Skills Are the Currency of “The Expertise Economy”

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“Never has there been a time where so many changes are happening so quickly, and it is really hard for companies and employees to adapt,” said Kelly Palmer, co-author of the “The Expertise Economy: How the Smartest Companies Use Learning to Engage, Compete and Succeed.”.

Applying Expertise

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I’m trying to get my mind around how the information we’re finding out about expertise matches to the types of problems people face. If you look across the literature on expertise, and the recent writing on how our brains work (c.f. Kahneman’s Thinking Fast and Slow ), you see an emerging picture of expertise. When you look at the Cynefin model, which characterizes the types of problems we face, we see what types of expertise are helpful.

Employee Management Skills Every Leader Should Know

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We hear a lot about management skills. These skills can virtually be anything that allows you to handle others successfully and boost your entrepreneur’s career. Although some skills will differ based on your sector, most of these skills are universal throughout every workplace.

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The Expertise Economy Helps Lift The Lid On The Skills Gap

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In today’s rapidly changing world, one of the key organizational challenges is developing workers’ skills to ensure success now – and for the future. This post was first published on eLearning Industry

4 Ways to Close the Learning-Doing Gap for Front-Line Managers [GUIDE]

employees have the knowledge and skills. new managers transition from skilled individual producer to team. managers develop the skills they need to succeed? managers will then use these new skills and knowledge. a new skill, there’s a repeatable. skills.

Employability Skills: Boost Your Marketability


An astounding 71 percent of marketable employability skills are required in two or more job categories now. In many situations, job skills become integrated into other company roles. The future of employment lies in possessing hybrid job skills and knowing how to apply them.

The Gap in soft skill training

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Soft skill has become quite a common term that it seems to lose its significance with time. So, my question is that has soft skill training been overlooked by the businesses nowadays and if it’s true as it seems, how can this gap in soft skill training be filled.

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What Are the Most Coveted Skills Employers Want by 2026?


What skills will you bring with you when you got the job? As the workplace continues to change rapidly, your current skills could be obsolete before you even use them. As long as you have basic computer skills, you can be taught to use the latest technology. Negotiation skills.

How to Become an Expert or What I Learned from Reading “Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise”

Anders Ericsson is an expert on expertise. Ericsson lists 7 traits of deliberate practice: It develops skills for which there are known, effective training techniques. It builds skills up step-by-step over time starting with good fundamentals.

Why You Should Boost Soft Skills in Your Organization


There’s no doubt that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) skills are essential in our fast-moving, tech-evolving, globally connected world. How well does your workforce blend technical expertise with communication, collaboration and other soft skills?

Skills for the Networked World

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".learning is ubiquitous in ongoing activity, though often unrecognised as such - Jean Lave (1993)" Recently, I read a series of posts and articles related to digital literacy, 21st Century Skills and the behaviours and practices required for working and learning in a connected world.

Using E-Learning to Developing Expertise in Pharma

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Personnel need to have the cognitive skills and develop expertise so they can flexibly and critically evaluate various options, including identifying potential risks and ways to control and mitigate them,” writes James L.

7 Tips To Select A User-Friendly LMS That Aligns With The Skills And Expertise Of Your Team

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In this article, I’ll share 7 tips to select a user-friendly LMS that aligns with their skills and expertise. Is your current LMS just right for every member of your team, or are there some who struggle with the features, functionality, and User Interface? This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Learning Management Systems Best Learning Management System Customer Experience User Experience User-Friendly LMS

6 HR Skills That Guide Organizational Success


So, what are the HR skills that are essential to developing the right company culture to guide organizations to victory? Here Are the Top 6 HR Skills That Drive Success: Change and Culture Expertise. Business Expertise.

Accessibility Expertise: Determining Where It Belongs in Elearning Development

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Building accessible online courses requires specialized skills—but do all accessible elearning development skills reside in a single role? Accessibility, like any specialized area of skill, requires dedicated time to master.

Technology Skills for Instructional Designers

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If you’re seeking jobs in workplace training, expertise in an LMS is likely not as critical. Of the three, image editing skills are the most important. Do you really need technology skills? Some jobs don’t require any technology skills at all.

Marketing Your ELearning Skills


The idea of marketing your own skills can be somewhat intimidating, and understandably so. Marketing your expertise can be easy to do with just a few strategic decisions.

