8 Questions to Answer for Impressive PowerPoint Presentations

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When I started my business as a presentation professional, I realized that designing and developing effective, impactful, and impressive PowerPoint presentations was easier when I applied basics I had used in instructional design.

The Art of Instructional Designing – PowerPoint Courses and Beyond


As an Instructional Designer, you may be asked to create a new educational course from scratch based on the curriculum or create an eLearning course based on PowerPoint being used for Instructor Led Trainings. The PowerPoint can definitely form the base for building the course.

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Product Review: Microsoft Office Mix add-in for PowerPoint 2013

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Open up any authoring tool (okay, most of them) and one item that you will see is the ability to add PowerPoint. Some products including Articulate Studio and Storyline use the Microsoft SDK PowerPoint ribbon as their main ribbon. Office 2013 with PowerPoint 2013 OR. By Exercise.

Get yourself trained by Experts for Live Online Training


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How PowerPoint’s New Shape Tools Can Upgrade Your Training Design


The more I experiment with PowerPoint 2010′s new features, the more I’m impressed. The New Features in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. I also recommend reading the PowerPoint Team Blog for some easy-to-follow steps for using the tools.

6 Tips to Make Mandatory Compliance Training a Better Learning Experience


For instance, if you’re developing an online course for a group of banking professionals, all of your examples, exercises, and case studies should be directly applicable to the financial nature of their job.

11 Invaluable Tips To Design Blended Learning Courses for Corporate Training


When you create your blended learning courses, every exercise and learning activity should cater to these objectives. Think carefully before integrating online exercises.

Games, Gamification in a Virtual Classroom Environment

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We run an exercise in the virtual classroom that allows students to write an answer in a grid on the whiteboard. The gamification elements in this type of exercise are points, ranking, social relatedness, immediate feedback and sense of community.

Is E-learning Content Repurposing The Answer To Effective Use Of Available Resources?


This includes converting printed learning content or digital content such as presentations created in PowerPoint, into online courses. The main hurdle in the way of repurposing content is the long and tedious nature of text-only content and PowerPoint presentations.

Media Options for Conversation-Driven eLearning

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If using more intensive multimedia will subtract from the resources to create more realistic practice exercises or other valuable learning experiences, you should cut the complexity of the media. This was created in PowerPoint; no rapid development tools were needed.

Why Microlearning Works


And they never want to see another PowerPoint lecture. A personal trainer doesn’t give you a book on exercise. They guide you through a series of small moments while you’re exercising, helping you reach big fitness goals.

Scaffolding in Microlearning

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For example, I recently needed to format Word handouts for a PowerPoint presentation. For new lessons with new vocabulary, the exercises are heavily weighted toward forced choice options where you select words from a list rather than typing the whole word yourself.

10 Golden Rules for ELearning Design


Too often today you will find organizations hastily slap-together a bunch of PowerPoint slides, upload them into a program like Articulate, click “publish” and call it “elearning” The reality is that this type of elearning development is just flat-out ineffective.

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Learning Activities that Matter

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Facilitator drives the length (and timing) of the exercise. Facilitator controls the timing of the exercise. This exercise gets the creative storytelling juices flowing. Remember, it’s not the PowerPoint and the talking that is important, it’s the connected learning.

PowerPoint Crop to Circle Overlapping Image


Crop to any shape in PowerPoint, including a circle. And this is going to be in PowerPoint. Maybe you want her to – we’ll have her overlap that much for this one, for the exercise. Synopsis.

5 ELearning Trends You Should Know


More Emphasis on Active Learning - In its raw early form, elearning looked a lot like Microsoft PowerPoint wrapped in a pretty package. Today, there is more weight placed on interactive exercises that help drive home key points and objectives. Elearning has evolved quite a bit in the past 10 years. Everything from the way the courses are presented to the images used within them (remember ClipArt?).

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Compelling content hooks you in and won't let go

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Here are two of my own examples: The Emperor's New Slide Show : which demonstrates how dangerous Powerpoint can be in the wrong hands. In the context of learning content, these challenges might take the form of practice exercises, case studies, quizzes, scenarios, simulations and games.

Ten ways to use computers in the corporate classroom

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Here are ten suggestions for ways to spice up the corporate classroom: Display slides : OK, I know, typical bullet point PowerPoint slides are not going to spice up anything, but remember that PowerPoint was originally developed to present visual aids (not verbal ones). But if you don’t have all this stuff, simple PowerPoint slides will do.

