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Adaptive Thinking, Deliberate Practice, and Complexity

ID Reflections

I mentioned that Adaptive Thinking that promotes adaptive expertise is what makes us learners, takes us out of our preconceived notions formed by our domain expertise, and allows us to probe and respond to changing situations with greater elasticity. Expertise in Adaptive Thinking develops out of deliberate practice, which is at the heart of ATTM. Work vs play : Characteristically, deliberate practice feels more like work and is more effortful than casual performance.

Work Skills Keeping Up?

Tony Karrer

In New Work and New Work Skills , I discuss the fact that most of us have not participated in formal learning since college on foundational knowledge work skills - especially metacognitive skills. When were you taught: how to take take notes on a laptop during a meeting, how to filter a flood of new content, how to reach out via networks to find expertise, how to leverage the wisdom of crowds? Our work skills cannot sit still.