eLearning Predictions 2015

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The arrival of a new year means we have new eLearning predictions to reveal! Before we unpack all five of our latest industry predictions, I want to take a moment to recap our past eLearning predictions from 2013 and 2014. Those are our eLearning predictions for 2015.

Top 9 e-Learning Predictions for 2014


We started 2013 with our observations and predictions on HTML5 in the context of e-learning. Here are our predictions for 2014: More tools adopting Tin Can API. Knewton Technology and Civitas Learning Platform were some interesting examples.

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3 ELearning Predictions for 2016


Every year I like to venture into predictions of the elearning industry given the recent trends and technology that hit the scene. I always find it interesting to look back a year later to see how these predictions came out. This may seem like a lazy prediction, but hear me out.

Top 10 eLearning Predictions 2011 #LCBQ

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This month's LCBQ is What are your Predictions and Plans for 2011? Some Mobile Learning Predictions for 2011 Mobile learning will get its own identity. My Predictions So with all of that as a lead up. Here are my top 10 eLearning predictions for 2011.

2016 LMS Market Trends, Observations and Predictions

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Here are our top ten 2016 trends, observations and predictions for the LMS and broader learning technology market. . #10 The next nine LMS market trends, observations and predictions are in response to the culture shift. #9 The 2016 LMS market is not what you think.

Internet Time Alliance Predictions for 2013

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The Principals of the Internet Time Alliance decided to take a collective look ahead to the new year, and share our predictions. PredictionsYou’ll see overlap but also unique perspectives: Charles Jennings.

Did My 2016 Predictions Come True?


Earlier this year I made three elearning predictions. As a reminder, the three predictions I made in January were: Gamification Changes Articulate, Captivate, and/or iSpring. Prediction #1: Gamification Changes Articulate, Captivate, and/or iSpring.

There’s Nothing Like Predicting your Learners’ Needs

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Predictive learning is a system of machine-based learning that estimates changes in the environment, makes these changes in the virtual environment of the learning program, and allows employees to learn how to deal with the different environments.

Did My 2015 Predictions Come True?


Now that a year has gone by I was curious if any of these predictions came true. Here you can read more about the predictions I made and some additional context. The predictions were: MOOCs Forced to Grow Up. Prediction #1: MOOCs Forced to Grow Up.

Year End Musings, Reflections, Predictions and Thoughts: Part Two

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For an example of one such project, see Trickle Down Education: Taking Graduate Level Work to Sixth Graders. Out and About predictionThe Great Flood (Metaphor). In Bloomsburg, the year 2011 will always be known as the year of the big flood until, of course, we have another big flood. But this year’s flood was bad, the water covered over 25% of the town of Bloomsburg, houses were lost and people were wiped out. They lost everything.

Top 10 eLearning Predictions for 2010

Tony Karrer

Before I start with any of my actual predictions, let me throw in an overall prediction that the year is going to start off slow for most people, but by the end of the year, we will all be thinking: “Wow, 2010 was a crazy year!” For example, Harold Jarche tells us 2010: Year of the CM.

Which Association Learning Trends Predictions Came True in 2016?

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Back in January, we wrote a blog which summarized the association learning technology trends predictions of two leading analysts that work closely with Associations – Talented Learning and Tagoras. The post Which Association Learning Trends Predictions Came True in 2016?

The New Moto X gives us a Glimpse into the future of Mobile and Predictive Computing

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Predictive Computing. I feel that we are now ready for truly smarter phones that can begin anticipating our needs based on where we are and what time of day it is for example. Mobile Learning featured mLearning mobile Predictive Computing

Internet Time Alliance Predictions for 2013

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Further, we’ll see more examples of the notion of a ‘performance ecosystem’ of resources aligned around individual needs and responsibilities, instead of organized around the providing silos. Here is what the Principals of the Internet Time Alliance see ahead in 2013: Harold Jarche.

Enterprise mLearning Predictions for 2011

mLearning Trends

It is time once again to ponder the research, extrapolate on recent experience, and attempt to read the tea leaves so we can predict the future of enterprise mobile learning in 2011. After such an exciting and rewarding 2010, my predictions for the coming year seem broader and more varied given the fast changing dynamics of the marketplace and accelerated adoption of mobile learning by organizations of all sizes. examples the industry has waited for over the past many years.

ITA Predictions 2013

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The Principals of the Internet Time Alliance decided to take a collective look ahead to the new year, and share our predictions. Further, we’ll see more examples of the notion of a ‘performance ecosystem’ of resources aligned around individual needs and responsibilities, instead of organized around the providing silos. You’ll see overlap but also unique perspectives: Charles Jennings.

Reaction paper example. Sample reaction essay writing

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Prediction: My prediction is that theEffect of temperature on rate of reaction Aim: To find out if the temperature increases the rate of reaction of two chemicals.

Top 10 LMS Forecasts for 2015

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An Example is in order: You use PayPal. To get a sense of what is doable, check out Zapier (just to see examples of what various integrations can do). 10 Predictive Analysis or LMS AI (Artificial Intelligence). If your LMS isn’t doing any predictive analysis, don’t fret about it, because I see real growth in this in 2015. . Right now, there are vendors out there who have some form of predictive analysis with their LMS. .

