Note-taking: Keyboard or Pen? The Verdict of Science!


Between keyboard and pen note-taking, which method is the most effective for learning? Before the advent of the intelligent digital pen, this question would not have been of any interest to a majority of young learners – and many not so young – for whom the laptop is an essential working tool. But since “progress cannot be stopped,” as they say, and since we can now opt for the intelligent digital pen, this question is just as relevant for technophiles.


How to Develop Executive Presence and Lead with Confidence [Free Exercises]


Keep reading to discover some exercises you can do to understand the value you bring to your company and use it to create self-confidence. Executive Presence Exercises. So we’ve put together a free PDF called Exercises for Developing Executive Presence. It contains over 16 exercises that you can use to build a more powerful presence and be more successful in leading your company. The exercises are broken down into four different categories.


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Simple but Powerful Tips to Become a Productive Writer

Your Training Edge

This is a very good exercise. This little practical exercise will give you that ‘drive’ or that dosage you actually need to start working on your projects. Use pen & paper instead of laptop. Maybe it is time to make your writing more personal, so for the shorter projects just work using pen and paper. You don’t have to write very long projects on paper using your pen. Featured Posts Business writing writing powerful tools pen and paper

Real learning – let’s not confuse it with completing templated exercises

Charles Jennings

Database technology in its other guises has helped organisations collect and manipulate data across the entire HR arena over the past 25 years far-and-away beyond what was done beforehand with pen-and-paper, and then spreadsheets. I read a piece written by Kate Graham of e2train on Thursday and it started me thinking about the ‘real learning versus managed learning’ debate.

How (and Why) to Create an e-Learning Prototype


Or perhaps you planned a scenario exercise that’s too difficult for learners to complete. You can begin building your prototypes in whatever medium feels most comfortable to you—including pen and paper.

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Virtual Onboarding: How To Do It Right


This could include webinars, online resources, video conferences, virtual interactive programs/exercises, and so on, which the new hires can access using their desktop/smartphone/tablet. Introduction.

Welcome kit: How to onboard remote employees


Notebook/pen: Notebooks and pens may feel like a superfluous item when all the work is done online. For many people, having a pen and some paper to jot down thoughts can be very helpful when they’re working from home where they don’t have all the necessary stationery available.

Tips for Better Learning: Test Your Knowledge!


While computers allow you to take more notes and produce a more accurate report that is easier to read later, they do not allow you to digest the information and make it your own during the exercise, which is far from trivial in terms of learning. Find out more: Note-taking: Keyboard or Pen?

How (and Why) You Should Run an E-Learning Prototype


Or perhaps you planned a scenario exercise that’s too difficult for learners to complete. You can begin building your prototypes with pen and paper, and switch to an interactive medium such as PowerPoint once your ideas begin to take a more definite shape. Why you should build and test a workable model of your course early in the design process. You’ve just had a brainstorm for a great new course idea, and you’re eager to begin planning content.

LMS tools to help you assess your students’ progress


Tests, quizzes, homework, lab exercises, exams. E-learning tests have several advantages over the traditional pen and paper tests. 2) Exercises. Exercises are sort of like quizzes but their primary role is to help the student familiarize himself with the material, rather than assess his command of it. To use a sports analogy, exercises are like practice, whereas tests and quizzes are like sport events and competitions.

The ROI Disease is Killing L&D

eLearning Alchemy

Poke yourself in the eye with a pen, start bleeding profusely, and get taken to emergency to avoid the question; B.) So, if you don’t want to poke yourself in an eye with a pen and bleed profusely, just to avoid the ROI question: define at the start of a project if ROI is the right measure and if not figure out what is. Length: 1032 words. Reading Time: ~ 5 minutes.

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How To Choose The Right Career

Learning Routes

Here are some helpful inquiries and exercises to investigate: . Helpful self-evaluation exercises. All you need is a pen, paper, and a readiness to speak the truth about yourself. There are countless alternatives out there.


Universal Design for Learning: Multiple Means of Action & Expression


Offer alternatives to indications and selections, e.g., alternatives to pen and paper and mouse control, such as voice use/activation, keyboards, joysticks, etc. Use videos and role-playing exercises to model proper feedback.

8 Questions to Answer for Impressive PowerPoint Presentations

eLearning Brothers

Going back to pen & paper has saved me a lot of time for all projects I worked on, because it was an easy way to sequence and/or reorder my content ideas and test if it made sense. But for your own presentations, it might be useful to think if you need anything else during your presentation, such as a flipchart, Sharpies, or any props used for exercises or interaction with the audience.