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Bridging the Skills Gap: An Opportunity for Associations

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There’s a huge skills gap problem facing our nation today, but this crisis represents an opportunity for associations to reinvent themselves and compete with traditional suppliers of higher education. Skills gap isn’t a “someday” problem. How will you measure acquiring these skills?

The Different Ways We Learn: Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills

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As our new infographic shows, we use different areas of our brains when we learn new hard skills and soft skills. We internalize knowledge in different ways, depending on the type of skills we’re working on, and we retain that knowledge in different parts of our brains.

Want To Share Your Expertise? You’re Cursed. Here’s How To Fix It.


But have you ever stopped to think about how your expertise could be making it harder for you to create effective online courses? In fact, research tells us that when it comes to predicting the time it will take a beginner to master a new skill, experts are cursed. You are an expert.

7 Tips To Market Your e-Learning Expertise

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Here are 7 helpful and actionable tips to get the word out about your e-Learning expertise. Do your research and find online discussions , clubs, and organizations that revolve around your area of expertise.

Celebrate Your Expertise - Share and Standout

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In the Path2X (Path to Expertise), our members accomplish this through Path2X eShare. Path to Expertise Progress The classic resume is static. With teams, leaders have no immediate way to assess capacities, status of ongoing learning and new skills developed by team members.

Skills Quotient: The Solution to the CEO’s Biggest Problem


According to economist Paul Krugman , the skills gap is no longer a zombie idea, “an idea that should have been killed by evidence, but refuses to die.” Furthermore, we are constantly inundated with sobering statistics about the state of the skills gap.

21st Century L&D Skills

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I was recently involved in a discussion about 21st Century learning skills in one of the LinkedIn Groups. You may have joined the training/learning profession because you were a subject expert and wanted to (or were recruited to) share your expertise.

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Expertise: Why The Odds are Stacked Against Novices

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I continue to plow the literature on expertise and find it most exhilarating and inspiring. However, this outlook is the far-end spectrum of what expertise is. If we look at expertise as an final end result of capability and mastery, then we may be stuck.

Gain new skills faster with the Dreyfus model

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It seems like everybody wants to be better and more prolific in their areas of expertise, but the only way to really achieve it is by acquiring additional skills and knowledge. In this post, we will show you how to gain new skills faster using the Dreyfus model.

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MOOCs Proving Useful For Tech Skills


The truth is, some areas of expertise are fairing better than others. Today’s online students are eager to learn skills like web design, HTML5, PHP coding, CSS, javascript, and more. e-Skills for Jobs in Europe.

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8 Ways You Can Develop And Prosper In Your Chosen Profession

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Did you learn any new skill that you plan to utilize in the coming year? In fact, your objective taking up those projects is to complement your job by gaining new, relevant skills that will allow you to explore different areas of your particular field.

Got Skills Gaps? Partner Up

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Adults are struggling to learn in today’s fast-paced world, and leaders are having a tough time finding employees who already have both the technical and soft skills necessary to succeed in the workplace. Chief Learning Officer : How severe is the skills gap in our knowledge-focused age?

Your Career: Soft Skills and Consultative Capabilities

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A CLO’s ability to arm employees to adapt to that change and deliver value through capability building is becoming a premium, as are effective soft skills and competence in working with the C-suite to understand, meet and exceed their objectives. Video production: Andrew Kennedy Lewis.

How Leadership Skills are Being Taught in Modern Training Programs

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You will see that there is no expertise involved; only approach towards work is taken into consideration. Improvement in listening skills. All this is possible only when the leaders have superb listening skills. Activities that you may find useful for improving listening skills.

What Employers Want Now: Data Literacy Skills


There’s been a lot of talk over the past few years about a skills gap between employees and the requirements for particular jobs. It requires some math and statistics knowledge, as well as analytical skills. Data literacy skills include: Knowing when and where to use appropriate data.

Everyone is an SME

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Of course the level of expertise in a particular domain will vary across a population, and the label of “expert” will naturally be assigned to those who have the most. We need to empower the many to share their expertise.

5 Essential online survival skills by Howard Rheingold

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In the meantime I found a video with Howard Rheingold about the 21st century skills. Howard states that the online skills, the 21st century skills are no longer nice to have, but are essential survival skills. The 5 skills he mentions are: Attention.

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How to Improve Your E-Learning Course Design Skills

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Which means you don’t get to try new things or develop your skills in new ways. That means your skills may not grow and you’re probably a bit bored doing the same thing over and over again. Many in the e-learning community can attest to the power of sharing your expertise.