Announcing Adobe Captivate Specialist Certification

Adobe Captivate

As a first time initiative, we are pleased to announce the launch of Adobe Captivate Specialist – a certification program from Adobe, set in an intense classroom training format followed by an online assessment, delivered by top Adobe Captivate experts.

The Rise of LMS Specialists: A Tour of Learning Tech Innovation

Talented Learning

Welcome to the Era of LMS Specialists. Let’s explore and then I’ll introduce you to some illustrative examples of how this “specialist” movement is expanding traditional LMS boundaries. LMS Specialists: Why Now? LMS Specialists: What’s So Special?

Celebrate Your Expertise - Share and Standout

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In this fifth installement of the five-part blog series about The All-New Open Learning Environment, we will talk about presenting yourself as an expert and specialist of a specific field. Path to Expertise Progress The classic resume is static.

Freedom to Learn and Pursue One's Expertise

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We call it Path to Expertise or Path2X. This provides them a unique perspective of their pursuit of expertise. 4) Trending and Patterns of Insights are Predictors of Expertise Areas Articulate your expertise/digital tracker.

Expertise: Why The Odds are Stacked Against Novices

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I continue to plow the literature on expertise and find it most exhilarating and inspiring. However, this outlook is the far-end spectrum of what expertise is. If we look at expertise as an final end result of capability and mastery, then we may be stuck.

Employee Management Skills Every Leader Should Know

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Expertise. You can’t look after a group of IT specialists if you’re lost when it pertains to browsing your business programming systems. eLearning Featured Featured Posts Talent Management communications expertise inspiration problem solver technical abilities

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What Agile Means to Me

ID Reflections

Unpacking each claim Adaptive over predictive Ruth Clark describes adaptive in relation to expertise in her book Building Expertise: Cognitive Methods for Training and Performance Improvement , and I think it reflects my understanding of Agile philosophy very well. Adaptive expertise brings open-ended inquiry to the problem and not a pre-defined solution. In contrast, crystallized intelligence is predicated on learned skills…and is the basis for routine expertise.

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Collaborative Learning Anthropologist and Specialist (CLA): Enterprise 2.0, Web 2.0 and Learning Career or Job Opportunities

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Collaborative Learning Specialists - of all types! Resident expert - is accessible to networks of people, provides ideas as needed, shares expertise, has high visibility, initiates thinking ( SMEs , face-to-face trainers, consultants - as specialist SME bloggers who are sought after, followed by their networks in domain areas inside Enterprises). Future jobs, now, today! Please let me know if you see these types of jobs or if you do these jobs.

Why You Have To Specialize


Specialists always command higher fees. You can’t just tell people that you’re a specialist – you have to prove it. Being a specialist takes work, but if you choose a specialization in something you’re passionate about then it will never feel like it.

Managed Learning Services – Time To Re-invent Your Training Function


Managed Learning Service enables both purchase and administration of all training activities for a client organization by an external specialist (Managed Service Provider) in an outsourced mode.

How Employers Can Make Every Employee a Top Performer

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His expertise covers client experience and engagement, service management, business development, offshoring and recruitment strategy for start-ups, SMEs, corporations and multinationals. Build relationships on trust.

Mobile Learning Innovation: Lookup To Healthcare For Inspiration

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The Guardian while reporting on the same app mentions “experts say the software, a major advance in medical technology, has saved lives and enabled doctors in remote areas to access specialist expertise” Isn’t that fantastic?

Killer Strategies for Training and Development

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Well, here’s the answer to all your questions: Self-Assessment: In this part, the employees are asked to write down their expertise, strengths and weakness. Employer can recognize technical specialists by providing an opportunity to train, mentor or advise rather than manage.

Word on the Street: Webinar Channels That eLearning Pros Love

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The TLDCast crew even invited me on as a guest video specialist: [link]. What: Ideas, tips and techniques, and insights that will help you improve your skills, develop new expertise, and stay on the cutting edge of learning.

The sum of us

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Namely, it is the combination of statistics, computer programming, and domain expertise to generate insight. And I’m not suggesting the jack-of-all-trades is useless; on the contrary, he or she will be the glue that holds the specialists together.

Mapping RoI of eLearning

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It is here that the expertise of instructional designers and learning experience specialists comes into play. Modern learning specialists recommend that training content is structured into bite-sized capsules in the form of videos to enhance the effectiveness of learning.

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Broad and Deep Instructional Design Skills

Experiencing eLearning

We need broad skills and understanding (the top of the T), with potentially one area of deep expertise (the vertical bar of the T). The deep vertical bar makes you a specialist.