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Experts to predict L&D Extinction Events at LT14

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The predictions will be Tweeted live with the hashtag #L&DExtinction and uploaded onto YouTube after the exhibition. ‘We For example, the end of support for Windows XP alone promises to be very disruptive,’ says Karim Ladak, chief operating officer at Saffron (who is nevertheless stockpiling brennivín ). ‘As Saffron Interactive (Stand 24) is recommending that everyone visit this year’s Learning Technologies Exhibition, as it may be their last chance to do so.

eLearning Cyclops: My Big Question Response - Predictions for My.

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My Big Question Response - Predictions for My 2011 #LCBQ. I recently posted my 2011 predictions , but they are general predictions for e-learning and technology. So, here is my response to the Learning Circuits Big Question , which asks to be more focused on our challenges, plans and predictions. A current example is a large software training effort I am designing that takes advantage of blending technologies and approaches. My 2011 Predictions.

Internet Time Alliance Predictions for 2013

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The Principals of the Internet Time Alliance decided to take a collective look ahead to the new year, and share our predictions.

eLearning Predictions Further Thoughts

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I recently posted my Top 10 eLearning Predictions for 2010 and did a presentation on the topic. This goes along with the prediction that employees will increasingly hack work so that they can get access to information and people they need to reach. Fast and Okay Rather Than Slow and Good One of the predictions I made was that we would be creating more, lower cost learning solutions. I’ve given up on my predictions of a 2.5D

Animation in Web Design and Examples and Nonexamples: This Week on #BLPLearn

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If you look at the examples presented, you’ll see screen shots zoom and fade in. That’s just one example… what can you think of? 6 Proven Ways to Use Examples and Nonexamples. I suspect that the majority of the learning opportunities we create at BLP involve examples.

2010 Predictions for Learning and Technology at eLearn Mag

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Predictions for 2010 Check of the predications and add your own! Here is the long version of my 100 word prediction. This will be fueled by a number of breakthrough examples of real learning and productivity results from 3D virtual world learning implementations. Tags: prediction The annual predications for eLearn Magazine from a bunch of folks in the eLearning and learning and technology fields.

Ten Predictions for eLearning 2008

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The Big Question this month are Predictions for Learning in 2008. Here are my predictions, but realistically they are more about trends in eLearning and eLearning Software. Prediction #1 => eLearning 2.0 - Increasing Pressure It's safe to predict that you'll be hearing more and more about eLearning 2.0 Prediction #3 => Authoring Tools - Captivate and Articulate Will Dominate It rhymes and it's an easy prediction that these two tools will dominate authoring.

Hello 2013

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As 2013 begins, it seems an ideal time to reflect back on 2012, share some observations and predictions, and get blogging again. I predict large organizations will increasingly utilize LCMSs for mobile content development and deployment and to provide on-demand performance support for employees. This is basically a how-to on doing L&D right with lots of examples. Uncategorized predictionsFor me, 2012 will go down as a year I basically went dark publicly.

Predictions for 2009

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Over at eLearn Magazine , Lisa Neal Gualtieri gets elearning predictions for 2009, and they’re reliably interesting. I’ve been over-optimistic in the past, for example continuing to believe mobile will make it’s appearance (and it is, but not in the big leap I hoped). So there you have it, my optimistic predictions. Here’re mine: The ordinary: Mobile will emerge, not as a major upheaval, but quietly infiltrating our learning experiences.

Designing Microlearning

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What (causal) models give us is a way to explain what has happened, and predict what will happen. Now, we can also be providing examples, e.g. how the model plays out in different contexts. The actual task is the practice, but I’m suggesting providing a model explaining why it’s done this way is the minimum, and providing examples for a representative sample of other appropriate contexts provides support when it’s a richer performance.

Bloom’s Taxonomy and Learning Games

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The middle column lists examples of behaviors you might include in a learning objective that targets that level. Sample Verbs for Learning Objectives at This Level (Barton 1997). Compile, create, estimate, invent, choose, design, predict, combine, develop. Examples.

Bloom 67

Learning and Performance Improvement in 2013

The Peformance Improvement

The Internet Time Alliance principals have made predictions for 2013. Clark Quinn predicts that “…we’ll see more examples of the notion of a ‘performance ecosystem’ of resources aligned around individual needs and responsibilities, instead of organized around the providing silos.”

How Gagné’s Nine Events of Instruction Can Make Your Online Courses Better


For example: Start off with attention-grabbing graphics or video clips featuring interactive scenarios about the subject matter, which will require your students to focus and engage with your content. For example: Provide printable reference guides, downloadable templates, and job aids.

3 powerful ideas you should steal from marketing

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The commercial has been featured in several publications as an example of highly effective, low-budget marketing. It’s a dry, predictable conveyor belt of dry, predictable information. Instructional design examples format choice humor motivation writing style

Predictions for Learning in 2008

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The Big Question for January is: What are your Predictions for Learning in 2008? To help you get started, you might want to look back at the posts on last months big question and last year's predictions. Future Predictions. Happy New Year! As promised.

The e-learning revolution is finally there

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We are signing up small companies, larger companies and really big ones like for example Nielsen, BHPBiliton, and Unilever. I predicted that it would take 5 years. We are talking about fundamental changes in corporate e-Learning already for years.