What I learned from the WEBINAR Gurus --Thiagi, Lou Russell, Jane Bozarth - Tip #138

Vignettes Learning

I got to visit the Monastery where Gurus Live There are many ways to learn, but it is best is to seek out Gurus. Most of them live in monasteries (or Hall of Fame for Great Trainers). They are up in the high mountains because they have achieved nirvana or high supreme skills on what they do. We too have learning gurus within the learning industry. I am referring to these gurus: Thiagi, Jane Bozarth and Lou Russell.


A simple way to help beginners get started with Articulate Storyline

eLearning Architect

Having delivered several courses this year, I thought I'd jump in with a quick reply mentioning an exercise that I have developed for this exact purpose. I have found the exercise to be really successful in getting newbies started with Storyline. If you would like the zip folder with all of the materials you will need to teach this exercise (including a video of the training being delivered), then please click here and download it now!

7 Lesson Plan Templates to Use in Your Online Lessons (2021)


At the end of each class, the lesson plan prepares students for what the next class will be about and lists any assessments that need to be completed, e.g., exercises, chapter exams, projects, etc.

Blending Online and Classroom Instruction: At the Same Time

Kapp Notes

Then he really got them moving and put the students through their paces by having them do some breathing and speaking exercises. Screen shot of the presentation where the students practice the famous Buh, Duh, Guh exercise. Then Scott got the students on their feet and had them do even more breathing exercises. Scott stood up to illustrate hand placement and aids like a pen to assist with speaking and breathing and we could still see him on the web cam.

Walking down the Interactive Learning Path with Raptivity


For instance, while the student is viewing a video, the educator could easily make it more fruitful by adding a reinforcement exercise or a quick game to confirm whether the learner has understood the concept. The content published by Raptivity is industry standard, easily distributable over the Internet, CDs/DVDs and Pen drives. One of the major challenges that educators face is holding learners’ attention and helping them retain information.

Individual and Team-based Critical Thinking Skills in the eLearning Environment


This is the one and only tell-tale sign of an eLearning course that is devoid of critical thinking exercises. Critical thinking can be described as a mental exercise – the capability to think about complex issues or relate learning directly to experience. Corporate learning courses are required to have such mental exercises in order to improve the value of the eLearning course.

Employee Development in the Era of Screen Time

CLO Magazine

This is especially true during the actual exercises — for example, how leadership impacts revenue growth or how effective strategic alignment impacts profitability. Simple pen-and-paper, team-based exercises can accomplish this. Exercises should be simple to implement and simple to understand. Tap, look, feel rewarded. Tap, look, feel rewarded again. All of this happens within a few seconds. We all know what it refers to: the physiological rewards of “screen time.”

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10 online icebreakers

Joitske Hulsebosch eLearning

This will loosen them up and cause a few to chuckle before embarking on a whole new way of thinking…using technology instead of paper and pen Source: Using online icebreakers to promote student/teacher interaction 4. At the end of the exercise you can summarize the whole story of even read it and post it as an audio file or a video. A shorter variation of this exercise may be to ask participants to find one other person they have some kind of connection with. (a

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3 Basic tips for strategic career planning


And I mean really think about it with a piece of paper on the table and a pen in hour hand. As the author herself describes it : ”in this exercise, you put yourself five years into the future and write your resume as you envision it, including your new title and exact job responsibilities. At a first glance, it is a lot easier to get or change a job these days than it was in the past. First of all, there are a lot more ways to find out about opportunities.

How to Create Your Own Hand-Drawn Graphics

Rapid eLearning

This was a good exercise to think about the objects and how to draw them. For the iPad I use the Cosmonaut stylus because the thicker pen helps me hold it more like I would on a whiteboard than on a piece of paper. The newer PC tablets have pen input and some come with a stylus. Earlier we looked at the essential guide to visual thinking where we discussed how to communicate visually.


Step 1: Preparing to #Sketchnote: Live Sketching or Post-Sketching?


Live sketching is usually with an ink pen and a commitment no doubt, but a lot depends on the speaker, the message, the room environment such as lighting, and where you’re seated. This is a great warm-up exercise, too. You’re accomplishing two goals here: A title and some warm up exercises. Last week was an introduction to the series, Sketchnote School: 6 Steps to Great Conference Sketchnotes.


4 Ways to Unplug and Recharge This Holiday Season


I make sure that I disconnect by leaving my smartphone at home or in the hotel room for as long as possible — days if I can — and bringing a notepad and pen with me instead,” Branson said. Many of us suspend regular healthy eating and exercise during the holidays. However, your metabolism isn’t speeding up to accommodate these dietary and exercise allowances. Most workers have some mandatory time off during the holidays.