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8 Advantages of Hiring an eLearning Consultant


Here are eight advantages of hiring an eLearning specialist over doing it on your own. With an eLearning specialist you can: 1. With an eLearning specialist in your corner, you can ensure that your corporate eLearning program transitions to an online format that still incorporates more interactive training mediums, like in-person training. Working with an eLearning specialist simply streamlines those efforts, creating better content across the board.

Learning and Development: Why Hire an Outside Company?

The Learning Dispatch

And yet… even very successful companies sometimes depend on other entities for expertise. However, while those functions certainly support your specialty and are critical to its success, they are still peripheral to your primary area of expertise.

Employability Skills: Boost Your Marketability


The days of being a specialist in one field are declining. These types of job skills, once held by specialists, now represent requirements across multiple positions in multiple markets.

Winter is here

Learning with e's

Maths teacher specialists are down to 84% and computing specialists are only at 68% of the capacity required. Training a teacher is an expensive business, so retaining their expertise and knowledge once they qualify should be the main priority.

3 ways Outsourcing Elearning Development can reduce training costs


While these organizations need the expertise of an agency to build training, many of them get an initial sticker shock when discussing the price of outsourcing elearning.

Career Advice From an Instructional Designer

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In a larger team of specialists, IDs may truly only do front-end course design, and being an expert in one area is more valuable to the team.

Gain new skills faster with the Dreyfus model

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It seems like everybody wants to be better and more prolific in their areas of expertise, but the only way to really achieve it is by acquiring additional skills and knowledge. Wherever you go, you can hear people talking about productivity and self-improvement.

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User generated content; The next trend!

Challenge to Learn

Jeff Kortenbosch, Senior e-Learning Specialist, AkzoNobel: “As an L&D department you need to realize that a lot of training is developed outside your area of control. The world of training and development in the enterprise continues to change rapidly.

High-Impact L&D

ID Reflections

Here are some of my thoughts… High-Impact P&D teams must have deep specialists – while it is important to have generalists with an understanding of the various forces at play today, it is vital to have specialists with focus.

Google GDPR Fine

Interactive Services

Advanced role-specific training should be implemented for different areas of specialization and expertise; for example, human resources employees will handle information differently from how marketing and sales personnel do.

Mentorship Program: Help Employees Find their Mentor

Growth Engineering

The mentorship program gives experienced employees the chance to share their expertise and help others learn. So, mentorships are the perfect way to show that the company values employee experience and expertise. Whether we’re specialists or not, we can all help each other learn!

The Need to Adapt to the Speed of Change or Die: lessons for L&D from the retail industry

Performance Learning Productivity

Especially if they can gain that knowledge and expertise more easily and without leaving their desk or workflow. And I will develop trust relationships by using the information, advice and expertise I’m provided with.

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Collaborating when it matters

Clark Quinn

An oncologist and a specialist in the location were required to determine a course of action: “If you’re ever in a situation like this, having world-class experts is so critical! This also reminds me of Jane Bozarth’s story about her husband’s situation, where again expertise and preparation matter. A dear friend and colleague just wrote about his recent (and urgent) chemo and surgery.

2019 Talented Learning Awards: Continuing Education Systems

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This is where our knowledge and expertise are strongest. Not surprisingly, many continuing education learning systems vendors are specialists.

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Every Instructional Designer Needs This on Their Resume


Area of expertise – Too many instructional designers try to be “one size fits all” Specify what it is that you do best. Remember that specialists always make more money than generalists. Instructional design is becoming a booming profession as the education market continues to grow, particularly in the online space – and with more opportunity comes increased competition.

Project Teams – Coordinating or Collaborating?

Integrated Learnings

The client puts forth little effort to listen to the designer as a consultant with expertise in learning. The designer listens to the client’s needs, but the difference includes the client trusting the designer’s expertise in adult learning, and respecting the designer as a true consultant with expertise in learning. By Dean Hawkinson. I recently attended a webinar led by Steven M.R. Covey, the author of the book, “The Speed of Trust.”

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eLearning Development: Articulate Versus Code

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Specialists who work within strictly defined roles and boundaries; the instructional designer works on the content, the graphic designer works on the design elements, the developer only working on the technical elements and so forth.

How to Enhance Employee Productivity and Innovation Using Workstreams


This approach can help, for example, a managed care specialist who is also a registered nurse or physical therapist. Create an environment that makes it easy for employees to connect with each other based on interests or areas of expertise. How to Enhance Employee Productivity and Innovation Using Workstreams. SAN FRANCISCO (TRAINING INDUSTRY) OCT. 23, 2018.