Connected pedagogy: Smart technology

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A variety of new approaches to pedagogy have been introduced as a result of our hyperconnected society (of which more in a future blog post). The fact that any of us can access knowledge, expertise and resources so we can learn at any time and in virtually any place, means that the way we see pedagogy must change. Probably not, but teachers will need to re-evaluate what they do, and the pedagogies they employ, when we have tools such as the Pilot available.

Narrative pedagogy 3: Problem solving

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In this short series (on what I will call 'narrative pedagogy'*) I'm exploring some of the storytelling techniques that can be adapted for use in education. They have to draw on their expertise, prior knowledge and. Photo by Kabir Bakie on Wikimedia Commons *Yes, I know that the term 'narrative pedagogy' has been used before, but in other contexts. My use signifies how storytelling devices can be applied to everyday pedagogy. Unported License.


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Tips for Adapting an In-Person Course to an Online Course


Or, if you’re a teacher with a great ILT track record or an expertise in a popular subject, your institution may ask you to adapt your lessons for digital students. Images: “ UX Pile ” by Alper Cugun and “ Full Lecture Hall ” by Southern Arkansas University via Flickr Creative Commons License. CourseArc eLearning Tools Instructional Design Online Learning eLearning instructional design Pedagogy tests training user experience UX

Comfortably numb

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We need to put away any pride we have in our expertise and make ourselves open to the possibility that we don't know everything, we can learn as we teach, and we can also learn things from our students. Comfortably numb by Steve Wheeler was written in Plymouth, England and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Connected learning

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Scaffolding was a metaphorical representation of the many active ways in which teachers (or MKOs) focus their efforts and expertise to support of learners at the start of their learning, but gradually fade this support as learners become more independent and competent. Connected learning by Steve Wheeler was written in Plymouth, England and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Teacher Voices: Kate Bartlett

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Put more trust into teachers, as they have trained for significant amounts of time and are skilled and have expertise. Photo courtesy of Kate Bartlett Teacher Voices: Kate Bartlett by Steve Wheeler was written in Plymouth, England and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. education Kate Bartlett learning pedagogy teaching Technology

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7 big opportunities that MOOCs offer corporates

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Depending on the licensing policy of the content owner, a MOOC (or parts thereof) may be incorporated into an in-house offering. While corporates are increasingly realising that classroom delivery is not necessarily the most effective pedagogy for employee development, neither is delivering the training in exactly the same way via a webinar or converting the PowerPoint slides into an online module.

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Preparing for the Inevitable Disruption to Higher Education: Kadenze, Inc.


How many Zoom licenses did we have? At Kadenze, we predict that there is a bright future for our community of arts educators and practitioners who are willing to share their expertise and resources globally. By Brad Haseman , Executive Vice President of Kadenze, Inc.

Digital Learning:A Step-by-Step Guide to a Successful Rollout

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Depending on what the project needs, we also sometimes call on professionals from two complementary areas of expertise: learner marketing to add a marketing and communications dimension that engages learners, motivates them, and wins their loyalty.

New learning environments: The challenge and the promise #EDENchat

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What do new learning environments promise in terms of new learning, new pedagogy and new opportunities? Please join us, and come prepared to share your expertise, ask questions, challenge others and be challenged, and generally learn together as we head towards 2016. Unported License. In recent years, education has evolved to the point where learning can take place anywhere and at any time, usually beyond the walls of the traditional learning space.

10 best LMS software of 2020

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Also, BlackBoard requires a minimum of technical expertise and knowledge by the people working on the development, maintenance, and preparation of the courses and also by those who use them, so this is a big plus.

The Red House opens

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There is an award winning composer who has worked for BBC radio and the Ministry of Sound, foreign language, geography and history teachers who are passionate to connect their subjects to learning to many other subjects, and a deputy head responsible for performance and pedagogy. The curriculum draws on evidence, expertise and understanding from psychology, neuroscience and social history. Unported License.

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Free learning & development webinars for June 2020

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“ Smartphone, park bench, Pokemon ” by MonikaP is licensed by Pixabay. Kelly will talk about the insights that have come from this partnership and talk about the key areas where evidence-based science meets improvisational pedagogy.

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Shock of the new

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In the first phase, known as survival , teachers struggle to define what they wish to achieve with the new technology, and attempt to learn how to use it effectively to support pedagogy. The final phase, referred to as innovation , is where teachers have developed enough expertise to begin experimenting with new and innovative ways to use the technology. Image by David Wright Shock of the new by Steve Wheeler is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

The Ultimate Glossary of eLearning Terms


Usually, the completion of a certain number of units allows individuals to remain licensed in their profession. Cloud learning management systems also tend to require less in-house technical expertise to maintain and run. Pedagogy. Derived from the Greek for ‘to lead’, pedagogy is an instructor-centered approach to educational activities in online and face-to-face environments.

Who will survive?

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Fortunately, new models of education are now emerging, many of which avoid content and instruction, and instead focus on expertise, tutoring, mentoring, guidance and specialism. They will be institutions that can clearly discern the connections between learning and business, between technology and pedagogy, between individuals and society. by Steve Wheeler is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

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Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Instructional Design: Whats in a name?

Learning Visions

IDs have told me in the past that its not right to allow just anyone to design, build and sell training without the help of their expertise. Professional content It may be my perception, but the pedagogy that is often so prevalent in the writing of teachers, about resources for teaching and learning, is often scarce in the writing of instructional designers, when writing about the same things. Is it the pedagogy? United States License.

Top 68 eLearning Posts from April - Hot Topics iPad Google Buzz

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It’s way cooler than pedagogy or andragogy, no? WISE Pedagogy , April 14, 2010 The following video by Kevin Roberts offers inspiration for making online education engaging: if students can get information online, what can instructors do to teach beyond the limits of imparting information? Often it would be helpful to capture and share their expertise company-wide and maybe even with the public. Do you not want to pay for expensive software licenses?

The next generation.

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The secret to their future success will rely on their belief in relevant pedagogies that place their students at the centre of the learning process. He is also keen on sharing his ideas and expertise within the professional community. Photo by Steve Wheeler The next generation by Steve Wheeler was written in Plymouth, England and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.