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And, although many companies in these industries have their own continuing education content, Benner says they don’t always have the expertise or bandwidth to provide it to their employees and clients.

Do You Really Need That New Elearning Consultant? If So…

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We’re lacking the internal expertise or resources to be able to do the project on time”. We need your expertise and knowledge. Also, if you need professional liability insurance (as many Government and larger companies do) check that the freelancer has the necessary coverages. .


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The Top 5 Business Benefits To Outsourcing Corporate Training And Development

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Outsourcing is the more preferred option for organizations with diverse training needs , time and budget constraints, and a lack of technical expertise in multiple areas. .

3 Ways to Use a CME Course Hosting Provider to Your Advantage


It’s a supportive ecosystem designed to provide the expertise that you need to build and maintain your course. Use provider expertise for back-end building. They also become a liability waiting for security patches.

Adaptive Learning: Your Questions Answered!


There may be legal reasons why people have to be exposed to the same content or a liability issue for the organization that hires them. That said, there is a good argument against noncompliance “refresher” style training, and it’s called the “expertise reversal effect.” [1].

Independent Contractor Compliance: Everything You Need to Know


Back wages, tax liabilities, unpaid unemployment insurance contributions, fines and penalties are all costs that businesses will be desperate to avoid. The way we work is rapidly changing.

Six Ways to Turn Subject Matter Experts into Leaders

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In fact, subject matter expertise can be a liability. They apply their technical acumen, analytical skills and ability to hyper-focus on solving complex issues within their expertise. Expertise is useful here, but it isn’t enough. By Deb Hordon. I recently coached a talented high-tech executive who received startling feedback that he was ineffective on the senior leadership team because he didn’t communicate well or influence his cross-functional peers.

Effectiveness of E-trainings for Compliance in the Pharma Industry

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On top of this, the liability to adhere to multiple regulations keeps them on their toes. Based on your training needs, budget, nature of the content, and technological expertise, you can choose the level of interactivities you prefer to be incorporated in your e-learning course.

Why Should You Partner With a Management and Training Corporation?

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It helps if they understand your objectives, since they can consequently use their expertise to contribute their own, and align these with your goals. Companies must comply with legal regulations, and without proper training can face liabilities which send your organization down a slippery slope.

Need to Hire a Business Attorney? Here’s How to Do It

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Your business’ market space and ambitions will define the legal expertise that would be the most useful to your company. How can my business legally minimize future liabilities (e.g., Caption: Having the right attorney can protect (and propel) your business more than you think.

Web 2.0 - A Tool for Driving Performance

Bottom-Line Performance

It’s viewed as a time waster or a liability. Their contacts may include their direct manager, a senior sales representative, and a marketing rep: people who have the expertise to provide fast accurate feedback. Business partners can post questions and find answers in particular areas of expertise and learn through the shared experience of others. Performance management is a top HR challenge. Driving performance and increasing efficiencies is a top concern of management.

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How to make compliance training effective & human-centric


Avoiding legal liability for the organization due to violations made by employees. Content co-creation Let subject matter experts in your organization co-create compliance training modules on topics that are based on their expertise.

Top 6 Due Diligence Checklists for Hiring Outsource Partner!

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This includes insurance, liability, collaboration time frames, and other crucial clauses like confidentiality and security while drafting the contract. This model is apt for those businesses which have a skillful team but need additional expertise for some of the business operations like financial reporting.

Action and Prevention-Sexual Harassment Training in California

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SB1343 modifies AB1825 and not only includes legal protections and support of victims of sexual harassment in the workplace but also increases the legal liability for perpetrators of harassment and expands the responsibility of employers. This training must be performed by educators or trainers who have expertise in harassment prevention. In 2015, correctional officer Sophia Curry received a $1.6

The importance of digital asset management


It also significantly reduces liability risks, such as when a company may mistakenly use an asset despite it having an expired license. Therefore, the source indicated, the companies that will maximize their potential for success will be the ones that partner with third-party providers that possess the industry know-how and expertise to effectively deploy such operations. The importance of digital asset management.

8 Dirty Words

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Collaborative networks, expertise locators, reducing fear of failure, graphic design, workspace architecture, and many other techniques increase the productivity of informal learning. Many managers use the strict accounting definition of returns: changes in the assets and liabilities on the balance sheet. CLO online edition. Dirty Words. by Jay Cross.

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Keeping Talent Development Current: A Moving Target

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What would the impact be on those who rely on you for expertise if you didn’t stay up to date? Let’s not assume that we or our stakeholders know, as that’s always a liability. How often do you think about the future? Are you on auto-pilot when it comes to development programs, stories and statistics? What if you continued this same course over the next one, two or five years? Most of us consider ourselves lifelong learners.

Investing for Soft Skills: Build, Buy or Both

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No matter their specific role or industry, what sets them apart isn’t their expertise. If your organization is like most, however, most of those total dollars spent are better described as an organizational liability or expense, rather than an investment in your No. When many people are asked to describe an “engineer,” it elicits an immediate reaction.

The Essential Guide to Learning Analytics in the Age of Big Data

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You’ll also need some expertise in: Data management and warehousing. Take this entire guide with you! Download The Essential Guide to Learning Analytics in the Age of Big Data and keep it as your eLearning secret weapon! Introduction.

Making e-Learning Teams Work

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Representatives from the training, technology, marketing and finance departments - all with diverse work histories and interests - should collaborate their expertise to produce effective e-learning activities. To make the team's diversity an asset rather than a liability,here are some tips to make e-learning teams work: During the planning process, a clear and concise charter document should be developed that includes specific task assignments of each team member.

5 Shifts to Move to Mega-Deal Thinking & Catch Whales: Overcoming Small-Deal Syndrome (Summit Replay)

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So, what I do is I leverage other people’s position, influence, expertise, bars on their shoulders, whatever it is that I need. This video training was originally presented at the 2019 Sales Hacker Success Summit.

Learning Goes Social

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The ability to collaborate, innovate and gain expertise in real time has never been easier — and vendors in the learning industry who believe the sky’s the limit are working to ensure this is just the beginning of the social collaboration era. For example, if an employee is brought on to run a piece of equipment, it would be in an employer’s best interest to put in place a formal learning process to avoid liability issues.

How to Make the Case for a Social LMS

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Skeptics associate it with cat videos, idleness, here-today-gone-tomorrow trends, and, from an organizational standpoint, security and liability issues. As we shared previously , one organization stands to lose 27,000 years of expertise when its next wave of Baby Boomers retires. I think we can all agree that there’s a paradigm shift going on in learning and development. We’ve moved from event-based training to workflow-based training.

Regulatory Upheavals Coming? No Problem

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The regulation set new requirements for reporting, waiting periods, liability rules and other elements of the loan process that impacted every aspect of how the company works with customers and with its business partners. It ensured our sales people understood the rule enough to teach it, and it gave them an opportunity to get in front of our business partners to demonstrate their expertise in TRID.

Ten years after

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Content analysis tools will make it easier to identify relevant experience and expertise. Medieval (but generally accepted) accounting principles will be shoved aside by measurement systems that treat knowledge as an asset, training as an investment, and inflexible infrastructure a liability. The Information Era has arrived. The Machine Age is over. The rules have changed. The sky has fallen in.