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What is Instructional Design? Our Guide to Everything you Need to Know

Growth Engineering

It helps make information more digestible and improves the efficiency of learning. Instructional design is the difference between delivering training experiences and hoping your audience will extract the relevant learning from it, and guiding your learners through your content in a clear structure such that they can’t help but glean the information you want them too. If learning is enjoyable, it means your people will proactively seek out training.

Design for life

Learning with 'e's

This is number 30 in my series on learning theories. I''m working through the alphabet of psychologists and theorists, providing a brief overview of each theory, and how it can be applied in education. This should not so much be considered as a theory, but is a useful perspective on design and human perception. As usual, this is a simplified and concise interpretation, so if you wish to learn more, please read the associated literature. Koffka Gestalt theory 21.