Simple Ways to Convert ILT Courses to E-learning

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They converted their PowerPoint decks into an online course using Articulate Storyline with a full narration of the text in the PowerPoint slides. Problem solving exercises in ILT can be converted into scenarios.

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Why Employee Training Should Be as Routine as Timesheets


You can’t improve your overall fitness by exercising all day every day for one week of the year. You can’t get in shape with two weeks of intense exercise each year. If you’d had a PowerPoint class six months ago, you probably wouldn’t remember what to do.

Why Your Employees Get Frustrated With eLearning (and How to Fix It!)

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Sitting through lectures, videos, and PowerPoint presentations that do nothing but unload an endless stream of dry facts on a passive listener is not likely to encourage any kind of long-term learning. However, this is precisely where you should exercise caution.

6 Things to Remember to Prevent Your Training from Failing

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It’s a lot like trying to get into better shape – not one exercise routine fits all. People can take all the excel, PowerPoint, “How to write an email” or “How to use Gmail” classes they want.

A simple way to help beginners get started with Articulate Storyline

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Having delivered several courses this year, I thought I'd jump in with a quick reply mentioning an exercise that I have developed for this exact purpose. I have found the exercise to be really successful in getting newbies started with Storyline.

Are Instructional Designers Making Themselves Irrelevant?


How PowerPoint Is Ruining Higher Ed, Explained in One PowerPoint [link] via @slate — Dawn Poulos (@dawnpoulos) March 7, 2014. This excellent anti-presentation got me thinking about how much training today is actually delivered via PowerPoint.

The teacher as storyteller

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Back in 2003, I devoted a great deal of energy to the design of a new CD-ROM course entitled Ten Ways to Avoid Death by PowerPoint. They will structure this information and support it with visual aids and practical exercises.

How PowerPoint’s New Shape Tools Can Upgrade Your Training Design


The more I experiment with PowerPoint 2010′s new features, the more I’m impressed. The New Features in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. I also recommend reading the PowerPoint Team Blog for some easy-to-follow steps for using the tools.

Maximizing your training budget: instructor-led training, e-learning, or both?


Exercise books. Did you know some e-learning tools can output their content and quizzes in Word or PowerPoint suitable for instructor-led training?

Help! What software tool should I use to record audio?

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And I have PowerPoint 2013 or better. I need to record voice-only audio to go with my PowerPoint slides. You can record audio and associate it with a PowerPoint slide, but did you know that you can create video from your PowerPoint?

Why Training has a Bad Name (and how we can change it)

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Not lecture, not PowerPoint decks, not petty/silly exercises but real HARD CORE resources and tools people can use NOW! You’ve just been informed that you’ve been signed up for “training” What is your immediate thought? Oh, crap. There goes my day.

How to Improve Learning Outcomes With Performance Support

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You can certainly use Powerpoint or any other supporting tool for training delivery, but be sure that your learners spend plenty of time learning material straight out of the performance support tool. As part of that practice, be sure your exercises refer learners to the support tool.

How to Grab and Keep Interest in Any Presentation

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We’ve all been in the situation, whether as students or teachers: Navigating through a text-heavy, bland PowerPoint presentation and struggling to either pay or capture attention. David A.

mLearning – the trend that’s NOT? mSupport the trend that might be?

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When virtual worlds came out, we held virtual events and did virtual PowerPoint presentations – something we used to do live. Clark Quinn is a long-time advocate of the use of mobile technologies to support learning efforts.

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Drunk at work? No, just resting.

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She parked PowerPoint in favour of responding to questions from the keen, and unusually alert audience. Exercise does have a useful effect on improving sleep, but it should be done at least an hour and half before bed time. I know I don't get enough sleep. I really struggle with it.

Grammar Bytes! Grammar Instruction with Attitude

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Includes detailed terms, interactive exercises, handouts, PowerPoint presentations, videos, and more Grammar Bytes! Grammar Instruction with Attitude.

High School Essay Writing - 8 Week Online Instruction for

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Includes detailed terms, interactive exercises, handouts, PowerPoint presentations, videos, and more Grammar Bytes! Grammar Instruction with Attitude.

From Why to Wow: Develop E-learning Modules for Engaging Compliance Training

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To meet this objective, they impose training (often online training) on employees with off-the-shelf courses which comprise box ticking exercises. Invariably, these training exercises are ill-designed.

10 Common mistakes when developing and delivering an eLearning course: Part 1


You have a laptop full of tired old PowerPoint presentations that are churned out every time there’s a need for another induction course, fire safety training or anything else that’s boring, but mandatory. You’ve acquired a Learning Management System.