How To Use Spaced Repetition for Training Staff

Ed App

If we’ve lost you, we mean that learning builds like that of an exercised muscle. Now is a good time to think about selling your desk, definitely your pens and most textbooks… Maybe not, but you know where we are going with this. Spaced repetition is essential to consolidate new knowledge developed by learners. Spaced repetition for training staff is your secret weapon to company success.

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Online Tutoring: One Has to Understand its Benefits and Effects


A good exercise of virtual or online tutoring nowadays requires not only knowing the subject of the course who’s tutoring is carried out. Students and online tutors may be in different geographical locations, but using tools such as digital pens and blackboards.

5 Strategic Tips for Nailing Your Exploratory Essay


An exploratory essay is basically a short work of non-fiction, in which the writer evaluates a problem or walks through an idea or experience in order to pen them down in his/her own words.

How eBooks Make for Valuable Classroom Technology


eBooks can include a large number of interactive features such as pen tools, annotations, search option, page zoom, read aloud and much more. Instead of having a traditional quiz at the end of the chapter, eBooks can be filled with exercises and quizzes within the lesson as well. Bringing technology tools into the classroom has proven to have positive consequences in terms of the quality of learning.

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How eBooks Make for Valuable Classroom Technology


eBooks can include a large number of interactive features such as pen tools, annotations, search option, page zoom, read aloud and much more. Instead of having a traditional quiz at the end of the chapter, eBooks can be filled with exercises and quizzes within the lesson as well. Bringing technology tools into the classroom has proven to have positive consequences in terms of the quality of learning.

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Learning Goals and Objectives in Course Design


Outline, summary, test, identifications, review, compare and contrast exercise. When in the process of completing these steps, it is optimal either to use a pen and a paper or a concept map application to create connections between your ideas. Learning goals are broad, general statements of what we want our students to learn and provide: Direction, Focus, and. Cohesion. Setting goals gives us a real road map to where we want to go. The same when we provide goals to learners.

Storytelling in presentations: Creating compelling content


Penn State College of Medicine found that medical students were much more sympathetic and open to helping dementia patients after taking part in an exercise whereby the patient told stories based on images they had been given.

11 Bad Tech Habits at Work


Encourage employees to put pen to paper to take notes or start using a notetaking app that can take notes for employees and disseminate them following the meeting so that workers can be 100 percent present at meetings. Workers need to exercise proper judgement and caution when clicking on email links. Technology has such a massive presence in the way we live and do business today that most people work with it in one form or another every day.

Twitter for Trainers: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Ideas


If you’re still a bit behind and looking for a beginner’s intro to using Twitter in your capacity as a training pro, instructional designer Justin Ferriman recently penned a great post on the fundamentals of training and tweeting entitled, appropriately enough, “ 2 Stupidly Simple Ways to Use Twitter For Training.” This works best if you are conducting an instructor led training session and you have exercises and/or breakout sessions incorporated into the schedule.

Wearable technology — put to good use for training employees


Then there was texting, the alarm clock and an ever growing number of other features, so pretty soon when you left the house you would only need your phone: no more notepads, pens, calendars, cameras, stopwatches, and even your wallet became optional. It gives the employee their hands free to exercise, take notes, or even walk during the call — and thus managing to do the recommended 10000 daily steps.

The Top Trending Course Topic Ideas in 2020


to sketching and painting using a diverse palette of tools (pencil, charcoal, acrylic paint, pen or ink). PausePlatform offers life-changing solutions that offer relationship-building training, useful resources and exercise on dealing with anxiety.

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How to Make People Love Your eLearning

ThinkingKap Solutions

This took a social, pen-and-paper activity and translated the spirit of it into a keyboard-and-mouse (or touchscreen) activity. By adding the realism and relevancy of the actual activity into this exercise, it brought the challenge to users in a way static or passive content never could. As an ID, you create courses that people need to take. The problem is, even though the knowledge is good for them, we know they don’t actually want to take the course.

2014 Reflection and Resolutions


To combat this weakness I need to exercise that mental focus so I’m starting with 10-20 minutes every morning. I’m fairly confident knowing those of you reading this with more experience in the writing of the English language wish you had a red pen to mark up this very post for me. It’s that time of year where just about everywhere you look or read it’s reflecting on the year’s end.

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Creating e-Learning for Everybody Using Multiple Intelligences

Saffron Interactive

Penned by Howard Gardener in 1983, the theory describes what those of us who went to school already knew: Different people learn in different ways. Intrapersonal intelligence: Intrapersonal intelligence focuses on the internal aspect to learning and using reflective exercises is a great way to engage these individuals. What is the Multiple Intelligences theory? For the most part, it’s common sense!

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