-like characters, and much more that help you create training material swiftly and easily. Once you enter the details, the assets portal opens up.

LMS Stories – Fantasy or Reality?

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Example: you want a three year deal, the vendor tells you seven is better. e-learning e-learning vendors elearning learning learning portal LMS craig weiss elearn247 elearninfo learning management system learning management systemsI love a good story. A story that has solid characters, a nice foundation, possible scenarios – that may be true, but who really knows, in other words, a fantasy. Thankfully scenarios such as the end of the world, isn’t upon us.

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Webinar - Innovative Applications of Raptivity in Education


This is just an example of a kind of interactivity that can be added to your online course. Delivering engaging learning content is a real-time challenge for any educator.

Gamification and Serious Games Headed to the Mainstream

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Here’s a quick list of things to think about as you consider ways to gamify or incorporate full-fledged games: Use a portal: A portal is a web-based access point that shows leaderboards, achievements, levels, etc.

Uniquely Yours: eFrontPro Customization Options


Whether it’s a new home, a new laptop, or a new Talent Development portal, it’s only human to want to make it yours with your own customizations. The available customization options there are: Main URL: the web address where your eFrontPro portal is visible (without the http(s) part).

Do Your Learners Know the ‘Why’?

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For example, we partnered with one of our clients to redesign new hire compliance training to show how each policy or procedure helped the company achieve its mission of “Helping the world grow the food it needs.” Here’s an example.

Build a Learning Portal Using WordPress

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I’ve written before about learning portals and how they can be a great way to improve access to learning materials for users. I wanted to provide a more in-depth post that shows how you can create your own learning portal using the freely available content management system, WordPress. So, let’s get started… Refresher: What is a portal? This tutorial will show you how to get a basic learning portal set up.

5 Essential PowerPoint Add-Ins

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Code Presenter Pro allows you to draw up a mock code sample that you can then highlight and draw on; this will permit you as the teacher to effectively teach how to code and the important aspects of different coding languages.

Why Visual Design IS NOT Graphic Design

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For example, visual design focuses on user interface design and user experience. A lot of instructional materials such as: eLearning, training slides, presentation slides, job aids, web portals, and mobile responsive material all utilize major principles in visual design.

2016 Top 10 LMSs

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Here is a brief Sample_Summary – Sample_Pages_EL247Report. it does not include an example of every page in the report nor does the summary include everything in it. . Student and Parent portals? The solution is extremely slick with the marketplace built into the system – so when you buy a course for example, it is the “click” and whalla it is in the LMS. Thank you all for the delay.

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Digitec to Produce Additional Courses for ISA

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Developed in Digitec’s Direct-to-WEB content authoring tool, the courses will feature scenario-based questions and examples, and be mobile-compatible. Check out our eLearning course production samples. The ISTH and Digitec Partner on CME Portal - May 30, 2013.

Corporate Training Trends – Sharing experiences, Shared Learning


For example, pictures of shelves or point-of-sales material can be shared by the retail sales teams who go on regular market visits. These findings can be shared on a social sharing portal. Many portals allow discussions to be saved as well.

Building Convenience Stores for Learning

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To that end, I’d like to suggest that building a well-designed learning portal is the cornerstone to all learning solutions. Because, at their best, learning portals integrate the best qualities of convenience stores. The Web-site db101.org is a good example of this.

Why Moodle Customization to Reflect Your Company Branding

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Your login page should be in line with the rest of the learning portal. Adopting your color theme for the user interface across the portal helps users identify with the LMS. For example, your employees use the LMS primarily to take the assigned courses.

No SaaS Platform is an Island


In our example of the integration with a HR system (HRIS to be more accurate) you could use this to populate the LMS with users – a push , and then to pull out data for reporting purposes. Sample information: Johndoe@companyemail.com.

How To Manage User Roles In Your LMS


On their LearnUpon dashboard, they’ll find all settings and features – allowing them to change the configuration of the portal, create content and manage users. sub-portal creation… and so on. If not then they control the sub-portal that they are in.

Learning Technology Blogs: An Analyst’s Reading List

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This is post is a strong example. What is a Learning Portal and How is it Different From an LMS? Over the years, it seems that the concept of “portals” has come in and out of favor multiple times. This post is an excellent example.

The Mobile Learning Mindset: How to Wow Your Learners (Webinar)

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Take this website for example! Examples from three mobile training apps we have created for clients. A simple solution for turning a simple web portal into a SCORM-conformant LMS. Our web analytics tell me that most of you are reading this blog post on your desktop.

Learning Never Ends at McKinsey

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When consultants are given a new client or project, they can be automatically assigned these quick start courses as part of their preparation, or they can access them on their own through the knowledge portal. “It Most companies struggle to keep up with the rapid pace of change.