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Top 10 tools that empower learners to develop themselves

Learning Pool

One main reason for the shift to learner-centric learning and development is the unprecedented access to information that modern learners have. And if the answer you want isn’t returned in the list of search results, you can use social media apps to ask someone else for what you need.

The 21st Century Curator

ID Reflections

As mentioned by Harold Jarche in theslide share presentation, NetWork , the internet changed everything—in volume, velocity, virtualization and variability. Take a look at this infographic which captureswhat gets created on the Internet every 60 seconds very nicely: [link]. And one of the most telling sentences thatleap out from the post is this: “…By someestimates in just a few years we will reach a point where all the informationon the Internet will double every 72 hours.”

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